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241 Old World - Leah
242 Empty Words - Death
243 Getting Smaller - Nine Inch Nails

Hey, getting 'smaller' happens to blokes in their forties. Consult your surgeon general.

244 Indestructible - Disturbed V 1 Comment
245 L'enfant Sauvage - Gojira
246 Telos - Between the Buried and Me
247 The Philosopher - Death

This song has one of the most complex and amazing guitar solo...
It's full of awesomeness... Why the hell this song's in such a loe position

248 Shame on the Night - Dio
249 Kissing the Shadow - Children of Bodom

I am a Metallica fan and I love master of puppets but this song is one of the greatest melodic metal of all times it should be in top 10 f"k all of you who think that cob sucks cob is one of the best melodic metal band of all time

come on guys its best song ever atlist at top 5 - alaydarkblood666

This song is just pure awesomeness. Those melodic parts that Janne plays,. And the solo

The title's wrong, please correct with "Kissing the Shadows", thanks 4 the attention

V 1 Comment
250 Wings of a Butterfly - Him
251 Eruption - Van Halen

This guy is the real guitar GOD. well I'm not going to say that everyone else is pathetic, but eddie Van Halen clearly shows to us what guitar is made for.

With David lee Roth they were gold, but Sammy Hagar in there, I lost interest. Undoubtedly one of the greatest guitarists.

Legendary enough said. Greatest guitar solo ever and will ever be until the devil becomes a rock star

I don't think its metal - zxm

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252 Inis Mona - Eluveitie

Great song and great band, they are really cool metal band!
I really love them! Inis mona is one of my favorite songs by them, and I think Slania is their best album!

a folk metal song from a swiss band. good work on pipes

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253 The Day That Never Comes - Metallica

WHAT?! One of Metallica's best songs is nowhere to be seen?! This is utter madness, to see a song with the best tune - one of the best choruses and and ending that makes it a metal masterpiece - to be languishing down. Need to bring it up, and bring it up fast, or the metal gods will not be pleased.

Die-hard Metallica fan here admitting that it's far from their best. Metallica taught me honesty is my only excuse.

It's not their best. It's a solid album.

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254 Radio/Video - System of a Down
255 Spit It Out - Slipknot
256 Sugar - System of a Down

I agree. Their debut and Toxicity were gold, but became a bit hit and miss after that. Each to their own.

Possibly there best song, recorded in 1998 and still popular now.

I like the ballad Spiders is it? I like them.

257 Overkill - Motorhead
258 Asylum - Disturbed
259 Twisted Transistor - Korn

Unbelievably great metal. For people that aren't into metal this might make you really piss yourself! - dean42

260 Pure Evil - Iced Earth

Yeah, I have a lot of their stuff. There's a couple of great live dvd's if you like them. One with Owens, 2 with Barlow. The track of the opener Horror Show is staggering. It's definitely their best album.

Great song with epic intro, great vocals, and great guitar riff. One of my favorite songs next to Hallowed Be Thy Name. I can't believe this isn't in at least the top 25.

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