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61 Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

How is this not in the top 10 would be my number 1 definitely. two awesome guitar riffs simple but awesome bass line sick as drum beat and passionate vocals, just plain awesome

If you were around for the anti-establishment of Punk you would have heard all of this angst many times over. If not, then fair enough.

57!? This should easily be in the top ten - it's a great song by a great band.

I like the riffs but the song has like 20 words, literally

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62 Creeping Death - Metallica

I know that metal is the best music and there a lot of unbelievable metal songs and bands, but Creeping Death #54 really, really, I mean come on even the worst Metallica song is better than any System of a Down song considering their singer sucks, and who was the other band in the top 10 list, Japan X who the hell are they, I've been a hardcore metal fan for almost thirty years and I've never heard of them. Put some real metal songs and bands on the top of this list, and where the hell is Testament and Savatage at, it's safe to say that this list is totally bogus.

Com-on people how is this song not in the top 25 I mean 92 honestly best song by Metallica by FAR so can someone tell me why this is not in the top 25. To love this song you have to understand the meaning I get that but still listen to the guitar its not the heaviest song I've ever herd but I'm only thirteen and I'm telling you that this songs amazing and not many thirteen year olds listen to metal in Canada so take my advice

Actually, Serj Tankian is one of modern metal's finest singers, and I am the most one-eyed Metallica fan boy in history. And no, Lars does not suck on Creeping Death. And if he does, then it should be moved 100 places down the list.

I really don't understand how come MOP and One are in the top 5 but this song is rated 63rd. In my opinion, those are the 3 best songs Metallica ever made, and I can't pick my favorite out of them.

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63 Down with the Sickness - Disturbed

This song not only talks about the themes of domestic abuse, but the dark side of humanity. How we are a species that cannot control anger, violence, and sadism. How humans are always torturing each other but still having hope in humanity. Now I'm sure that's not what they intended the song to be but that doesn't mean I should express my feelings. We're all free to share our opinions and develop new and fantastic ideas that can help us evolve and create a better future. Furthermore, amazing song. Five stars.

oh come on guys, for god sakes, this should be #1, not down, and what the so unique in metallica to be always #1, ya they r cool but not the best.

If Metallica absolutely sucks then you have inadvertently deemed Disturbed and every other metal band as worse, because Metallica have already been deemed the greatest metal band of all time - 35-years ago.

As the individual at the top points out, let's get down with the sickness. It is well put, but I'd go one further and state that the message is intentional. Metal with brains rules!

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64 War Ensemble - Slayer

This is Slayers best song regarding speed and drumming.

bloody fast put this after HOLY WARS and MASTER OF PUPPETS and try to stand still

65 Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse

It's the best song of cannibal corpse and the heaviest metal song. I don't know why people go and vote for x-Japan and a7x than cannibal corpse

I guess it's because the title of a song named Hammer Smashed Face isn't all that appealing. I'm just hazarding a guess.

66 Aces High - Iron Maiden

This is the single greatest song of all time. Up the Irons.

Why the hell it is so low in ranking... I love this song... Most of the bands have already done a cover of this song... Maiden rocks...666

This is one of the best iron maiden songs, maybe even the best. - cwoodkiter

One of the best openers in metal for sure. Try going the speed limit when this song plays in your car!

... yeah, didn't think so.

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67 Victim of Changes - Judas Priest

The Unleashed in the East version kicks ass! Goosebumps every time. Raw. Power.

You are victim of faulty voting. Rank 100? Inconceivable vocal and riffs. Listen it and vote fastly. Come on

Incredible vocals by Halford. Classic!

One of the Bests songs on Judas Priest

68 Redneck - Lamb of God

I'm surprised this song isn't higher on the list... Watch the Video to it.

These guys are amazing. Musically and personally. They're some of the coolest dudes I ever met and they're actually thankful for their fans unlike most bands that are just in it for the money. - xfallenstar44x

CHRIS ADLER in his best:):) WOAH WHAT A DOUBLE BASS:):) m/... video also is real kickass... on the whole "LOG" RULE

Redneck should be in the top 40

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69 Ten Thousand Fists - Disturbed

I don't think this is one of the best metal songs but far out, its epic and should be much higher than 71st

70 Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath

2 Sabbath albums inside the top ten now.

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71 Burnt Ice - Megadeth

The final solo is incredible!

72 Domination - Pantera

Super heavy riff, great vocals, super fast drums, perfectly layered instruments, solo is down right insane, what else could you ask for? IT'S DOMINATION.

MOST UNDERRATED SONG EVER. Amazing solos and riffs, and so vocals. This song can be compared with cowboys from hell.

It sucks all the Pantera, Slayer, Judas Priest, Lamb of God and Death are in the back and I haven't even seen Testament or Obituary yet

This, my friends, is the definition of metal. A true headbanger, with a high-tempo riff that drives moshpits crazy, the best ascending solo that I've ever heard, and the one breakdown that can never be topped.

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73 Wasted Years - Iron Maiden

This is one of the greatest song I've ever heard.

Yes, the chorus is a poignant reminder about not wasting your time and life on things that can't be reversed or resolved.

I think it represents 'a prototype' of a heavy metal song. Also Nicko's drumming is perfect and there's a great guitar solo.

This is probably my favourite heavy metal song. It's my favourite of Iron Maiden. It should be in the Top 10.

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74 Alison Hell - Annihilator

Jeff Waters going ape on that 6-string of his. That riff during the chorus is insane. 7-8-string guitars? Pfft. Waters makes mince meat out of those things.

Awesome song. Vote vote vote

This is a TOP 10 song! - Metal_Treasure

Only just listened to this for the first time but I've gotta agree, this is one sick song

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75 The Frayed Ends of Sanity - Metallica
76 Jambi - Tool

Just the best tool song besides lateralus

Opening riff gets you hooked. Excellence behind the drum set with Danny Carey. Kiernan's haunting vocals and Chancelor's unique bass lines really kick a$$. Breakdown about half way through gets any metal head moving...leading into a framptonesque solo by Adam Jones. This song has to be ranked higher.

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77 The Odyssey - Symphony X

Noobs of metal would vote for other songs than this. This is hands down THE BEST metal song I have ever heard. Yes it is long, but once you listen through it you will wish it was longer. This song takes you through a journey like hardly any other band out there can do. If you just think the song you can headbang to the most is the best then this isn't your song. However, if you can truly appreciate music and have some understanding of what it is then go no further and listen to this underrated masterpiece.

78 Under and Over It - Five Finger Death Punch

Under and Over it by Five Finger Death Punch always puts me in a better mood, this song is too good, it doesn't deserve to be this low on the list.

79 Funeralopolis - Electric Wizard

Stoner metal absolution. Try to find a heavier track than this that doesn't use double bass pedals or death growls. It may just be impossible.

You are a walking encyclopaedia.

80 Numb - Linkin Park

I think it's good that you love it all. I'm a narrow-minded twit compared to you. Ok, got to go. Thank you for listening and you may well have put the Black album where it belongs. Thank you. I know US metal better than they do. Hit me up if and when. Much appreciated.

Best metal song ever

When I felt like the world waas againist me, I put this song on.

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