Top 10 Cutest Warrior Cat Couples

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1 Firestar x Sandstorm

Yes! I love this one. Much better than SpottedFire. Firestar only had a small crush on Spottedleaf for a bit then casually grew away from her. Now, he doesn't even think of her. Sandstorm, on the other hand, not only has he always liked, but when he had to choose between Sandstorm or Spottedleaf, he chose Sandstorm! Yay! And Sandstorm was happy because she loved him too. Also, it was confirmed that Firestar liked Sandstorm more than just the average cat he meets and wanted to be more than friends with her. But he went after Spottedleaf in the beginning because he thought she liked him. It turns out, he didn't actually find the feelings he thought he had for Spottedleaf and returned to his true love.

2 Lionblaze x Cinderheart

I am a big Lionblaze hater, but I have to say, him falling in love with the bubbliest warrior in the Clan at that time was pretty awesome. Cinderheart isn't my favorite cat though. She's quite the dramatic one.

I love this one! CinderLion is way better than HeatherLion! All HeatherLion did was play Neighborhood in tunnels at night. CinderLion actually patrolled together, talked for hours on end, slept together, and revealed their feelings. They also raised a family, have been through harsh and rough times, all while being mates and sticking up for each other. I love these two, and you should too.

3 Graystripe x Silverstream

Honestly, Gray x Millie is just a bad ship. Millie is an abusive mother who favored only two of her children and ignored the other one. On the other paw, Silverstream never got the chance to be a mother because she died, so she never had the chance to be abusive like Millie. And also, she was an honorable warrior her whole life. I also think that if she got the chance to live, she would be a much better parent for them. Also Millie just ignored one of her kits while Silverstream never really had a chance to ignore one of her kits, but she probably loves them both equally because they're the only kits she's every going to get. And I love her first lines to him, clearly they were destined to be mates, Millie is just a pile of fox dung. - Stonepaw

4 Bluestar x Oakheart

They loved each other so, SO much. I was sad to read that Bluestar had to give her kits to Oakheart. And even more, Mistyfoot and Stonefur (her kits) didn't even know that Bluestar was their biological mother!

Bluestar and Oakheart are a good couple. They are also good cats. Bluestar is also one of my favorite cats. I didn't even realize she had a mate!

Bluestar and Oakheart are by far the best. I love how Oakheart says in "Bluestar's Prophecy," "I've always been waiting for this. Waiting to be with you." It's just so cute how Oakheart has been waiting so long just to be with the cat he loves most. He was so generous towards Bluestar and really wanted to be a great father to his kits. I love Bluestar and Oakheart.

5 Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight

This ship is good, lots of people think that Bramblestar was abusive to Squirrelflight but he was just sharing his opinion. At least Bramblestar was less abusive than Ashfur. But they still deeply love each other, and they show that a lot toward each other. When Bramblestar was acting weird because Ashfur was in his body she was concerned about him. Also, WHY do people ship her with Ashfur? The same guy who tried to kill her father, burn her and her adopted kits, and possessed her mate! Bramblestar just argued and disagreed with her a lot, that doesn't mean that they don't love each other! Just because they have different opinions, doesn't mean that they aren't a couple. And I could go on a rant about why Ashfur is a loser and I will. He was obsessed with Squirrelflight and never really "loved" her in a way that she was comfortable with, then she chose Brambleclaw and he was furious with her for liking another cat, and he started harassing her, and after that he tried to burn her and her kits, then he took over Bramblestar's body and tried to be Bramblestar just so Squirrelflight would love him. So Bramble x Squirrel forever! - Stonepaw

6 Cloudtail x Brightheart

This ship is so cute. Cloudtail is so good to Brightheart. He was with her when times were tough for her, and that by itself makes an outstanding mate! Brightheart got lucky. What happened to Brightheart broke my heart! Cloudtail was always there to encourage her and always made her feel better. One quote that made me love Cloudtail is, "Don't worry, Brightpaw, you're still beautiful to me." That made my heart melt. Also, when Cloudtail found out he was a kittypet, he didn't care. When cats judged him, he didn't let that offend him. And Brightheart herself also has a pretty bright heart. (Me trying to be funny when it's not) She is strong in both ways. She wanted to see the scar she got in a dog fight, and when she saw her face, she accepted herself. And she never gave up on her dream to become a warrior. She found another way to become a great fighter and got a little creative too. These two awesome characters make the best ship! Brightheart x Cloudtail forever!!

7 Sorreltail x Brackenfur

Sorreltail and Brackenfur make an outstanding couple. They had a big family together and built a large generation for ThunderClan. Brackenfur was always so loving towards Sorreltail and cared about her more than anything. Sorreltail always thought about Brackenfur. It broke my heart so much to see Brackenfur's reaction to Sorreltail dying. I love them together.

How can you not love this couple? Their personalities are somewhat different, with Sorrel being cheerful and keen, and Bracken being calm and mature, but they go so perfectly together. Sorrel matures later in the books. They are always there to support one another and make wonderful parents. You can really tell they love each other and would do anything for one another. Brackenfur was devastated when Sorrel died, and I literally started bawling, especially when Lilykit and Seedkit think she is sleeping and that just upsets Bracken even more.

And for people that think there is a huge age gap, not really. Brackenfur and Cinderpelt are apprenticed in Fire and Ice, only being four moons old. I forget when Sorreltail and her brothers are born but it is either Rising Storm or A Dangerous Path. Rainwhisker and Sootfur are made warriors sometime in between Darkest Hour and Midnight, and Bracken made a warrior in Forest Of Secrets. Sorrel is made a warrior late due to her injuries from the ThunderPath, making her warrior ceremony supposed to be earlier with her brothers. This makes Sorreltail only about a season (3 moons) younger than Brackenfur. Not such a big age difference now!

8 Leafpool x Crowfeather

I hate people who hate this ship! People just hate on it because they realize that Leafpool is better than Feathertail and lots of people like Feathertail because she's "pretty." And honestly Feather x Crow is just rushed and based off of how Feathertail behaves toward him. While he actually had feelings for Leafpool. - Stonepaw

Leafpool and Crowfeather are amazing. I wish they had a better relationship than they did. And the fact that their kits hated them really broke my heart. When Leafpool left Crowfeather to save ThunderClan, it was a heart-wrenching decision, but I think she made the right choice. Leafpool never stopped loving Crowfeather, and Crowfeather never stopped loving her.

9 Jayfeather x Half Moon

This ship gets more hate than it deserves. Everyone thinks that Half Moon is like 3 million years old, but they already had kits. And all of the other ships that involve these two cats when they aren't with these cats are stupid. All the other Jayfeather ships are rushed and/or make no sense. But this ship is made up of pure love, not ridiculous fandom-made crud. They actually love each other and they aren't forced together like Jayfeather x Briarlight. And they actually feel affection toward one another. This ship gets more hate than it deserves because people act like Half Moon is an old lady, but that's not true. Also he felt really regretful after he smashed his stick and wanted to go back and be Jay's Wing again. And Jayfeather just wanted to be with Half Moon, I think it would be fair if the Erins made Half Moon come back for Jayfeather, because his life is probably full of annoying cats and cats asking for sympathy and problems that have nothing to do with him so at least he should have a cat that he actually loves in his life, even if he has to act as another cat in another time, I bet he would do it a million time over for Half Moon. They clearly love each other, and Jayfeather should get another chance to see her again! - Stonepaw

10 Dustpelt x Ferncloud

Honestly, I thought this was a little weird that he was in love with an apprentice, but they are meant for each other no matter how old they are. (I was thinking like a 17-year-old dating an 11-year-old)

Dustpelt and Ferncloud are perfect. Ferncloud and Dustpelt had a big generation for ThunderClan to congratulate them on. Dustpelt always loved Ferncloud, and Ferncloud always loved him. I love Dustpelt and Ferncloud.

Probably my favorite couple in the WHOLE series. Ferncloud had already become one of my favorite characters when she was an apprentice, and I'm so glad the authors paired her with Dustpelt.

Dustpelt can be bristly and a little standoffish sometimes but NEVER to Ferncloud. If I was Ferncloud, I would be GLAD he's like that because I wouldn't want him chatting to other female cats. That's just true love, you're supposed to be jealous of each other.

Anyway, I love how they have a bunch of kits and I was sad when they just kept dying. Best couple portrayed!

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11 Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves

Oh my gosh, they are so adorable, and the way Fallen Leaves said, "I added more feathers to your nest in case," nearly made my heart melt. He cared for Hollyleaf and took care of her. I hope their spirits will forever be together!

Ok, they ARE SO CUTE together, but to be honest, I think it's weird because Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze all fell in love with dead cats. For example, Cinderheart is the reincarnation of Cinderpelt, and Jayfeather loved Half Moon, who is dead, and he never actually met her. Then Hollyleaf falls in love with Fallen Leaves, who is ALSO dead.

12 Crowfeather x Feathertail

Crowfeather and Feathertail are meant to be. Crowfeather wanted his name to be Crowfeather to be like Feathertail. Leafpool is selfish, insane, and an idiot who only cares about herself. Let's look at the two of them:

FEATHERTAIL: Sweet, beautiful, with a large heart, she wanted a family and a mate. A pretty tabby she-cat with blue eyes, she was respected and had soft, fluffy fur that shines in the light.

LEAFPOOL: Selfish cream-and-brown tabby she-cat who only wanted to have kits and abandon Crowfeather. She was not respected and didn't deserve him.

The only way Crowfeather would ever have a mate and should have had a mate would be if it was Feathertail. They understood each other, and Leafpool interrupted it by saying, "Crowfeather, let's have kits, they can be in WindClan, and they'll totally know who their father is!" While Feathertail said, "They can be in your Clan. I'm sure they'll love the open air and moor. The choice is yours, be beloved Crowfeather." Which sounds more honest and loving? I think that Feathertail x Crowfeather is far better! - Shadow and Thunder Studios

13 Dovewing x Bumblestripe

I like Dovewing and Bumblestripe, yes. Dovewing and Tigerheart, no. Bumblestripe did nothing but be kind to her and share love, and Dovewing shouldn't have left the clan.

Dovewing is such a piece of arrogant fox-dung, toying with his feelings like that! I love Bumblestripe, who pulled through, and eventually got the girl of his dreams. By the way, at the end, Dovewing hated Tigerheart as a mate, her feelings for him were as feelings for a cat to a mouse. BUMBLE x DOVE forever!

Dovewing may have been a jerk to Bumblestripe by toying with his feelings to get Tigerheart to like her. But seriously, how do these two cats not look perfect together? They are both calm and sweet. Wait a second, that's just Bumblestripe. Anyway, because Dovewing is crazy and a little sarcastic sometimes, they totally cancel each other out, making them perfect together.

- Shadeberry, loyal she-cat of Thornclan -

14 Birchfall x Whitewing

I personally love Whitewing, but Birchfall isn't the best. For starters, Birchfall, by me, was barley included in Divewing and Ivypools lives at all, while Whitewing gave all her love and care. I know many of y'all would disagree, but Divewing is my fave out if this family, which doesn't mean I don't like Ivypool any less.

I personally don't like Birchfall, but this couple is okay. Whitewing delays her warrior ceremony so Birchfall doesn't have to be the only apprentice. I kind of like WhitewingXShrewpaw together though. If he had lived, I would want them together, not WhiteXBirch. I love their kit, Ivypool, but hate their other kit, Dovewing.

And for people that think Ashfur is the father of Dovewing and Ivypool because of the color, I'm sorry, but that's not correct. Cats don't always have to look like their parents. And even if they did, Birchfall's mother, Ferncloud, is gray, Birchfall's grandmother, Brindleface, is gray, Whitewing's aunt, Cinderpelt, is gray, Whitewing is white, Whitewing's father, Cloudtail, is white, Whitewing's mother, Brightheart has some white, and Whitewing's grandmother, Frostfur, is white. Therefore, Dovewing is gray and Ivypool is silver-and-white.

15 Berrynose x Honeyfern

This is the cutest couple. But I know why Erin killed off Honey. She needed a reason to have deathberries in camp so that Hollyleaf could tell Leafpool to eat them. So she figured someone could be killed by a snake and Leafpool could stuff a mouse with deathberries and trick the snake. So she needed someone to kill off. But WHY did she pick Honeyfern! So sad. Berrynose isn't great, but if Honeyfern had lived, I bet he could become the best cat ever.

I REEEEEEEEEALLY wish Erin Hunter had mentioned them more in the books. They are so cute together, and they balance each other out so much! Honeyfern is one of the gentlest cats in the entire series, and she was really good for Berrynose, who is hotheaded, and honestly, a little annoying. I absolutely HATED when Berrynose took Poppyfrost as his new mate. Shame on you, Berrynose! But these two totally work out. Like fire and ice!

16 Crookedstar x Willowbreeze

Crookedstar and Willowbreeze are just outstanding. It was heartbreaking to see Willowbreeze die giving birth to Crookedstar's kits. And the fact that Silverstream ended up dying just like Willowbreeze made me even sadder about her death. I love these two.

O.M.G. Got to be honest you guys, apart from Firestar and Sandstorm, this is the best couple. It was just so sad when Crookedstar broke his jaw, and his mother denied him. He now only had his father and brother. But when Willowkit was born, he realized that she cared for him as well. They got along, and Crookedstar FINALLY asked Willowbreeze to be his mate. She said yes, but when she had kits she had a cold. Two of the kits died, and soon after Willowbreeze sadly past away (Don't worry, I only cried for 3 minutes) but Crookedstar's only remaining daughter (Featherkit) had survived.

17 Tigerstar x Goldenflower

Goldenflower truly loved Tigerstar. Tigerstar loved her, but not the same as she loved him. I am a Tigerstar fan myself, I also love Goldenflower, so I had to pick this couple. I also love Tawnypelt, not really Brambleclaw.

According to the books, TigerClaw (Star) was the worst. I couldn't understand how he didn't like as many cats as the others, but he hated RavenPaw in books 1 and 2, and maybe the rest of the books.

The way TigerClaw acted towards Firepaw, RavenPaw, and all the other cats just made me sad and kind of tear up. If I was a ThunderClan cat and he was still alive, I would attack him and give him the worst scars, even if I have to die.

When TigerClaw began to grow more nice, I liked him more and started to have more wallpapers of him. GoldenFlower was a beautiful cat, and I loved her so much.

18 Jayfeather x Stick

It was love at first sight! The perfect match! One day, he just saw this beautiful stick and fell in love! (I actually think this is a joke.)

Best ship that ever set foot in Warriors. Not even joking at this point, people take this ship as a literal joke. But I feel it's more, Jayfeather and Stick is the best ship.

This has to be one of the greatest pairings in the Warriors world. Sorry, Half Moon! I like you, but Jayfeather should be with someone from his own timeline, like Stick.

19 Snowfur x Thistleclaw

I have never seen or heard of these cats before, but hearing the name and seeing the pictures, OMG they are so cute! In the game on Roblox, I would dress up as both of them. Their avatars are so cute, and the kit, I'm speechless for it.

I know we don't hear a lot about them in the books, but I don't think thistle deserved snow. First off, he loved spotted leaf when she was training as a warrior. They would've been a good couple but thistle just wanted some she to be on his side as a mate. So snow was basically a decoy to bring more cats in since he wasn't a good talker

20 Stormfur x Brook

Stormfur first just stepped into the Tribe of Rushing Water and it was like love at first sight. Stormfur and Brook would hunt and hang out and so on. When he was kept back as a prisoner, he was really disappointed in Brook and the tribe because he liked the tribe. When Feathertail later on died, he was devastated but Brook was there for him. Then Stormfur had to leave so he was sad he had to leave Brook and the tribe. Stormfur got back and was told his dad was taken so that made him worse. When the clans have to travel to find a new home, they get help from the tribe and Stormfur was delighted to see Brook again. After thinking for a while, he decided to stay after all that's happened and they were the cutest together.

21 Mousefur x Longtail

I know Mousefur never had kits, and neither did Longtail, but they are great together. When badgers attacked, Mousefur helped Longtail get out of the camp where they were safe. Plus, they spend a lot of time together and Mousefur always helps him when he needs it. I think they might have both had feelings for each other at one point, but Mousefur is tough and doesn't want to admit she has feelings for someone. While Longtail is quite shy and quiet, so he probably would feel anxious to tell her how he feels. Still, Longtail died *insert sad face* which meant Mousefur couldn't have had kits with him, and they were both pretty old. Anyway, they are a cute couple and I ship them!
LongxMouse :)

22 Whitestorm x Willowpelt

I love this ship. Snowfur and Bluestar have a lot of family members because of Whitestorm. Willowpelt really loved him, and I love Whitestorm too! Go Willowstorm!

Whitestorm only ever had Willowpelt as a mate. He didn't go with Frostfur or Brindleface because they were his foster sisters. Willowpelt had sucky mates like her brother, which I'm sure was an accident. Tawnyspots was just... uh... sick. Literally, he had cancer. Then Whitestorm came along! Go Willow White!

I suggest reading a Warriors fanfiction called Bumps in the Road.

23 Leafstar x Billystorm

I think this couple was coming. This was a perfect couple, tasteful to the readers that read SkyClan's Destiny, and you seemed to cry with Leafstar as she struggled. I think that lots of people (including me at one point) thought that Sharpclaw and Leafstar would become a really good couple. Leafstar had a few feelings for him, as portrayed in the books. I think this couple perfectly completes each other, like an arrow and a three.

It's so sad how Leafstar got captured by the old Twoleg, but they are such a cute couple. And can we please look at those adorable kits!

24 Tigerheart x Dovewing

My favorite couple yet! When Tigerheart meets Dovewing at the border, I just knew that they both liked each other, and Dovewing would change clans just to be with Tigerheart, which means that she actually loves him. To be honest, I think Bumblestripe wanting Dovewing to like him so much is crazy! I mean, when Dovewing rejects him, he just gets mad and tries to make her love him.

Everyone thinks that Dovewing should be paired with someone bad, but I really like her. She's one of my favorite characters. Everyone thinks that she's a Mary Sue, and that's totally unfair.

And Tigerheart deserves someone as kind and fair as Dovewing! - Mossfall.

25 Ivypool x Fernsong

Ivypool is really fierce, and Fernsong is just so adorable. It's hard to imagine them together, but then, tada! Ivypool discovers her love for such a nice cat!

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