Top 10 Stupidest Diet Tips

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1 Eliminate all fats

It depends on what foods your eating for an example trashy things like cookies burgers will make you fat but healthy fats like nuts avocados salmon are very healthy and can strengthen your heart!

While limiting excess fat is a good idea, cutting fat too low is really stupid. Fat makes food satiating so you feel full for longer.

There's a lot of food that include healthy fat.

2 Eat as few calories as possible

This has got to be the worst tip that way too many people follow. Cutting calories too much makes you feel hungry all the time and causes your body to go into starvation mode. Your body will shed a lot more muscle mass to try to lower its metabolism. Weight loss needs to slow if it is to be successful in the long term.

What the freak you need calories! Without calories your body goes as if its going to starve your metabolism uses fewer calories to converse! Calories are all about health just not too much so its good for your height sex/gender weight and growing so eat a good amount of calories!

3 Cut out carbohydrates

Never do this this is dangerous to your health carbs in processes trash can make you overweight but healthy carbs like in vegetables whole wheat items are healthy and is one of the three macronutrients and complex carbs are good.

4 Go gluten free

Who cares gluten free is not healthy! Gluten is a type of protein that actually is healthy if you have Celiac disease than skip gluten its basically and allergic reaction to gluten.

5 Stop snacks to lose weight

It depends on what the snack is if its healthy in nutrients it will not makes you fat if it's a bad snack like cookies it will make you fat!

Don't think in terms of weigh but of health. Of course you can snack, just think about what you should eat so you stay healthy and happy. I'd never take off the little good things of life for a diet. don't do a diet, just eat healthy and walk at least. walk stairs work your buns.

My parents are Asian and they swear that this actually works...

6 Choose low fat or skim milk

The fats in milk are healthy ones I hate it when I am feed low fat milk cause they think its healthy I am sick of it! The fats in milk are healthy and help you feel full and vitamins hang on to fat that is being removed your taking vitamins out! Its proven that whole milk drinkers were less likely to gain too much weight compared to skim milk drinkers!

Believe it or not, the reason why Skim Milk has no fat is because they add ridiculous amounts of sugar to it to make it not taste bad. If your gonna drink milk drink Almond or Cashew types not dairy.

7 Eliminate cheese

Depending on the cheese, some cheeses are bad especially the fake ones like you know ;) the string cheese, it's basically milk...

How about trying the cheese diet!

8 Skip sugar

That very damn crazy sugar is a healthy thing to eat in moderation people need some sugar without it we would well you know die!

9 Skip sodium

Okay sodium can be bad but do never eliminate it completely without enough sodium muscle spasms and cramps vomiting and weakness and maybe death! Eat a good amount of salt a day to keep healthy!

10 Natural labels means healthy

You need to do this one damn thing check the ingredients in the food to see if healthy some unhealthy things are considered natural!

Poison ivy is natural. Snack on that, I dare you.

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11 Go vegan
12 You need animal foods to survive
13 No dairy
14 Cut out saturated fat

While you shouldn't be eating saturated fat in excess, it definitely is not as bad as it has been made out to be in the past. Sugars and trans fats are far more harmful to your health.

Not so stupid. It's the perfect excuse not to have sex in the shower with your larger-than-life husband. Er, or wife.

15 Eat quickly
16 Drink a lot of water
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