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261 Damage, Inc. - Metallica

Great track! Where's 'Damage Control' though?

262 The Exorcist - Possessed
263 A Light in the Black - Rainbow
264 Asylum - Disturbed
265 Twisted Transistor - Korn

Unbelievably great metal. For people that aren't into metal this might make you really piss yourself! - dean42

266 Metal Az Esz - Pokolgep
267 Piece of Time - Atheist
268 Paschendale - Iron Maiden
269 This Calling - All that Remains

Place 'Fall of Ideals' in tray, select 'Random' and 'Repeat' and treat yourself to the best musicians on the planet playing their best album. 10/10 album.

270 The End of Heartache - Killswitch Engage

This song is amazing I can't believe it wasn't on the list until I put it on it definitely deserves to be in top 20 at least

This song is one of my favorites from Killswitch Engage. This deserves to be higher! - Pegasister12

One of their best albums, definitely.

Come in n guys - this is an amazing song!

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271 Wolf and Raven - Sonata Arctica
272 Fast as a Shark - Accept

Now this classic is borderline speed metal, and Udo is a vocal talent.

273 When - Opeth
274 Lucretia - Megadeth

I really don't understand what all the fuss is about this album.

275 Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park
276 We Will Rise - Arch Enemy
277 Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath

They were certainly on some sweet leaf coming up with something this damn heavy way back when.

278 Got the Time - Anthrax

It's a cover of a catchy song. Anthrax on the slide, unfortunately.

This song is so catchy

279 Forest - System of a Down
280 The Evil That Man Do - Iron Maiden
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