Best Metal Songs of 2020

Since some debates on what is and isn't metal are expected here alike most metal lists, ultimately the debates have mostly been inconclusive, opinionated and hence subjective. Due to its subjective nature, songs from questionable genres like Alternative Metal, Nu-Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore etc are allowed here for now. If you don't consider them metal, don't vote for it. Vote for something that you consider metal, instead of voting on a non-metal item just to complain about it's "non-metalness". Keep in mind, this is not at all a validation for someone to submit a Pop song here for example. Vote for the best metal songs of this year.

The Top Ten

1 Full Circle - Five Finger Death Punch

Love it. It's very popular.

2 Nobody Believes Me - Diabology
3 At The Dead of Night - Heads For The Dead
4 Your Broken Shore - My Dying Bride
5 Paralyssi - Kauhu
6 Shrouds in the Mist - Crematory Stench
7 Morbid Rites - Mordenheim
8 Euphoria - An Isolated Mind
9 Let Diable Violoneix - Sorrs Immanis
10 Shrouds In The Mist - Crematory Stench

The Contenders

11 Ordinary Man - Ozzy Osbourne
12 Protector - Heaven Shall Burn
13 Underneath - Code Orange
14 Weakness Leaving My Heart - Heaven Shall Burn
15 Calcified - Sylosis
16 Cannibal - Bury Tomorrow
17 Plague of Virtue - Deathwhite
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