Most Emotional Scenes In The Return of the King

I feel that while the Lord of the Rings is often known for its visual splendor and epic battles, the gut-wrenching emotion is sometimes overlooked. That's why I made this list.
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1 "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!"

In my opinion, one of the most emotional, chill-inducing scenes in cinema history. It's truly heartbreaking when Sam cradles a weak Frodo in his arms, speaking of the Shire and the good things in life, only to hear Frodo respond with "I'm naked in the dark. " But what truly gets me is when Sam picks up Frodo - who is unable to continue up the mountain - and carries him up himself. What a powerful scene symbolizing friendship, loyalty, and perseverence.

I agree. I've watched the Return Of The King about a zillion times now and I still cry my eyes out, then my stomach hurts because I cryed so much!

2 At the End of All Things

Frodo and Sam are sitting on a rock amidst the lava of Mt. Doom. The ring has just been destroyed. But Frodo and Sam are now certain that they will die, certain that they will never again feel the soft grass of the Shire. Sam's tear-filled quote in this scene is heartbreaking: "Rosie Cotton, with ribbons in her hair. If ever I was to marry someone, it would've been her... It would've been her. "

This and the Destruction of the Ring scene completely made the movie, those scenes were so emotional and intense.

3 Pippin Sings to the Stewart

This takes the cake in my opinion. If you think about it, pippen wasn't even suppose to be in any if this war. He was just being an immature kid stealing good when he got dragged into this whole mess by frodo. When he sings it is his lowest moment. Pippen is the child of the group, and he is always dependent on others, but at his lowest moment, all he is searching for is love. Someone to love and care for him like merry or Aragon, but after he sings, he breaks down when he realizes that he is truly in his own. Complete and utter desolation.

4 Frodo's Departure

When Frodo says goodbye to Merry and Pippin, it's heartbreaking. But then he turns to face Sam. When the music swells and they tearfully hug, it is beyond any sadness I've ever felt before. Every time I watch this scene at the end of a marathon, I bawl my eyes out completely. This is the saddest scene in the entire series.

This is a no-brainer. The look on Sam's face when Frodo tells him he's going to leave the Shire... "You don't mean that Mr. Frodo. "

5 "Yes, I do wish that."

Faramir's eyes swell with tears as he realizes that his father wishes that he had died in Boromir's place.

6 Aragorn Honors The Hobbits

That look on Frodo's face. The task he never wanted, finally finished, and only now understands the gravity of in a way he couldn't have let himself imagine before. The smallest of creatures making the biggest of differences to all living things. A perfect moment.

7 "For Frodo"

The scene where Aragorn runs toward the army by the Black Gate, knowing that he and the men behind him will most likely die, willing to sacrifice their lives for Frodo to succeed.

8 Frodo Wakes Up After the Journey

This scene is emotional in a very positive way. It is radiating with pure joy. The ring is destroyed, Sauron is vanquished, everyone is alive and well. Not one character in this scene isn't laughing or smiling with absolute joy. How could you not?

9 White Shores

This is the scene where Gandalf speaks to Pippin about death. What poetry flows through this scene! The way Gandalf speaks of the afterlife makes me want to go to that place - right now.

I don't cry easy but this scene made me cry. The music... Aah, the music, along with the words, just gets me every time.

I simply love this scene. The music is beautiful, the thought is stunning, and Pippin, (as always), is hot.

10 Theoden's Death

"I go to my fathers, in whose mighty presence I shall not now be ashamed."

Need I say more...

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11 Frodo Sends Sam Away

It's a horrible scene to watch when you think about all that Sam has done for Frodo. To hear the words "go home" from his best friend while stranded not far from Mordor... Just a very sad scene.

Evil Gollum why Sam was dark best what did he do to you huh?

12 Gandalf Falls

"Fly, You Fools! "

The first time I saw that and he fell into the abyss, I cried my eyes out (I never saw the sequels at that time). I still get tears, even if I know Gandalf was a survivor.

13 “You bow to no one”
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