Reasons People Commit Suicide

Anyone considering suicide, remember, you're not alone. Confidential help is available.

In the U.S. you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for free by phone at 1-800-273-8255 or by online chat at There a counselor will listen to you, understand how your problems are affecting you, provide support, and share resources that may be helpful.

Outside the U.S., please seek out the available resources in your country.
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1 Being bullied

Just got out of counselling, a month later I started to get bullied. Depression resurrected from the grave and my brain shut down. I really wanted to die. If I didn't tell anyone I know that I would've did it

My brother, sister, and these people who I thought were my friends, and people at school constantly bullies me everyday. I suffer from extreme depression. I think about committing suicide all the time. There's times where I actually pick up a knife and put it to my wrist. I have a note I wrote that says "I can't stand living on the cruel world anymore. I feel like I'm not loved. I get bullied by my own siblings everyday. Hope your lives will be better without me." I told my mom about this once. Another time I told her about this she just told me I'm trying to get attention. I talk to my school counselor she just says do something you love to do. I don't do anything I love to do because I don't have anything I love to do.

2 Depression

I just lost one of my best friends to suicide, at age 16. She was a talented artist, actress, and musician. (How many people do you know who can play the sitar? ) She was one of the most vibrant people I've ever known--every time we talked, she was doing something new. I thought she enjoyed life more than almost anybody else I know. She never gave an inkling that anything was wrong.

You never know the torments someone is going through in their mind. The person who seems to have it all together on the outside may be dying on the inside. Rest in peace, my friend. I only wish we'd had a little longer.

3 Stress

I have homework I can barely finish, with pressure that I am currently one of the best students. One fail or mistake and I'm a laughingstock. I also have ADHD, and getting teased at school doesn't really help my depression or cure my anxiety. Then there is my crush who likes my friend, all three of them. I also have to do extra work so I can be prepared for the next grade.
I get no TV or video game time, and not allowed to play or do anything else until I finish all of my work, which I usually finish at 10 pm.

I'm alone all my former friends have wives and new born babies! While I haven't had a date in 8 years! Every job I get I end up getting fired from, I have no one to share my feelings with to help lift me up! I sit alone day in and day out without any sort of interaction with people! I try to do things that make me happy but it's never enough ie. bodybuilding! I am lost!

4 Anxiety

My neck is too skinny, that's why I am always afraid something bad could happen to my neck like a carotid artery dissection which hurt like hell.

I feel like no one understands my emotions. I always think of all the bad things that could happen, all the mistakes I could make and all the problems I could cause... even when people tell me that "everyone makes mistakes" I still think 'but not as many as me' I can't even control my nerves: feeling sick, tired, shaking and even feeling dizzy or weak. I doubt I'll ever overcome these feelings. The only thing preventing me from killing myself is my dad. - Eleanor

5 Loneliness

I feel like no body cares about me. Every friend I have ever had seems to abandon me. I am alone divorced and scared that I will always be this way. I miss my wife the person she was. Why did she have to cheat on me? And nothing happens to her what? Maybe she was right when she said that no one will ever want me. I tired of this life I don't want to be alone anymore! I go to work then go to my room watch T.V. and go to sleep. I hate going to that house! I hate just sitting there watching T.V. I feel my sanity slipping away! Sometimes I wish I wouldn't wake up. The elders tell me that I should go out in service more and that'll cure my loneliness and to take an interest in others. I try to take a personal interest in others and it's never reciprocated. I was always taught that if you do good good will come back to you. Now I'm not so sure on that. I tried to do my best and all it gets me is loneliness. People constantly blow me off. I do everything alone I eat alone work alone work alone travel alone drive alone sleep alone and The list goes on! I know I can be a good husband but I never ever get the chance to prove myself. I hate this life! I want a life not just an existence. I don't know how to meet people. I want I'm 40 years old and scared that I'll die alone and it won't matter. I want a family I want someone to come home to. I wasn't good at too many things but I was good at being a husband. But no one cares about that. I need help I don't know how much longer I can go on... Someone please help!

6 Mental disorders

This is. A reason people do commit suicide by mental disorders. Such as bipolar and other thing like that is very serious when it comes to thinking about suicide and nothing else, accept committing suicide so yeah that can happen especially with mental disorders. No offense not trying to be offensive or disrespectful.

When you're mentally disturbed, you don't have much control over the way you think and act. It's the way your brain functions.

Horrible... I feel horrible for the people who have those... One of which is a fictional horror creature (Salad Fingers)!

7 Hopelessness

you feel like you literally have no hope, that nobody understands but even if they do they won't think about it deeply, you go up against anything that seems unfair because they told you to stand up for yourself sand argue for what you think is right, but instead gets punished. You tell someone about what you've been going through, and they react the same way as the last time, over and over again, only effecting you even more negative than before. Later when they find out about it they get mad at you for not telling them and there's nothing you can do to not feel like a piece of crap instead of someone with a purpose.

8 They feel like no one understands them

Technically, nobody understands anyone but it does help to try, I think.

9 Abusive parents

I didn't make it in to this special program and many of my parents friends did so they feel that something is wrong with me and put so much pressure that I feel that maybe if I kill myself that would make my life easier and them happy for once with me. The only thing I live for is hope that when I'm older I'll find someone who will love me and I can have a family of my own.

My parents aren't abusive but they are overprotective and as much as I love them I kinda hate them for I t.. t hey are super Christian (I'm not religious but they don't know that) and I just feel so controlled

10 They think they are ugly

Every day I think I am.. every day I go through the same thing, and every day I wish I had never came it this family...this family had mad fun of me every day...the had made fun of what I were, what I eat and especially me...I wish I was still dead till this day...if this is wrong I don't want to be RIGHT!

They are beautiful in God's eyes and they don't have to make any one else happy.

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11 Sexual abuse

Took a job at a new and used sporting goods store in Portland, OR at the age of 14. I knew sporting goods very well, but my family could only afford second hand. Parents were getting divorced and I was in search and rescue so really needed the employee discount. The homosexual owner started touching me and inviting me on buying trios which my parents approved. I started using drugs to cope with the trauma. The abuse continued for years and I kept rescuing others, but thought I could just forget about the abuse. 20 years of smelling his breath throughout the day sometimes hundreds of times and I finally told an ex girlfriend; the smelling of his breath stopped and years later I stopped using drugs and drinking which is great, but I'm now 48 and a bit of an If you're being abused sexually or in any way something about it if only telling someone so the healing can can be great...I've seen it...don't miss it!

12 Addiction

Definitely can make you suicidal. Don't kid yourself on this. It's pure evil.

13 Romantic break-up

He doesn't love me anymore, like I don't know how to make it right again, I really need to show him that I really loves him. BUT HE couldn't SEE IT

Break-ups can get nasty. If you get a divorce you could possibly lose almost everything.

Financial disaster after sudden divorce; no friends or family at all

14 Discrimination

I'm white and I face racism, like a lot.

15 Self-hatred

I mostly hate myself because I think I'm being petty and a burden at the same time whenever I think I have some sort of depression. I don't like thinking that I have depression because my mind ends up feeling embarrassed and guilty for thinking that. It sucks. It's basically like a self sustaining system.

Yes, I don't like my face, my horrible eyebrows and tiny ass eyes, my gosh

16 They think good people don't exist

This is a really big reason I want to commit suicide.

They don't. They never did, and they never will.

17 They're afraid that their biggest secret will be known

My biggest secret WAS about what band I loved a lot.

But I got over it and now I hate the band a lot now for some reason.


I don't agree with this. Are you turning such a distressing incident into a joke?

I have secrets that if they come out, I will be arrested and put to death.

18 Humiliation

My sister has always talked to me about her opposite gendered crushes but when I talked about my same-sex attraction, she went "ughh". She said "That's because you geii" when I said I was tired of being romantically lonely. I hate this situation and that has been a suicide trigger for me before. Now we fight and she always humiliates me about my loneliness and when the fight gets physical, she blames me for everything. My father hates me and my mother cries for me because of it. My father will disown me soon. I should die because being an LGBT kid in social services dorms is terrible. I am scared of my future. That's only what humiliation has done.

19 Feelings of failure

Most people who think that this is reason is a joke are most likely westerners. In many countries around the world your final exams will make or break your entire life. If you fail your exams, you are a disgrace to your family, and many people not wanting to live with that kind of shame often take their own lives. Not common in countries like America but in countries like Japan and China it isn't unheard of.

I don't know who you are but this is NOT funny. We're talking about a serious issue, which obviously you're too immature to understand. We're discussing the fact that thousands of people every year take their own lives and you are trying to be funny. Well, this is not the place to joke.

20 The world sees them as something they don't want to be seen as
21 Philosophical desire to die

Of all the reasons to "give up" this has never brought me close to acting on it, while others have. If anything, the realization that my life is meaningless gives me peace. Might have some to do with this being based on a thought process and not a feeling.

Hmmm...Yea... I'm gonna put my life to an end in about 3 days from now. I've been a nihilist for about 4 years and now I realize life's so overrated... I hope someday everyone gets to know the truth and stop struggling to survive.

Hmm.. I'm not really sure bout this one

22 School

I HATE School! My teachers would scream at me, people would bully me a lot and I easily get lonely! Every time I come Home from School and told my Mum about what had happened, she is a caring, smart and BEAUTIFUL human being that's always been there for me through thick and thin. I also started crying by telling my Mum that I want to die and the World will be a lot better without me. But my Mum told me to "Be Strong! " But eventually I took my Mum's advice and outgrew my problems.

School SUCKS! So much pressure, work, expectations and worries, fears, social orders... school is what makes or breaks you I think.

23 Guilt
24 They feel like they make the world worse
25 Lack of friends

There's a lot of things you can't have without friends. The worse thing is when you don't have any friends, try to have some but you don't know why you don't have friends. without friends, you feel lonely. I know it's not a reason to commit suicide, but it sure is sad to have no friends when you want to have some.

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