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1 Artcell Artcell Artcell is a Bangladeshi progressive metal band formed in October 1999. According to The Daily Star, a leading English national daily, Artcell is "one of the leading bands of the country".

You don't need need English to understand their songs, cause they are a prog metal band, their instrumental part is very long - zxm

The band is flawless and will continue being a very successful band.

This band needs to be top. I'm not a Rammstein fan. - IronSabbathPriest

I expected Rammstein to be no1 easy, I guess ill check em out - EliHbk

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2 Rammstein Rammstein Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Härte and Industrial Metal band consisting of Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Kruspe (guitar), Paul Landers (guitar), Oliver Riedel (electric bass), Christoph Schneider (drums) and Christian Lorenz (keyboard), that formed in 1994 in Berlin . more.

I'm kinda feeling ashamed of liking this band. I can understand their language in their songs cause I'm German/Aussie. - Mumbizz01

They have a few English sounding songs like P***y and Amerika. But their songs are still really cool.

That's awesome even if you don't understand what is mean

Everything's good but Rammstein aren't metal according to Encyclopaedia Metallum - Rammstein don't even have a page on their site. If a well known band isn't on Encyclopaedia Metallum, it means only one thing - the band isn't metal. - Metal_Treasure

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3 Mezarkabul Mezarkabul Mezarkabul (formerly known as Pentagram) is a Turkish metal band formed by Hakan Utangaç and Cenk Ünnü.

The name "Mezarkabul" means Pentagram in Turkish. As a result, this band is sometimes confused with the American Metal band known as Pentagram. They obviously sing in Turkish and are a Traditional Heavy Metal band for the most part. - ryanrimmel

Their original name was (still is) Pentagram but in order to avoid confusion with the American metal band Pentagram, from their 2001 album "Unspoken" on, they began to use the title "Mezarkabul" on international releases. And yes, they DO sing in English. In fact they didn't have any Turkish songs until their fifth album "Bir" (except one cover of Turkish folk song Güandüz Gece on the album "Anatolia" by Aşık Veysel). and even after that, 2-3 Turkish songs on each album, at max. So they mostly sing in English. Regardless of the language though, you should definitely check out them, they're awesome.
Recommended album: Unspoken

4 Equilibrium Equilibrium Equilibrium is a German folk metal band. The band's music combines elements of folk music, power metal, black metal and symphonic metal with various other influences.

I completely forgot to add equilibrium. Thank god you guys did - ryanrimmel

This band totally kicks ass so underrated

5 Boris Boris

Japanese Sludge Metal/Drone Metal band. They have some pretty good songs if you are into Stoner music. - ryanrimmel

They are amazing.

6 Teräsbetoni Teräsbetoni Teräsbetoni is a Finnish power metal band formed in 2002. They got their first recording contract thanks to a petition, started by excited fans who wanted a recording contract for the band and sent it to several record companies. In 2008 Teräsbetoni represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest more.

^Amen to everything, though 3) is not right. That isn't a movement. It's just a fanpage that isn't even run by Finns.

Mostly power metal but also heavy metal in Finnish. Some songs use viking/pagan lyrical themes and folk tunes. Their singer is the best metal singer from Finland (Jarkko Ahola). They deserve to be in the top 10, if not higher.
Missa Miehet Ratsastaa, Metalliolut, Kuumilla Porteilla, Teraksen Taakka, Paha Sanoo, Konstantinopoli, Pyha maa, Maailma tarvitsee sankareita, Ala kerro meille, Saalistaja, Uudestisyntynyt, Voittamaton, Taivas lyo tulta. - Metal_Treasure

This band is very special - I’ve never heard of any other metal band with such a unique bio:

1) They got their first recording contract thanks to a nation-wide petition. The band performed only live at clubs but excited fans circulated a petition, demanding a recording contract for Teräsbetoni, and sent it to several record companies. The band signed a contract with Warner Music in 2005. This is a very unusual way to get a contract but it's very democratic.

2) Then Finns elected Teräsbetoni to represent Finland at the Eurovision International Song Contest 2008, with their song Missä miehet ratsastaa. Oh, those Finns - they really love metal and of course, they love Teräsbetoni. This contest is not for metal songs but Finland sent a metal band to represent them! Isn’t that amazing?
I don’t know if Teräsbetoni won the whole thing but here’s their Semi-final performance, live (YouTube: "ESC08 Semi-final: Teräsbetoni - Missä miehet ratsastaa (HQ)" - Metal_Treasure

7 Burzum Burzum Burzum is an influential black metal solo project of Norwegian musician and writer Varg Vikernes. Burzum came to prominence at the beginning of the Norwegian Black Metal scene in the early 1990s. Vikernes was imprisoned for 21 years for the murder of Mayhem guitarist Euronymous, and charges of church more.

About 10 albums in Norwegian - Black metal, Folk metal, medieval music, Dark Ambient, Experimental.
Burzum is one of the top 10, if not top 3 black metal bands.
To be honest, I'm not their fan but they are really good at what they do. - Metal_Treasure

8 Y Diawled

Classic Heavy Metal band from Wales. They sing in Gaelic Welsh. They actually have great songs and they are from the NWOBHM. They obviously didn't get much commercial success due to the fact they didn't speak English, and they were overshadowed by bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Motörhead. - ryanrimmel

9 Pokoljép

Hungarian Speed Metal band. Sometimes they are considered pioneers of Speed Metal along with Motörhead, Anvil, Accept, and Exciter. - ryanrimmel

Pure metal from Hungary. Rock on! A bit correction: PokolGép and not Pokoljép... - somekindofaguy

10 ADX

French Thrash Metal band - ryanrimmel

Great person broad thinkers great politician

They are very good. - Metal_Treasure

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11 Finntroll Finntroll Finntroll is a folk metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They combine elements of black metal and folk metal.
12 Trust

@ryanrimmel - I like AC/DC but if a metal band gives me the AC/DC vibe, it's not good because AC/DC aren't metal. Just saying. - Metal_Treasure

Traditional Heavy Metal band from France. Listening to them really gives me the AC/DC vibe. - ryanrimmel

13 Turbo

Polish Speed Metal/Thrash Metal band from the early 80s. - ryanrimmel

14 Korpiklaani Korpiklaani
15 Oomph!
16 TrollfesT

They are a Norwegian folk metal band and sing in the most unique language ever - Trollspråk, which is a fictional language and is a mixture of Norwegian and German. Trollspråk is the language of the trolls (you have to hear that).
I like this band a lot and even made a top 10 list that you can visit for more details and song samples 'Top 10 TrollfesT Songs'. - Metal_Treasure

17 Warfaze Warfaze Warfaze is a Bangladeshi hard rock band. The group consists of Palash Noor (vocals), Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal (lead guitar), Sheikh Monirul Alam Tipu (drums and percussion), Samir Hafiz (Guitar), Shams Mansoor Ghani (keyboards and vocals), and Naim Haque Roger (bass) . Multiple changes have taken place in more.

Yes, they are a very good rock/metal band. Their guitar riffs and solos are awesome - zxm

One of the best metal bands formed in 80's.

Learned guitar themselves, self taught,this band is like Deep Purple,who had many members. - zxm

The Legendary Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Band of Bangladesh! They do music in Bangla! Warfaze was formed in 1984 and still keep Rocking!
Warfaze/ m/

18 Aria

Aka Ария (in Russian). Fortunately they or their fans translated some of the song titles.
Russian traditional metal of Iron Maiden type (sing in Russian). Peaked in the early 90s but they are still active.

Songs (fan made videos):
Ария - Сле'уй за мной / Aria - Follow Me
Ария - Игра с огнем / Aria - Game With Fire
Ария - Химера / Aria - Himera
Ария - Машина Смерти / Aria - Death Machine
Ария - Возьми мое сер'це / Aria - Take My heart
Ария - Кровь за кровь / Aria - Blood For Blood

They are still active:
Ария - Штиль (2001) - UDO of Accept is a guest musician here.
Ария - Аттила (2011) - Metal_Treasure

19 X Japan X Japan X Japan is a Japanese heavy metal band from Chiba, formed in 1982 by drummer Yoshiki and lead vocalist Toshi.
20 Kvelertak Kvelertak Kvelertak is a six-piece heavy metal band from Rogaland, Norway, formed in 2007. The group comprises vocalist Erlend Hjelvik, guitarists Vidar Landa, Bjarte Lund Rolland and Maciek Ofstad, bassist Marvin Nygaard and drummer Kjetil Gjermundrød.
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