Top Ten Weirdest Phobias

These people are scared to death of things like this. I promise you that they are all existent and genuine. What boggles is how they came to be.

Which is the weirdest one, though?
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1 Hydrophobophobia (Fear of Hydrophobia)

Basically, people are scared of people who are scared of water. But are THEY scared of water? But what if they aren't and hydrophobophobic people are just anticipating? But what if they're RIGHT? But what if they don't know that they're hydrophobic? Then what? Does it mean that they're scared for no reason or they aren't?

Hydrophobia: (I got this from Google) "Word History Hydrophobia is an older term for the disease rabies, and it means “fear of water.”... The name hydrophobia comes from the fact that animals and people with rabies get spasms in their throat muscles that are so painful that they cannot eat or drink, and so will refuse water in spite of being very thirsty." I don't have it, I just thought I would share.

Are you scared of getting the fear? Because I am scared of getting the fear of snakes, so that is understandable if you look further into it!

How the heck did anyone come up with this. This is so stupid

2 Phobophobia (Fear of Fear Itself)

Aren't you just inflicting the fear on yourself then? You're basically cause your own misery.

This would make life quite the nightmare, I imagine.

Rather self-inflicted if you fear it!

Illusion of the infrared consciousness

3 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (Fear of Long Words)

It might have been more logical to make the name of this phobia shorter. Because now people with this phobia are scared of the name-

You might have thought that they would give it a shorter name to take the pressure off of sufferers.

The person who just learnt what he is suffering from had to be taken to a mental hospital

I have a fear of long words this word is creeping me out stop making fun of people's fears

4 Arachibutyrophobia (Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of Your Mouth)

Basically the fear of something you like in your mouth but it stays in there in a place where you can touch it but can't move it out (sex joke).

When I was younger, I refused to eat peanut butter and jelly because it stuck to the roof of my mouth. Maybe I had this phobia? Although I don't think I was fearful of it, mostly annoyed.

Why Peanut Butter? I know, very sticky, but what about treacle or golden syrup sticking to the roof of your mouth? How does peanut butter make a difference?

This one is stupid because of dogs. What dog would be afraid of this

5 Anatidaephobia (Fear of Being Watched by a Duck)

I've heard about this one. It kinda makes a lil bit of sense like, just imagine that somewhere a duck is always watching you eternally... kinda creepy

Okay, this is weird. I don't know about fear of being watched by ducks, but fear of being watched by owls can be creepy. Ever walked through the woods and felt you were being watched?

My brother has a fear of being watched by an owl ever since he watched this one horror movie...

Why a duck? Honestly I would be more scared if a cat was glaring at me than a duck

6 Panophobia (Fear of Everything)

AHH! There's a couch! AHH! There's a TV on the wall! AHH! There's a lamp on that table! AHH! The walls are painted blue! Okay, I'm closing my eyes! AHH! It's dark!

How do you get over this fear? That would probably take a long time.

This phobia isn't weird, it sounds terrifying.

LOL Reminds me of a charlie brown christmas

7 Autophobia (Fear of Oneself)

That makes sense if you are not sure what you are going to do - in terms of murder and other essential things...

SO WEIRD! I would never do that, I'm the best on the planet

That would be unbelievably awkward!

This one doesn't make sense either

8 Papaphobia (Fear of the Pope)

I don't like our pope he is antipope

Why? What is it about him?

9 Triskaidekaphobia (Fear of the Number 13)

I was born at on the 13th so was my brother and my favorite celeb, her lucky number is thirteen and mine is too!

I think this is the devils lucky number.

Is this a reference to Friday the 13th

Well, thirteen IS an unlucky number...

10 Luposlipaphobia (The Fear of Being Pursued by Timber Wolves Around a Kitchen Table Whilst Wearing Socks on a Newly Waxed Floor)

This is so pacific I have a hard time believing it but okay then. (I am having the best time reading this, man.)

That is the most oddly pacific fear I have ever heard of.

What are the odds of you being in this exact situation?

This must be a very interesting phobia to have...

The Newcomers

? Homophobia (Fear of LGBT People)
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11 Trypophobia (Fear of Holes)

This is not weird. I have a genuine fear of disturbingly compressed holes. Not only that but I have both the fear of big and small holes. Just holes in general. This who comment sounds like a sex joke.

Look at the second letter in the first word of this sentence

I can't stand some holes

Not weird, it's disturbing

12 Dextrophobia (Fear of Objects to Your Right)

This is really weird
What's the fear of objects to your left

Left handed people probably have this

Um, what kind of phobia is this?

I'm left handed, but I'm not Dextrophobic

13 Nintendophobia (fear of Nintendo Video Games)

Why would you fear Nintendo games?! What is wrong with you people?!

Nintendo is the best like this if u agree

I don't know anyone who has this, honestly.

This is something a Karen would have.

14 Ombrophobia (Fear of Rain)

Starts spitting
Friend: Dude it’s just like one drop every minute we’re fine.
Person: (already sprinting and top speed down to the nearest building, screaming so everyone within 1000 feet can hear.)
Friend: (calls 911) Please help me.

I imagine this would be only slightly easier on the mind than phobophobia.

Then you realize everyone's staring at you.


15 Aurophobia (Fear of Gold)

I have this because my dad get's so mad about this color, it's really horrible.

This is like having the fear of wealth or something.

16 Mastophobia (Fear of Breasts)

Get away from me with your giant knockers woman, don't you know I suffer from mastophobia?!

What if you're a woman and you have this phobia?

I feel very, VERY, very bad for whoever has this

The idea of this really cracks me up

17 Heliophobia (Fear of Sunlight)

Although I doubt this is a common fear, it'd be a nightmare to have

18 Scriptophobia (Fear of Writing in Public)

Instead of speaking in public

1 of the 8 cardinal sins if you ask me, lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride, and writing in public.

19 Bannaphobia - Fear of Bannas

Ay I think they meant fear of bananas... I think I may have this to a degree, I hate bananas

They are so scary! Even scarier than apples!

They are scary

Bannas? What's a banna?

20 Arachnophobia (Fear of Spiders)

This isn't even weird.. I have this, I've killed many spiders, but I still fear them.

So many people have this phobia, it's nowhere near weird.

It's reasonable in places like Brazil and Australia, where it probably originated, so I wouldn't say Arachnophobia was all that weird. It wouldn't be reasonable in places like the UK, where spiders are harmless, but in tropical places, fearing spiders is rational.

I see a spider, and I am screaming until 2 hrs later, THE SPIDER IS STILL THERE, and I do more screaming again. I think this fear is totally reasonable, I don't know why it's even in "Top ten weirdest phobias".

Call me a wimp, but I can't stand being around spiders. Being afraid of bugs and arachnids isn't even out of the ordinary when it comes to phobias either.

21 Xanthophobia (Fear of the Colour Yellow)

Hi. I think I may know someone who suffers terribly with this...

Maybe this is because they are also scared of bananas.

How dare you (don't take this serious)

This color looks pretty though.

22 Lipophobia (Fear of Becoming Fat)

Don't we all have this to a degree?

Doesn't everyone?

23 Ideophobia (Fear of Ideas)

If I had this, I'd be completely messed up.

I would be nothing if I had this.

When you have no idea at all.

Now this... Is crazy

24 Globophobia (Fear of Balloons)

I imagine this is similar to the likes of PTSD.

Balloon pop is what de scare dof I tink

if "IT" come with the balloon.

25 Agoraphobia (Fear of Places and Situations That Might Cause Panic, Helplessness, or Embarrassment)

Okay,to be honest I have this phobia most likely cause IMA DAMN SCORPIO.
i don't want to be humiliated. PERIOD

Hmmm. Interesting. I could imagine, actually.

Wouldn’t that be caused be the person overthinking things.

Don’t we all? Well I certainly do

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