Best Metal Band Lineups That Never Happened


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1 Bruce Dickinson/Eddie Van Halen/Cliff Burton/Nick Menza

Bruce Dickinson=lead singer of Iron Maiden.
Eddie Van Halen=lead guitarist of Van Halen.
Cliff Burton=former bass guitarist of Metallica.
Nick Menza=former drummer of Megadeth.

2 Dave Mustaine/Steve Harris/Joey Jordison

Dave Mustaine=lead singer of Megadeth.
Steve Harris=basist and backing vocalist of Iron Maiden.
Joey Jordison=former drummer of slipknot.

3 Phil Anselmo/Ynwie Malmsteen/Gezzer Butler/The Rev

Phil Anselmo=former lead singer of Pantera.
Yngwie Malmsteen= solo musician.
Geezer Butler=bassist of Black Sabbath.
The Rev=former drummer of Avenged Sevenfold.

4 James Hetfield/Dave Effelson/Dave Lombardo/Chris Adler

James Hetfield=lead singer of Metallica.
Dave Effelson=bassit and of Megadeth.
Dave Lombardo=drummer of Slayer.
Chris Alder=drummer of Lamb Of God.

5 Axl Rose/Synyster Gates/Rob Trujillio/Nicko McBrain

Axl Rose=lead singer of Guns N Roses.
Synyster Gates=lead guitarist and backing vocalist of Avenged Sevenfold.
Rob Trujillio=bassist of Metallica.
Nicko Mcbrain=drummer of Iron Maiden.

6 Chuck Billy/Randy Rhoads/Tim Commerford/Vinnie Paul

Chuck Billy=vocalist of Testament.
Randy Rhoads=former guitarist of Quiet Riot.
Tim Commerfold=bassist of Rage Against The Machine.
Vinnie Paul=drummer of Hellyeah and former drummer of Pantera and Damageplan.

7 Ozzy Osbourne/Slash/Alex Webster/Gene Holgan

Ozzy Osbourne=former lead singer of Black Sabbath.
Slash=former lead guitarist of Guns N Roses.
Alex Webster=bass player of Cannibal Corpse.
Gene Holgan=drummer known for doing his work with bands that include slayer, Dark Angel, Death, Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend, Fear Factory, Opeth, Unearth, Dethklok, and Testament.

8 Lemmy Kilminster/Tony Iommi/Scott Travis

Lemmy Kilminster=lead singer and bassist of Motorhead and former bassist of Hawkwind.
Tony Lommi=lead guitarist of Black Sabbath.
Scott Travis=drummer of Judas Priest and Racer X.

9 Tom Araya/Marty Friedman/Bill Ward

Tom Araya=lead singer and bassist of Slayer.
Marty Friedman=lead guitarist of Megadeth.
Bill Ward=former drummer of Black Sabbath.

10 Max Cavalera/Dave Murray/Jason Newstead/Dave Grohl

Max Calvalera= lead singer and guitarist of Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, and Killer Be Killed.
Dave Murray=guitarist of Iron Maiden.
Jason Newsted= bassist of Metallica, Voivod, And Flotsam and Jetsam.
Dave Grohl=lead singer of The Foo Fighters and former drummer of Nirvana.

The Contenders

11 Mitch Lucker/Dimebag Darell/Jeff Hanneman/Paul Gray/Trey Williams
12 Rob Halford/Tony Iommi/Lemmy Kilmister/Scott Travis
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1. Bruce Dickinson/Eddie Van Halen/Cliff Burton/Nick Menza
2. Dave Mustaine/Steve Harris/Joey Jordison
3. Phil Anselmo/Ynwie Malmsteen/Gezzer Butler/The Rev


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