Top 10 Worst Things About Depression

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1 Attempting suicide

I tried slitting my wrists before to end the pain of rejection. Those weren't very fun times...

I've lost count of how many times I've tried to hang myself.

I commit suicide by choking myself never works

I am attempting my first suicide

2 There is no promise that it is going away

Its really bad cause I can't do it on my own. I tried to get better,but its only getting worse. I really want to talk to someone,but I feel really ashamed.

3 Just about anyone can get it
4 It can lead to more severe issues
5 The pressure

Ugh, hate the pressure so much! It just makes my anger bubble up so much that in any second I'm liable to snap someone's neck

6 Loss of interest in things

I used to love reading and going outside and creating things. Now, that's just a distant memory.

7 It's too common
8 It can affect the people around someone who has it
9 The sad emotions
10 It decreases motivation

Learning new skills are much harder...

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11 Low self-esteem

That's me on a daily basis, I act like I have high self esteem when in reality I don't...

I have no self-confidence whatsoever.

I have low-self esteem about once a week

I've always had a pretty low self-esteem but depression can completely destroy your self-esteem and make you hate yourself

12 It can change a person's lifestyle
13 The feeling that no one understands

It sucks. It really does

It’s a terrible feeling. I’ve never told anyone about my depression. It’s overwhelming. I wish I could share my feelings with others, but I’m too scared. I don’t trust anyone to keep my secrets. It’s not like they’d care, anyway.

14 Losing interests

The things u loved are now gone

15 Sleeping

No sleep or too much sleep

16 Insecurity

A year ago and this year, I was bullied. It made me feel very insecure and I fell into depression/bipolar. I wanted to attempt suicide, but when I did that, I stopped and felt how life was. It was beautiful and I will get over this. I still have depression today but it's not as bad.

17 Hopelessness

I definitely feel hopeless...

18 Anxiety

Very horrible emotion

This is me. I can’t trust anyone.

19 It is difficult to come to terms with it
20 Bullies

The bullies only make it worse for you guys. This is why I hate bullies.

21 When others call it a phase

There are "phases" in which someone loves some unexpected music or something, and they act like something is drastically wrong. Then they treat feeling like you'll collapse under all of your hardships, and losing any sense of hope, as a "phase", and do nothing about it. Seem right? I think not.

"Huehuehue the reason your so depressed is cause it's a phase cause you listen to that metal music huehuehue! " No, it isn't. It's not a phase it's a serious problem

22 It can be difficult to open up to others
23 Loss of focus

U can't get good grades or anything

24 Regret
25 Being told you're just attention-seeking
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