Best Metal Songs of 2020

Since some debates on what is and isn't metal are expected here alike most metal lists, ultimately the debates have mostly been inconclusive, opinionated and hence subjective. Due to its subjective nature, songs from questionable genres like Alternative Metal, Nu-Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore etc are allowed here for now. If you don't consider them metal, don't vote for it. Vote for something that you consider metal, instead of voting on a non-metal item just to complain about it's "non-metalness". Keep in mind, this is not at all a validation for someone to submit a Pop song here for example. Vote for the best metal songs of this year.

The Top Ten

1 Catastrophist - Trivium

Love the build up of this song. Starts off more melodic then finishes heavy. Catchy chorus too.

Fantastic song all around. So far, it's the metal album of the year for me.

Technical and catchy

Amazing intro, smooth transitions, just pure metal

2 Living the Dream - Five Finger Death Punch
3 Into Oblivion - Vader
4 What the Dead Men Say - Trivium
5 Weakness Leaving My Heart - Heaven Shall Burn
6 Bhati - Mobius
7 Lions - Saudade
8 Underneath - Code Orange

One of the best releases in metal in a LONG time

9 Fall from Grace - Paradise Lost
10 Removal of the Oaken Stake - The Black Dahlia Murder

The Newcomers

? New Colossal Hate - Lamb of God

The Contenders

11 The Defiant - Trivium
12 Seen It All - Mushroomhead
13 While the Spiders Spin - Psychotic Waltz
14 To Be Alone - Five Finger Death Punch
15 Bloodmoon - Cryptex
16 Choke - Bury Tomorrow
17 Darkness Settles In - Five Finger Death Punch
18 Brighter Side of Grey - Five Finger Death Punch
19 Sulfur Surrounding - Code Orange
20 Sickness Unto You - Trivium
21 Bleed Into Me - Trivium
22 Full Circle - Five Finger Death Punch

Love it. It's very popular.

23 Scattering the Ashes - Trivium
24 Bending the Arc to Fear - Trivium
25 Harmonic Disruptor - Julien-K
26 Dead and Gone - Stabbing Westward
27 Amongst the Shadows & the Stones - Trivium
28 The Ones We Leave Behind - Trivium
29 Destruction or Strength - As I Lay Dying
30 Night of the Witch - Testament
31 Nobody Believes Me - Diabology
32 Your Broken Shore - My Dying Bride
33 Plague of Virtue - Deathwhite
34 At The Dead of Night - Heads For The Dead
35 Calcified - Sylosis

Found this band recently and I'm not disappointed

36 Set Me Free - Avenged Sevenfold
37 Children of the Next Level - Testament
38 Paralyssi - Kauhu
39 Swallowing the Rabbit Whole - Code Orange
40 Memento Mori - Lamb of God
41 Shrouds in the Mist - Crematory Stench
42 Ordinary Man - Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy still has it!

43 Morbid Rites - Mordenheim
44 Euphoria - An Isolated Mind
45 Let Diable Violoneix - Sorrs Immanis
46 Cannibal - Bury Tomorrow

One of the best songs out right now by far in the metal world

47 Hollow - Static-X

Might have to listen to this later

48 Protector - Heaven Shall Burn
49 Very Noise - Igorrr
50 Shock and Awe - Vader
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