Top Ten Metal Songs Dedicated to Serial Killers

The Top Ten Metal Songs Dedicated to Serial Killers

1 Into the Crypt of Rays - Celtic Frost (Gilles de Rais)
2 Blackest Eyes - Porcupine Tree (Ted Bundy)
3 Murderer Dividead - Edge of Sanity (Ted Bundy)
4 Anne - Bloodbath (Ted Bundy)
5 Dead Skin Mask - Slayer (Ed Gein)

"Dance with the dead in my dreams,
Listen to their hallowed screams.
The dead have taken my soul.
Temptations lost all control." - ryanrimmel

6 Beauty Through Order - Slayer (Elizabeth Bathory)
7 Instruments of Hell - Exhumed (Albert Fish)
8 Elizabeth - Ghost (Elizabeth Bathory)
9 33 Something - Bathory (John Wayne Gacy)
10 Countess Bathory - Venom (Elizabeth Bathory)

The Contenders

11 Nothing to Gein - Mudvayne (Ed Gein)

Thinking about listening to this at some point. There's been quite a lot of metal songs that pertain to killers. - EdGeinFan

12 Jeffrey Dahmer - Soulfly (Jeffrey Dahmer)
13 Woman of Dark Desires - Bathory (Elizabeth Bathory)
14 Jack - Iced Earth (Jack the Ripper)
15 The Ripper - Judas Priest (Jack the Ripper)
16 The Kinslayer - Nightwish (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold)
17 Angel of Death - Slayer (Josef Mengele)

Josef was a Nazi not a serial killer - Metalmaniakkk

18 Ted, Just Admit It... - Jane's Addiction (Ted Bundy)
19 Noche Acosador - John 5 (Richard Ramirez)
20 Psychopathy Red - Slayer (Andrei Chikatilo)
21 213 - Slayer (Jeffrey Dahmer)
22 Suffer Age - Fear Factory (John Wayne Gacy)
23 Jeffrey Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory - Macabre (Jeffrey Dahmer)
24 Bloodbath in Paradise - Ozzy Osbourne (Manson Family)
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