Top Ten Differences Between the Hobbit Book and Films

Differences between JRR Tolkien's novel and Peter Jackson's movie trilogy.

I'd like to say, the Hobbit did not need to be three movies, and while they aren't bad, the book was better.
The Top Ten
1 Azog the Defiler and Bolg feature as major antagonists in the movies

But they are only mentioned a few times in the book. In fact, Azog is supposed to be dead from the start.

I don't really remember these guys from the book, to be honest.

2 The Necromancer is revealed to be Sauron in the movies

In the book, it is hinted that Gandalf goes to Dol Guldur to investigate the Necromancer. This scene is seen in more detail in The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies.

3 Radagast the Brown is featured in the films

I thought he was great in the films.

4 Kili the dwarf and Tauriel the elf have a romance as a subplot in the films

A stupid idea that adds nothing whatsoever. Tauriel was a new character that was created simply for this.

This was such a bad idea and executed badly at that.

This is the worst romance ever.

5 The "Barrels Out of Bond" chapter is extended in the Desolation of Smaug

In the book, they keep the lids on the barrels, and it's all very peaceful. In the movie, they are attacked by Bolg and his pack of orcs.

6 Legolas appears in the movies

The character of Legolas does in fact appear in The Hobbit book, though he is not named and is literally only mentioned once, simply as the son of the king of the wood elves. It's him though, and Peter Jackson seized on this tiny thread to capitalize on both Legolas and Orlando Bloom's popularity.

Probably to appease Lord of the Rings fans. But really, I think it was because Jackson wanted to spend all his CGI budget.

7 The dwarfs have a fight with Smaug towards the end of the Desolation of Smaug film

This angers Smaug and prompts him to destroy Laketown. In the book, Bilbo steals a cup, which angers Smaug, so he flies off. Bilbo and the dwarves originally don't know where he went, but it is revealed in Chapter 14 that he went to destroy Laketown.

8 Bard smuggles Bilbo and the dwarves into Laketown in the movie

In the book, he does not appear until chapter 14, when he kills the dragon with a black arrow.

9 The Hobbit was originally one book, but made into three films

The biggest difference is also the most obvious, so I saved it till last.

10 Bombur the dwarf doesn't speak English in the movies

He's one of the most vocal dwarves in the book, too. I liked him in the movie, though.

The Contenders
11 There were no potatoes in the book

While the movie had many potatoes growing in the background, if you take a closer look, there were none mentioned in the book.

12 Bilbo Saves the Dwarves from Tom, William and Bert in the Movie Instead of Gandalf.
13 Azog does not appear in the battle at Goblins Gate in the books
14 Thorin's Funeral and Dain's Coronation

They left it out of the film! (Except the extended version) I was so mad they didn't keep it in the final cut. This was a very important scene, especially since so much focus was on Thorin in the last two films, instead of Bilbo.

15 Bilbo was never hit in the Battle of the Five Armies by a rock

Bilbo in the book is hit by a rock, but in the movie, he never is.

16 The Movies 5 Armies Has Orcs Instead of Wargs

Sorry, but it's goblins, wargs, dwarves, elves, and men. There were no orcs, and Azog is dead. Tauriel and Legolas aren't in it.

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