Top 10 Metal Bands of Nepal

These are the greatest and competitive metal bands of Nepal.

The Top Ten

1 Antim Grahan

None of the others are considered metal bands!

The legend of Nepali metal scene, the outfit of Nepal's underground scene, ANTIM GRAHAN!, all hail the godfather,

They are the best.. One's as one of the best Nepali metal bands...

Pride of our country's metal scenes

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2 Albatross

This list is so pathetic. Anuprastha better metal band than the loads in scene? This stupidity reflects the status of this list. Grow up brother there are many good metal bands in nepal than Albatross, Vhumi...

I wonder Albatross is in the list of Metal Band! It's just a rock band mates.

Haha Anuprastha re... aaja metal band re... they are not metal bands dude

Hahah r u kidding

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3 Vhumi

A perfect band with a great Vocalist.. M/

The greatest of technical death metal

Nice band with powerful artist...

Nice band with great musician

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4 Equals

No one better than equals, they proved it in global battle of bands.

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5 Dying Out Flame

I had seen the concert of this band. They are awesome

Awesome band from Nepal. They will make a history...

I like every n each song of this band...actually I love metal music thankyou

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6 Underside

Future of Nepalese metal

This band can be an international band because of the quality of the music they create.

Outstanding metal band from Nepal... Amazing vocal


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7 Maya
8 Atomic Bush

It would be great to hear more new songs from them

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9 X-mantra

X- mantra deServes number 1 positioN"...
Real lyrics and great musiC which touches your heart!

I like metal song x-mantra clear song

Best metal band ever

Love this band xxx

10 Cruentus

In the circle of fear
Touches my heart such a great band
I wish I could be a part of your band member

Best of the best. Way better than the rest. All hail metal. All hail to Cruentus. I don't know why they are so low.

I'm from Malaysia, support Cruentus..

They are form my generation...great time though..

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The Contenders

11 Ayurveda

Should be upper in the list

12 Lost Oblivion

Different type of genre compared to other bands with strong lyrics and vocals.

13 Nastik
14 Sabotage

Aspiring young musicians. They have not released any songs but still have heard them play, good wishes.

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15 Ugrakarma

These guys created death metal in nepal for the first time. These guys gave other extreme metal bands inspiration

Ugrakarma is one of the oldest and amazing band in death metal scene..

To be honest Ugrakarma should be on the top of the list

The best from Nepal...

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16 Jindabaad

Never listened jindabaad. Rewind is enough to describe them

Good band.. Sad but true... All seems like Tools songs

I agree rewind does the work

17 Kalodin

Do you really think Kalodin in 19? Yo gotta be kidding me! They deserve to be in top 5. The vocals, guitar riffs, and lead are amazing. And how come albatross in 2? They are rock band not metal.

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18 Tumble Weed

New taste in Nepal

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19 Full Stop

Full stop m/ nepali pantera

20 And We Came

We love core muzik and they are also core m/

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