Top Ten Moments from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Movie Trilogies

In my opinion, Peter Jackson's led Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit is the best franchise in movie history. Every movie is a masterpiece to me. There are many moments that stand out in my opinion. They make the franchise what it is. In this list we will be looking at the best moments from the franchise. I judged based on impact in the story, overall emotion, music, looks, and epicness. Some of this will be one moment others are a string of moments. This will only include the Peter Jackson movies. Feel free to add whatever you want. This list will have spoilers!
The Top Ten
1 The Battle of Helm's Deep (The Two Towers)

The Battle of Helm's Deep is perfect. The tension that builds throughout the movie gathers to this perfect battle. 10,000 vs. 300. War-hungry orcs vs. well-fortified men and elves. The battle is simply perfect. This also includes Gandalf and Eomer arriving at the end. The Battle of Helm's Deep is unforgettable.

While I like the Battle of Minas Tirith better, this one is still amazing.

2 The Battle of Minas Tirith (The Return of the King)

The Battle of Minas Tirith is also very good. It's not better than Helm's Deep, but it's still really good. In some respects, it is better than Helm's Deep. This item will include the Ride of the Rohirrim, Legolas taking down an oliphaunt, the arrival of the Dead, and the defeat of the Witch King of Angmar.

Personally, my favorite battle, just because it's in the daytime so you can see what's going on.

This is more clear and cool than Helm's Deep in my opinion, though maybe Helm's Deep was a better scene. But yeah, it gets my vote.

3 Gandalf Faces the Balrog (The Fellowship of the Ring)

At the end of the Mines of Moria, the Fellowship is being chased by a massive creature known as the Balrog, a servant of Morgoth. Gandalf is forced to face it and casts it deeper into the Mines, uttering the now-famous "You shall not pass!" quote. The Balrog trips Gandalf up though and brings Gandalf with him. It leaves the Fellowship broken.

If you are a true Tolkien fan and understand the long history of Gandalf and what he really is, and the even longer history of the Balrog and why it exists, and then you put them together, this is the pinnacle.

4 The Ring Wraiths Attack Weathertop (The Fellowship of the Ring)

Yes, I got the attack of the Ring Wraiths as the best scene in LOTR. After being chased by these terrifying creatures through the first quarter of the movie, the hobbits finally encounter the Ring Wraiths. It is a nerve-racking scene. Just the thought of a terrifying villain getting closer and closer is frightening. The music adds to the tension. Just a great scene.

5 The Destruction of the Ring (The Return of the King)

The overall end, the destruction of the Ring. Usually, when reaching a goal it is happy and satisfying, but not in Lord of the Rings. This is the climax, and they almost fail.

Just so tense, so climactic, so perfect.

6 Aragorn Faces The Dead (Return of the King)

In The Return of the King, Aragorn has to encounter the Army of the Dead. This moment shows that Aragorn has what it takes to be king. Some say it is the first scene in which he is the king even though his coronation isn't until later. Just an overall great scene.

7 The Prologue (The Fellowship of the Ring)

I can't tell you how perfect the prologue by Galadriel is. It explains the creation of the Ring, the rise of Sauron, the defeat of Sauron, the death of Isildur, Gollum getting the Ring, and finally Bilbo stealing the Ring from Gollum. Great narration with great music accompanying. The greatest start to the greatest trilogy.

8 Shelubs Cave (The Return Of The King)
9 Gollum Talk With Himself (The Two Towers)

Multiple times in The Two Towers, Gollum talks to himself. They are funny but heartbreaking. It shows how a hobbit like Frodo or Sam could be reduced to a creature like Gollum because of the power of the Ring.

10 Smaug Talks to Bilbo (The Desolation of Smaug)

In The Desolation of Smaug, while Bilbo is looking for the Arkenstone, he wakes up Smaug. The dragon converses with Bilbo and seems to know Bilbo's every intention. The deeper meaning of this scene foreshadows Thorin's downfall.

The Contenders
11 Aragorn's Speech (The Return of the King)

Before the Battle at the Black Gate, Aragorn makes a speech. It is really cool because they were bound to get destroyed in this battle, but they did it to buy Frodo time, and Aragorn just wanted them to come in with no fear.

12 The Ents Destroy Isengard (The Two Towers)

After seeing the destruction Saruman caused, Treebeard calls his fellow Ents. While a huge army of orcs went to Helm's Deep, Isengard was basically defenseless. The Ents then march on Isengard and basically destroy it.

13 The Game of Riddles with Gollum (An Unexpected Journey)

This scene is hilarious but also tragic. The audience knows this is when Bilbo gets the Ring. They do it to near perfection.

14 The Defeat of the Witch King of Angmar (The Return of the King)

I personally included this with the Battle of Minas Tirith. You could separate it. This scene is the defeat of one of the most terrifying villains in LOTR.

15 Gandalf Faces Sauron (The Desolation of Smaug)

In The Desolation of Smaug, a spirit known as the Necromancer makes an appearance. Gandalf leaves the company of Thorin Oakenshield to face this Necromancer. We figure out that the Necromancer is Sauron, and this scene is a great piece of editing and sound mixing. It is amazing to watch. It's also my profile picture.

Although the movie was actually quite enjoyable, this was the only scene that really gave me chills.

16 The Fellowship Reunited (The Return of the King)

A simple scene comparatively, but powerful and important nonetheless. The camera pans back from an awakening Frodo, who quickly realizes that the seemingly unending trials of his heart have been lifted. He is safe, and the Fellowship has emerged victorious. At the foot of his bed is his beloved Gandalf, gregarious and laughing at his friend's realization.

The door of the room swings open, and Merry and Pippin peek in. They run to Frodo's side and begin to celebrate. They had not seen their friend in quite some time and had their own formidable challenges to overcome. Next, Gimli enters, followed quickly by Legolas and Aragorn. Finally, Sam appears, and the silent stare between the two is telling, for it is they who secured the future of Middle Earth.

Personally, it is the most heartwarming scene in the trilogy, but at the same time, it brought a sense of sadness, knowing that this brilliant series of films that were such a big part of all our lives was coming to a close. I know of no other fanbase more dedicated than LOTR fans. Each film on its own is cinematic brilliance at the highest level and easily among the greatest films of all time. When viewing them as a whole, well, it's a saga I will never forget, and I suspect all LOTR fans feel likewise.

17 Sam Rescues Frodo (The Return of the King)

This scene is awesome because it displays Sam's courage and strength as Frodo's companion. Sam is the true hero.

Perfection. I love seeing our characters just so tired after this journey, and Sam's courage is very high.

18 The Dwarves go to The Shire (An Unexpected Journey)

In An Unexpected Journey, when the dwarves first show up at the Shire. I'm mainly focusing on the dwarves remembering the Misty Mountain. A beautiful scene with beautiful music.

19 The Ending (The Return of the King)
20 Thorin's Charge (Battle of the Five Armies)
21 Gandalf Returns as Gandalf the White (The Two Towers)
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