Best The Lord of the Rings Battles

Counting the best and very best battles of this epic tale.
The Top Ten
1 The Battle of Helms Deep

I love that one scene where Legolas is surfing down the stairs with a shield, firing spears at the orcs, and then ramming the shield into an orc.

Awesome scene by far the best battle in the whole trilogy

This was just epic

2 The Battle of Pelennor Fields

The Great Battle...

3 The Battle of Balin's Tomb
4 The Battle of Amon Hen
5 The Battle of the Gap of Rohan
6 The Battle of Minas Tirith
7 The Battle of the Last Alliance
8 The Battle of the Black Gate
9 The Battle of Osgiliath
10 The Fellowship vs. The Watcher in the Water

I couldn't see what the creature even looked like. it was too dark during that scene.

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