Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden


I'm amazed this song is so high up. I'm just glad it's Master of Puppets at number one and not One, or even worse, Enter Sandman. I hate it when people listen to Enter Sandman and say they like metal (or even metallica). This is probably my favorite metal song. There are some Metallica songs in contention (For Whom the Bell Tolls, Blackened, The Four Horsemen) and some Black Sabbath songs (Black Sabbath, War Pigs, Electric Funeral). I would probably agree with Master of Puppets at number one if I hadn't burned out on it in high school.

Metallica is good but Iron Maiden is the best and greatest. Iron Maiden influenced Metallica and so many great amazing bands. This is their best song, the best song from the greatest band. The vocals are top class the guitar the drums the bass everything is perfect in this song. Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot are probably the most mainstream and popular bands here and yes Metallica is more mainstream than Iron Maiden but Iron Maiden is way better

This song is perfect: lyrics, music, rhythm, interpretation. It has everything: fear, pain, regret, depression, hope, faith... It is a plain expression of the Human being. I don't hear it, I watch it before my very eyes, and it hurts me. Each time I hear it, I cry, damn, like a baby. I feel the pain of the convict, of the Man. It is dense of emotion... Unbelievable, my favorite song. It is Art, I dare to compare it to the Divine Comedy... Its poetry, its music...

Get out of here, Metallica! You're hogging every list. Stop being so popular... Yes, I do enjoy your music, but you're nothing compared to Iron Maiden. Just because you're more popular doesn't make you better. Iron Maiden is a more skilled band. Bruce is 15th best male vocalist, James is like 150th. Nicko is 28th best drummer, Lars is like 52nd. The guitarists are about the same level, like 75 and 76 I think. And Steve is defs way better than Robert or whoever you have now. Face it, you ain't as good.

Simply put, Hallowed Be Thy Name is a masterpiece. Good songs come an go, but rarely do we ever find a song that is absolutely perfect. Even the best of songs have their flaws - Hallowed Be Thy Name has none. From the spine chilling lyrics and the beautiful guitar work to Bruce Dickinson's over the top vocal performance, Hallowed Be Thy Name is what it is - the Greatest Heavy Metal song ever written.

Well I gotta admit that I'm happy that Master of Puppets is at least beating that damn 'Art of Life' song, but Hallowed be Thy Name is were its at. Pure genius metal lyrics, incredible riffs, and the godly voice of Bruce Dickinson makes this song the greatest metal song of all time. It practically defines metal. I thank you Iron Maiden for creating this masterpiece.

UP THE IRONS! - metalmaiden

A master piece without age, from a dark and doom start awakens with a scream who deliver into a melodic epic and unforgettable fragment and ends with a furious war of guitars... You know another song like this?... That's why this is the best song, and a flag for all of us that don't sell ourselves

This is truly the pinnacle of metal. Hallowed be thy Name has so much meaning and so many emotions flowing through it that, even when the lyrics stop, you're painted a vivid picture of what's happening. Think of it this way: At the end of the song, the man's life is flashing before his eyes when Clive Burr's drum beat rolls along. The frantic pace of the ending is this guy panicking as he's about to die! At least that's how it feels to me.

As the biggest Metallica fan boy of all time (though I have been know to overrate myself), Hallowed Be Thy Name is a song I listen to more than Master of Puppets. It is indeed one of the greatest compositions ever constructed. I just think Metallica are the greatest and most influential band of all time. And history has already shown this. So start putting up Children of the Damned and the like, or do I have to do it for you?

All bands become overrated, because over time they get older, gain notoriety, fame and fortune, and lose their talent. Ali isn't boxing anymore, but went on too long, so show some respect. I traded my $40 copy of Book of Souls and Pantera albums, not because of the bands, but because of the fans. Metallica at their prime vs any band in their prime would be a Metal Massacre - and yes, I own that on vinyl too.

Iron maiden, is one of the best metal bands ever. I will say however, master of puppets is an amazing song, especially s and m, but hallowed be thy name is honestly, liquid gold to me because, there's awesome guitar work, amazing vocals by non other then the epic bruce dickinson. So, if you ask which is the best metal song, I'm gonna say, HALLOWED BE THY NAME. There you have it.

Hallowed Be Thy Name should definitely be number 1. Master of Puppets is my second favorite metal song but the cold fact is that Hallowed is better. Sorry metallica. For gods sake, what the hell is XJapan doing in number 1. It must be a sad joke. Also why is black sabbath the fathers of metal and judas priest not in the top ten? This list is horrible. - metalmaiden

You might not get the feel and sheer class of this song when you listen to it the first time. I didn't. But the song just kept haunting me and kept playing itself in my mind. Such is the power of this song. And when I listened to this again... Bloody hell... I just couldn't take my fingers of the replay button. You just can't get tired of listening to this song. This is WAY better than Masrer Of Puppets. Don't get me wrong, I love Metallica but really this is better.

I'll put it at number one on the Best Metal Song List. Why not? Sure, I can think of a couple more that would have valid rights to the top spot as well, but this song has every element a brilliant Metal song should have. The song is epic in every way. The songwriting, the musicianship, the production are all top notch and raised the bar for all Metal that followed. Hard to single out any one performance, but Bruce Dickinson's vocals on this track are unparalleled by any singer, any genre on any planet!...O.K., O.K., maybe a little over the top there, but seriously, the vox in this song are insane! (This song is also my All-Time Favorite Song regardless of genre) - TheHitman14

This IS heavy metal for me. I listen to all the (non-Blaze Bayley) Maiden albums a lot, but if I ever want the spiritual lift of a crunching, balls-out metal piledriver, Hallowed Be Thy Name is it. It is power and defiance and joy, and even better live.

The great thing about it is that Bruce can still crank it out: his voice hasn't faded with age. Up the Irons!

Hallowed be thy Name is a great metal track due to the way it represents the basics of the Heavy Metal itself. The lyrics, the composition, the meaning are all vital points of the Heavy Metal premise and as such the song becomes quite representative in a similar fashion to the Fear of the Dark, but with less pop effects.

Lyrically amazing, musically phenomenal, and emotionally breathtaking, Hallowed be thy Name captures the soul of Metal perfectly. A philosophical take on the coming of death that gives me chills every time I listen to it, Hallowed be thy Name is the crowning achievement of not only Iron Maiden, but the metal genre as a whole.

OK, I do understand people who think songs like The Trooper and Number Of The Beast are the best Maiden songs. They haven't heard this. It is an extremely beautiful piece of music, with great lyrics. The riffs, guitar solos, bass lines and drumming are all among the best, and Bruce Dickinson sings like a god. Pure genius.

Each to their own, but I would encourage any fan of metal music of any kind to give this song a listen. The lyrics are so very meaningful, the song is very dramatic and, above all, the instrumental music is so very technical. Many metal bands have covered this particular song as it has had a major influence in their art.

Hallowed Be Thy Name is, without a doubt, one of the best metal songs ever made. Iron Maiden outdid themselves with this one, gracing our eardrums with the best guitar riff ever made and their usual top-notch lyrics. Why X-Japan is even on this list baffles me. Nobody's heard of them. They sound more like punk than metal.

I've listened to lots of metal bands but everytime I come back to Iron Maiden. They are really true heavy-metal band. They are the best and this song is amazing! Even my friends who had never listened to heavy-metal, noticed it. Great lyrics, great music, great band! Only two words: Iron Maiden. Forever!

Master of Puppets may have a better solo, but the riff on this song is infectious, has much a deeper meaning with the lyrics, and it doesn't get old.

This song is truly in a league of its own, and I bet the majority of voters who voted for other songs who have listened to this would put this next on their rankings.

Why a power metal song is better than a epic journey of heavy metal? Hallowed be thy name is an epic journey with a more than audible and complicated arrange, the tempo and the expressiveness have not match in the history of metal... that's why is one of the flag songs of the TRUE legend: Iron Maiden

So ahead of it's time. Master of Puppets is amazing, no question about it. But lyrically and musically, this song is just too great to not be considered the best. That's what sets it apart for me. Not only the amazing instrumentation, but lyrically, this destroys anything Metallica has ever put out.

Sorry guys but Metallica's just not that good. Master of Puppets is a great song but only in comparison to all the lame sellout stuff that they've released more recently. Hallowed be thy name is the best of the best heavy metal songs of all time, and it beats master of puppets hands down.