Top 10 Reasons Lord of the Rings is Better Than Harry Potter

I like both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, but Lord of the Rings is much better. This is my personal opinion, so please don't take it too seriously. Any other reasons are welcome!
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1 It has a deeper meaning

Harry potters message is"don't let the evil murderer kill everyone you know" wow really?

Meanwhile Lord of the Rings tells you to value your Friends, the bonds of Fellowship are the greatest gift you can receive. to Hope no matter what, even if it seems to be for naught. Lord of the Rings has a timeless message that will stick with people for millenia.

The Lord of the Rings totally has deeper meaning than harry potter. The characters are very well developed in LOTR, and the main lesson from the movies is keep on trying no matter how hard or what gets in your way. Frodo and Sam knew that they would not survive their nearly impossible mission, but at the very brink of death, they kept on trying and succeeded. while watching harry potter I am thinking 'when is this gonna be over', but while watching Rings I am very satisfied and into the movie. One thing LOTR does very well is plays with your emotions. Seriously, I almost cried seeing Frodo leaving Sam and Middle Earth after all they went through together. LOTR is awesome!

2 It is Christian

-Gandalf the Gray (and White) represents the Resurrection, but more importantly he represents the third person of the Trinity, The Word, who exists outside of time.

-Frodo Baggins represents the Sacrifice (the Crucifixion), the journey which begins in sleepy, out-of-the-way Nazareth and ends on the slopes of Golgotha.

-Aragorn, son of Arathorn represents the King, the restoration of the Davidic Kingdom.

There are so many themes that are even indirectly Christian. There's a degenerative universe going on, in The Silmarillion there was a theme that their only hope lay with the Gods, selflessness, and even the most despicable of characters (gollum) can earn redemption.

3 It doesn’t rely heavily on magic

When Harry needs to kill Voldemort I always find myself saying "why don't they just teleport behind him and avada kedavra him?" not with LOTR. in LOTR when magic is used even to a small extent it feels mythical, it feels like there is a greater power in the universe.

If Frodo and Sam want to get up a mountain, they walk. Simple. No teleporting, just do it the old fashioned way. Also, I think that magic is a huge distraction, for both reader and writer because the reader is always thinking, couldn't they just do that with magic? And the writer always has to make up reasons that they can't do stuff with magic.

4 It comes with a backdrop of thousands of years of history and is rich in fully developed languages

Tolkien wrote this world as his baby, it meant so much to him. He wrote the story of Beren and Luthien for his wife, He created the Lore in the trenches and Hospitals of WWI, and he created the languages when he was a child. Rowlings world doesn't feel magical in the slightest. It feels like our world but with magicians.

Tolkien devoted a significant portion of time over his life to developing the world of LotR, it is a man's life's work. If vague references are made to facts throughout a series of children's books then it won't build up as big a universe than a dense series of adult books alongside a large book designed to build up the world Tolkien's works take place in and a hefty amount of notes written on the legendarium.

5 Harry Potter copied Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter is so overrated! Tolkien poured his life's work into creating his world, he worked on it in the trenches while fighting world war I at some points! He made its language as a child, he made it his entire life. LoTR sets the standard for all fantasy series, (I mean the books), and I don't think that anything, (except wheel of time, maybe), compares to the full majesty and glory of middle earth.

Boy characters, both chosen for super difficult tasks, both carry incredibly powerful magical items, Frodo the ring and Harry a fragment of Voldemort, and both have old men helping them.

6 Lord of the Rings makes sense, Harry Potter is just random magic stuff

When the Fellowship destroys the ring it feels earned, because you saw them fighting and struggling and suffering all to get to mount doom. with Harry Im just wondering, why don't they teleport or avada kedavra?

LOTR is a sub-creation under an overarching creation by God. HP is just random plot meandering, inventing things along the way...

"Random magic stuff"
Have you even read a single word out of Harry Potter?

7 The characters don’t do evil to achieve their goals

In Lord of the Rings, wrongdoers are punished. The characters choose the nobler path. The message in Harry Potter seems to be that so long as the characters are against Voldemort, they can do anything they want, including illegal spells that ought to land them in jail for the rest of their lives.

Don't evil witches ride on brooms?

8 The movie inspires people to do good and fight against evil.

Harry Potter teaches kids to do wrong things for the right reasons. a real "ends justify the means" mentality. thats not how it works in the real world. In Lord of the rings they teach you to fight for good, to believe in good and protect that which you love.

Hold on, Pippin was never in league with the orcs! Also, the big villain Sauron in LOTR, gives the book a huge advantage. It doesn't make you stop to think, "Well hey, you shouldn't have hurt the big faming eyeball. It was only an immortal wrath of a being, captain of the god of death, just trying to rule and terrorize the world! " So you don't really care that hundreds of orcs were killed. Whereas in Harry Potter, the Death Eaters are confused and mislead lunatics, but are in fact humans, and have their own lives. And Voldemort is a raving mad orphan boy that nobody really likes, so yeah, advantage to LOTR. Also, I think that Harry Potter should not have been written for kids, like come on. Is it really smart to have nine year olds learning about teenage social problems, serial killers, and mass murderers without noses? Real good lesson for little kids. I mean, not to mention the Lord of the Rings movies were way, way better.

9 The Nazgûl are cooler than the Death Eaters

Every time I see even one Nazgul I am filled with Fear, Dread, and worry for Frodo and the Fellowship. everytime I see I think "oh its these guys." they aren't scary, they're just glorified ghost prison guards who cant do their jobs.

The Nazgul, especially the witch king, so undermine the element of psychological warfare that anything in harry potter has. The lieutenant reveal in the movies for the two, Bellatrix's first appearance is so tame and unsatisfying compared to the narrated scene where the witch king puts on his armour.

10 Sauron is a better villain than Voldemort

Sauron is the chief disciple of the literal incarnation of evil. Sauron is a fallen angel who is literally pure evil, he has nearly conquered Middle Earth twice. Voldemort is a glorified serial killer with no nose who looks like Michael Jackson right before MJ died.

Sauron is so cool. He has a massive, terrifying fortress probably as tall as the Burj Kalifa. What does Voldemort have, the riddle house. Everything Voldemort has, Sauron has ten times better. The threat of Sauron also seems more real. In harry potter, it always seems that voldemort's evil and danger is a bit forced and you can find a million plot holes in ways he could still be defeated even if harry fails and even more things the characters should do to beat him if he is so dangerous. Voldemort does have more character though.

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11 Harry can be a jerk

Hell yes I agree with this! Especially Harry in The order of the phoenix, he was like constantly shouting and yelling at his friends in Grimmauld Place. He's also very moody and a little 'too-good' for his age, which means he's too mature and a little fake. He doesn't have a good sense of humor and certainly doesn't have enough manners (no offense, it's the truth) as he likes to shout or being angry at his mentor and teachers. In the last chapter in Order of the phoenix, Harry shouted at Dumbledore but come off it, Harry shouts at anyone he think deserves it. He's just a kid, for the love of God. Stop yelling!

12 It's more entertaining

100 PERCENT. Lord of the Rings is my favorite trilogy of all time, like, literally my life. My cousin first introduced us to the place I've left my heart in, Middle Earth. At first we didn't wanna watch it. You see, he'd shown us Harry Potter previously and just by watching the first movie, we still hated it. But you might say that it could change a person's view on the movie if they watched it out of free will and not being forced. Well. I didn't WANT to watch LOTR. Not at all. But I still ended up loving it. That's how awesome it is. And my mother checked the guides and was like, "Yeah everyone says it's awesome, put it on"
And, needless to say, since that day, I've been hooked.

13 It's darker
14 It is a physical journey

Totally! The Harry Potter Characters use magic for too many things, they're lazy and arrogant and I feel that by the fifth book, all the characters would be too lazy, overweight and not fit enough to do anything more than a zoom call. Maybe the less food and no magic of the Dursley's would be a good wake up call for Harry after a year of Hogwarts. But with Frodo, Sam and the rest of the fellowship, you feel their pain, their tire and you sympathise with them and honour their fight in a way you can't with a guy in warm robes eating off a feast table by a roaring fire. That does make you feel cosy reading before bed though.

15 The language is grander

This might be my favourite part of he LOTR, you get in touch with the world and the times, the words flow over you like a song and you feel proud when you finish a book.

Yes! Tolkien's prose is absolutely beautiful and the imagery is spectacular! Whereas in HP a fifth grader can understand the language; you actually have to try in LOTR, and there are no cultural references or crude humor, making it a classic rather than just a wildly famous bestseller. Don't get me wrong, HP has changed my life and I love it, but it's more "fun," and you don't even notice how shallow it really is until you actually read LOTR. LOTR FOR THE WIN!

16 It has cooler species

Both have men, but does Harry Potter have anything as cool as a Balrog. And the creatures that are similar, like dragons, are crappier than in LOTR.

17 It has better morals
18 Lord of the Rings' legacy still continues to this day while Harry Potter's legacy is dying

Tolkien gave us a new mythos to understand ourselves and our world.

I agree Gandalf is basically a demi-god what's Dumbledore?Oh yeah a gay old dude.

19 The characters are on attack mode, not defense mode

The Lord of the Rings characters take the initiative to start the quest to Mordor. In Harry Potter the dangers just follow Harry around.

20 Eowyn is better than Hermione

Eowyn is better than Hermione because of her fight. She picks a sword and defeat the greatest evil sidekick. And Hermione just says words and moves her wand.

Eowyn is a very very empowering female character, partly how she manages to destroy the Nazgul leader. Basic old feminism but in a more badass style.

In the book at least eowyn knows she's probably going to die but still defends her uncle

21 It has more powerful enemies

Voldemort: a serial killer with no nose who couldn't kill a baby and failed to take over a high school.
Sauron/Morgoth: Literal Gods who have brought great evil and terror to Middle Earth for millenia.

So true, even apart from Sauron and the Nazgul, in the history and in the current story, every monster or opponent they meet or is explained is awesome not just a scruffy racist person.

Not really fair lol, Tolkien took a ton of time to develop his characters and world. The biggest bad of Middle-Earth is Melkor/Morgoth, the second most powerful being besides Eru, who's like, God. He is the greatest of the Ainur. Even Sauron was a servant to him!

22 It has better battles

The wizarding wars are just spam spells. the battles in LOTR have great hope and despair, it feels like our heroes are actually in danger and are making a great stand against this primordial evil.

I love to roast potter heads with this.
The harry potter characters and super fans seem so proud of their 'wizarding war' and maybe the first one was more impressive but the second wizarding war isn't a war, it's a gang fight. But the conflicts in LOTR are very much wars, battles in every region of middle Earth, each thousands upon thousands. Even the last fight in the shire is about 500-700 combatants in total.

23 It's shorter

The length of the movie does not define the quality of it.

24 It was the first of its kind
25 Gandalf is more awesome than Dumbledore

Gandalf is more angel than wizard.

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