Top 10 Things to Remember When You are Depressed

Lately on TheTopTens, I've noticed that many users have been struggling with severe depression, which is well expressed in their blog posts. Almost every person has felt depressed at least once in their lives. Hence, I made this list of things to remember when you feel depressed. The images corresponding to each item might not seem to match, but I've explained them in the comments for each item.

Keeping in mind that there are probably millions of people suffering from depression around the world, please vote for the item that you think might help them cope with their condition. I really hope this list helps people cope with depression both on this site and outside it. Thank you.
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1 Suicide is not the solution to anything

While suicide may seem like the only viable option for an extremely depressed person, it is not. For people considering this, just think about the amount of pressure, stress, and tension you will put not just on yourself but also on your loved ones. By committing this act, you are literally giving up. Don't do it.

That will devastate all your friends and family.

2 You are not alone

Everyone feels depressed from time to time. Your best defense against depression is having someone there to help you through it or distract you.

I strongly believe this should overshadow the rest.

3 Focus on your positives, not your negatives

There are both many positive and negative aspects to each of our characters. But when you are deeply depressed, it's better to focus on your positives. Focusing on your negatives might push you into a further depressed state and eventually lead you to commit extreme acts. Once you have recovered from an extreme depressive state, you can start focusing on your negative traits and think about how to turn them into positives.

Honestly, much of this advice isn't helpful if you're going through depression. This is probably the best out of everything on this list. These sayings are good only when you're having a bad day. Otherwise, they're just unhelpful things we say, thinking it will make things better.

4 Life goes on

This was a quote said by the famous Robert Frost. And it's true. In life you may get hit, you may get bruised, and you may lose some of your belongings. But life doesn't end there. It goes on. You just have to find a way to get through it without giving up.

5 What is meant to be will be

Fate decides everything in our lives. We can't control our future or predict what will happen. We have to accept change, even if we don't like it. All we can do is sleep peacefully and hope for a better tomorrow.

6 We are on a journey

Life is a journey. We will face many challenges, and each of them is different in its own way. But it's how we deal with them that reveals the character of our personality.

Adversity is inevitable. But it's how you respond to it that will define you. Will you let it push you down and let life win, or will you stand back up and push back?

Think of it like a road trip. Have you ever gone on one without problems, such as car issues, arguing, etc.? I doubt it.

7 It could be much worse

When it seems like everything in your life has fallen apart or spun out of control, remember that you're still alive. Think of the mentally handicapped kids, kids suffering from cancer, aborted kids, and homeless kids, and be grateful that you don't suffer the consequences of that.

As long as you're living healthily in a house and have two good parents, then consider yourself lucky. You could be homeless, have one or both parents dead, in jail, or in the military. You could be paralyzed. You could have a terminal illness. Yeah, you get the point.

8 Everything happens for a reason

Have you ever heard of the old saying, "God has a plan for everyone"? I don't mean to bring religion into this topic, but you can replace the word "God" with "fate," and the sentence would still make sense. Don't dwell on your past mistakes. Instead, think of a better plan to avoid repeating them tomorrow.

9 Everything worth fighting for is difficult

Nothing in life is free or fair. Like many other things, you have to earn it. Think about it. If everything in life were easy, free, and simple, then what would be the point of life? Consider it this way: if a video game were extremely easy and simple and had no challenges whatsoever, would you play it?

10 Just keep swimming in your problems

Life will always push you into a pool of problems from the beginning. And sometimes all you can do about it is keep swimming in it, round and round. It's not always about solving your problems. Sometimes it's about how hard you can get hit and how long you can keep going until the end. Endurance is everything.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

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11 Our problems are what they are

Never live in denial. You are going to have to face your problems and deal with them. But you can always seek help from your friends, family, and loved ones.

12 If you are in your worst state, then it can only get better

Think about it. Imagine you got zero marks on a test. At this point, there is no way you can sink further down. You can only go up, but the trick is to figure out how to improve without giving up.

If you ever hit rock bottom, then just look up because that's the only direction you can go.

13 There is nothing wrong with seeking therapy

If you are feeling constantly depressed, the best thing you could do is find a therapist to help you through your depression. You are not weak for having a therapist. In fact, it actually makes you a stronger human being because you are actively seeking help instead of just trying to suppress it and hoping it will go away.

14 What doesn’t beat you makes you stronger

This one's true. If our world were full of sunshine and lollipops, then how could we truly appreciate the essence of life? Like the great Charles Bukowski said, sometimes you have to die a few times to really appreciate the quality of life.

Sometimes a setback will push you farther than any success ever could.

15 Everything shall fade away

This is a fact. Everything in our life will fade away at some point. None of us will live for more than a few decades unless our future scientists somehow find an invention for that too. Well, that seems highly unlikely, but who knows? Let's hope for that.

The universe is a person, and once they go, we go with them.

16 What is the reason to end your life?

Depression doesn't necessarily mean being suicidal, but it's a great question for a person with suicidal thoughts.

17 You could be feeding your inner demons the more you focus on the negatives
18 You are loved. Even if you don't think so
19 You never know how close you are...don't give up
20 Sunlight is the best disinfectant
21 Try to enjoy life every day
22 Drugs and alcohol will make it worse
23 Life is about both positivity and negativity

Some ignorant people love to claim that life is absolutely unfair, but that's false. Life is really both fair and unfair. Life is about the yin and the yang. If life were only unfair, then the yin and the yang would not exist at all.

24 Life is like bubble tea, never smooth, but you should never throw it away
25 There are good people
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