Top 10 Cutest Warrior Cat Couples

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1 Firestar x Sandstorm

To the person who commented "OH MY GOD! YES, OF COURSE this is one of the best!" as start line, I just want to say, I disagree. Spottedleaf was much better for Firestar. I do not like Sandstorm. Like, I really don't want to show hate, but Spottedleaf didn't sacrifice SO much just to get this much hate from everyone. She's quiet, yes, but she's braver than any cat in the entire series. She died twice for Firestar, whom she loved until the very end. I respect everyone's opinions, so please respect mine.

Firestar x Sandstorm is just SO GOOD. You cannot like Spottedleaf anymore than this. I don't like Spottedleaf, she was useless and didn't help Firestar while Sandstorm stood by his side as his loyal mate for eight years (real human years, according to the wiki). They also had kits, grandkits, great-grandkits, and great-great-grandkits together. Literally, way better than Spottedleaf x Firestar. In the first book I thought Sandpaw died and Firestar fell in love with Spottedleaf and they had forbidden love. But, I was dead wrong, it was Spottedleaf who died and Sandstorm was Firestar's loyal mate. I have nothing against people who prefer Spotted;eaf x Firestar I only have things against Spottedleaf herself, Spottedleaf is my least favorite character. Firestar x Sandstorm is the only good Firestar ship there ever is and ever will be! - Shadow and Thunder Studios

OH MY GOD! YES, OF COURSE this is one of the best! Unlike Spottedleaf, who just nods like a sheep whenever Firestar thinks of something, Sandstorm actually is not afraid of showing her feelings. She has a SOUL. For those who say se got jealous to quickly- WHAT. What would you do if your mate was still chasing after a girl he met for a minute? Firestar was a bit stupid about Spottedleaf. I'm so, so happy he chose Sandstorm in the end, though.

FireStar is my favorite character in Warriors, Into the wild, Fire and Ice, and all the other books. When FireStar was Rusty and he finally joined, I never thought he would ACTUALLY become leader! Like did any of ya'll think FirePaw would become the leader once, I didn't! He did prove that he was brave, strong, loyal, and fierce. When he met GrayPaw everything in his life changed, now onto Sandstorm.
I agree with some of the other comments, I really did hate Sandstorm in book 1,Into The Wild. Me, for once, thought they would always hate each other from Into The Wild. But hey, they forgave each other, and I'm happy about it.

2 Lionblaze x Cinderheart

I really like their relationship's ups and downs, and when they both decide to choose their own destiny! They had two litters of kits, which is wonderful. It's lovely how Cinderheart chose her own destiny over her past life and how lionblaze chose his own destiny over the powers! They are my favorite ship!

Lionblaze and Cinderheart are so cute together. In my opinion, Lionblaze was always kind and generous to Cinderheart. They had beautiful kits together and they are a outstanding team.

I love Cinderheart.She is my favorite cat in the books because she is sweet and loving.I love her mostly because she looks like my cat and my cat is the same as Cinder Heart sometimes.This is the reason one of my favorite warrior cats is Lion Blaze too because he is her mate.

I love how Lionblaze is this strong, bold cat, and then he meets Cinderheart, and realizes that there is more to life than just battles and fighting. Cinderheart is such a sweet cat, and I was really sad when she rejected him. So glad that they got back together, and had kits!

3 Graystripe x Silverstream

I love this ship! It was obvious they both liked each other. And they really cared for each other. Surprisingly, Graystripe x Millie aren't on here. I kinda hate Millie for *rEpLaCiNg* Silverstream. Millie is nice and all, just Graystripe is better for Silverstream, and in my opinion a better couple. I read on a wiki or something that when Graystripe went to StarClan, he sees Silverstream and Silverstream sees him, but he has no interest in her whatsoever and goes to find Millie instead. *insert sad and angry face*
Poor Silverstream! But Silverstream isn't selfish like some cats, she was just happy that Graystripe was happy.

Graystripe and Silverstream were so cute even if they broke the rules. Silverstream never deserved to die and should have spent longer with her kits.

I think it was unfair she died

Millie- GO AWAY. I have never hated a kittypet more than I have hated Millie. How could Graystripe choose her over Silverstream? This ship is amazing and Millie is a sorry excuse for a cat.

At first I hated Silver and Gray because of their stubborness but after Silvie died I realized how much she meant to Gray. Especially after Millie I realized who was better.

4 Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight

They had so many struggles in there relationship, mostly from Squirrelflight, like how she lied about Leafpool's kits. But in the end they really love each other, I just feel like they should talk things over more.

I LOVE THIS ONE! Squirrel is one of my favorites characters in all the series. And I really hate when someone sais that she is the worst cat they ever seen, its just, the best one just sont say it if you hate her. I always loved this ship. It's my top 1

Brambleclaw and Squirellflight was so cute on the journey to the Sundrown place. I don't think Squirellflight should have lied to Brambleclaw about Leafpool's kits.

It was unfair on Brambleclaw.

A great couple, but with a couple of problems, mainly on Squirrelflight's part. Look, I'm a girl but I side with Brambleclaw. Squirrelflight was being stupid about Hawkfrost and letting that get in the way of their relationship when Hawkfrost is Brambleclaw's BROTHER. I get it if she actually just hated Hawkfrost but at least explain why to Brambleclaw without biting his head off. She was being petty when she entertained Ashfur's attentions and my heart hurt for Brambleclaw. It would have served her right if he gave up on her then but I'm glad he didn't. I love how he protects her and always watches out for her. And he was right to get upset about Squirrelflight lying about Leafpool's kits, mates should NEVER lie to each other.

5 Bluestar x Oakheart

Bluestar and Oakheart are by far the best. I love how Oakheart says in Bluestar prophecy, "I've always been waiting for this. Waiting to be with you." It's just so cute how Oakheart has been waiting so long just to be with the cat he loves most. He was so generous towards Bluestar(fur) and really wanted to be a great father to his kits. I love Bluestar and Oakheart

Is it just my opinion, or do forbidden relationships work better than non-forbidden ones?

Ahem, anyways
I agree with what the others said. They're a really cute couple. Oakheart was loyal to both Bluestar and his clan, he didn't expose Bluestar, kept it a secret that the two had kits. True, Graypool knew that Mistykit and Stonekit were from ThunderClan (because she is big brain), but she also kept it a secret. Sadly though, Bluestar needed to give the kits up (lost Mosskit in the process, and reading Bluestar's Prophecy, to me, it seemed like Mosskit was her favorite out of the three of them). I also feel really bad for Bluestar when she found out that her mate died, but she couldn't cry about it in front of her clan, because everyone will be like "Yo, Bluestar, you good? You're not crying over the death of a random Riverclan warrior, right? You're loyal to our clan, eh?". They're just perfect and screwed at the same time- either way, I forgot which book it was in, but ...more

I think they are my favorite couple. Probably because I like Bluestar and Oakheart, and it's forbidden love. I know Leafpool and Crowfeather are a forbidden couple, but Bluestar and Oakheart are just so cute together! -Featherbreeze, the Riverclan medicine cat

I love this! the sad part is that oakheart dies, and mosskit dying is the worst! then stonefur and mistyfoot only realized that bluestar was their mother when she died. then stonefur died! It was really developed

6 Cloudtail x Brightheart

Cloud tail, I got one word: good job well it's two words I hated you because I thoughted you stole bright heart, but no, princess over reacted daisy tried to steal you cloud tail, but your love with bright heart is pure, and where's bramble claw? I am going to rip out his throat there he is! Bramble claw: "Oh no" me: *rips out his throat* "that's what you get make bright heart an elder!" Bramble claw: "never! She is nothing but a warrior!" Me: "hey cloud tail come get your revenge!" Cloud tail: "nope sorry!" Squirrel star: "is a cat killing my mate?" Me: "ummmmmm, leaf pool did it!" *runs away*

Cloudtail and Brightheart are amazing together. Cloudtail always loved Brightheart, no matter what she looked like. I think Princess over reacted when she saw Brightheart for the first time. I think Brightheart is beautiful. Cloudtail really cares about her and stands up for her. I love them.

I really like this ship, but I also like Swiftpaw and Brightheart. Swiftpaw IS dead so we can't really do much about that. Cloudtail was there for Brightheart when she was going through a super tough time. He taught her how to hunt and fight in new ways. He gave her a new destiny, and showed her there can still be light in the darkest times. They are super cute together, and I like this ship more than Swiftpaw and her. Even though Cloudtail is very bold and confident, while Brightheart sort of just follows and does whats best for others, they match super well and Cloudtail was really kind giving her a new life. But it was obvious Cloudtail liked Brightheart before she was attacked by dogs. But I sort of hate Brightheart for replacing Leafpool as a medicine cat, and I don't know, she just seemed a bit annoying at that time. It sounds mean, but I felt happy Cloudtail was kinda interested in Daisy, but Daisy was just looking for a friend and Brightheart got a bit jealous.

I loved this ship from the beginning! How Cloudtail the, boastful, adventurous slightly arrogant young warrior fell for sweet,carefull, gentle bright paw (heart) was adorable I never saw this coming but I'm so glad it did! I love how he never stopped loving her even when she got heavily scarred by the dogs, he decided he would help her become a warrior! I hate how Cloudtail left her for a bit and was oblivious to her hurt, when he and Daisy got close and I thought Brightheart deserved better but I'm glad he came to his senses :)

Feather frost of skyclan

7 Leafpool x Crowfeather

Leafpool and Crowfeather are amazing. I wish they had a better relationship then they did. And the fact that their kits hated them. It really broke my heart when Leafpool left Crowfeather to save ThunderClan but I think she made the right decision. Leafpool never stopped loving Crowfeather, and Crowfeather never stopped loving her.

BEST. SHIP. EVER! This ship was not rushed, their feelings started as early as Midnight(I think). Crowfeather found comfort in Leafpool when Feathertail died, and their love was so strong they ran away together. Even though they went back to the Clans, it was hinted in the Broken Code that Crowfeather would choose Leafpool in StarClan. Also, Feather x Crow is so unrealistic, sorry if I offended anyone, but they don't argue at ALL. Leaf x Crow is way more realistic.

Most people really hate this couple, mostly because Leafpool is a stereotypically perfect she-cat. However I liked the way Leafpool was shy and innocent and Crowfeather was tough and defensive. Their personalities clashed in a really good way and you could really feel the romance between them. Erin Hunter portrayed this relationship perfectly and it was one of the most detailed. Also I liked to see Crowfeather show his gentle and caring side, a side that I thought he didn't have when he was an apprentice.
Overall, I disagree with many people: this couple are cute!

Ok, sooooo many people disagree with this, but I actually love this ship better than Crowfeather and Leafpool. It wouldn't have worked out with Crowfeather and Feathertail. She was part of an important prophecy, just would not have worked out. This ship caught both of them and me by surprise, but the calm Leafpool, and the rash Crowfeather really worked out. I HATED Crowfeather when he announced to all the Clans that he didn't have feelings for Leafpool. It was so clear he was lying. I also hate Nightcloud. She is so toxic!

8 Jayfeather x Half Moon

Why is this ship number 8? These two should be in the top five. I felt so sorry for Jayfeather when he broke the stick and I want them to meet again. Her last words to him were "I'll wait for you forever, Jay's Wing" or something along the lines of that. I AM SO MAD AT ROCK, THIS IS ALL HIS FAULT! Well, I do know the kit's names. But Rock wouldn't let him see them for one second, not even watch Half Moon give birth to his kits. Rock is just a bully in my opinion. Anyway, Jayfeather x Half Moon is one of the best ships. - Shadow and Thunder Studios

These two were perfect. Unexpected. But perfect.

Jayfeather was a med cat so couldn't have a mate although that rule has been Broken before.. (clears throat) ANYWAY Jayfeather was a grouchy kitty who didn't really like anyone but his family. So there was ABSOLUTELY no way that he could have a mate. Except he did.

Jayfeathers heart always softens when it comes to half- moon and was devastated when he had to leave her. It made me cry when half moon told him "I will wait for you Jayfeather!" And it broke my heart when Jayfeather broke the truth to her. But it definitely brought comfort to me to know that Jayfeather was together with half moon at last in StarClan when he died.

Feather frost of skyclan

It's not fair Jayfeather could not be with Half Moon. I cryed after Rock made Jayfeather leave her. They should have at least had 1 litter of kits! Maybe Jayfeather could have fathered Dove's Wing.

I have to say... This is my all time favorite warrior cats couple. Over Jayfeather X stick, Firestar X Sandstorm, Cloudtail X Brightheart, I choose this mainly because of how much they really love each other, but they both know that they can't. Jayfeather will live for seasons to come, but Half moon is almost invisible is Starclan/ Tribe of endless hunting. She may already be gone for good by the time Jayfeather gets there. Another reason is how committed Half Moon is to Jayfeather/Jay's wing. Literally, so far the last words you hear from her is, " I'll wait for you forever, Jay's Wing! " I think its sad that they can't really be together, But I still ship them as the cutest couple. CX

9 Sorreltail x Brackenfur

Sorreltail and Brackenfur make a outstanding couple. They had a big family together and built a big generation for ThunderClan. Brackenfur was always so loving towards Sorreltail and cared about her more than anything. Sorreltail always thought about Brackenfur. It broke my heart so much to see Brackenfur's reaction to Sorreltail dying. I love them together.

Ok, at first I thought they age difference was way to large, but really it is worth it when you see how good they are together.
Sooo I support the SorrelBraken relationship.

How can you not love this couple? Their personalities are some what different, Sorrel being cheerful and keen, and Bracken being calm and mature, but they go so perfectly together and Sorrel matures later in the books. They are always there to support one another and make wonderful parents. You can really tell they love each other and would do anything for one another. Brackenfur was devastated when Sorrel died and I literally started bawling, ecspecially when Lilykit and Seedkit think she is sleeping and that just upsets Bracken even more. And for people that think there is a huge age gap, not really. Brackenfur and Cinderpelt are apprenticed in Fire and Ice, only being four moons old. I forget when Sorreltail and her brothers are born but it is either Rising Storm or A Dangerous Path. Rainwhisker and Sootfur are made warriors sometime in between Darkest Hour and Midnight, and Bracken made a warrior in Forest Of Secrets. Sorrel is made a warrior late due to her injuries from the ...more

Ok, this was one of the most surprising ships of all of them, but OMG, these two are so sweet to each other! They really care about each other, and unlike some of the other Warrior ships, this one was not at all forced, and I wish Erin Hunter had mentioned them more often in the books.

10 Dustpelt x Ferncloud

Dustpelt and Ferncloud are perfect. Ferncloud and Dustpelt had a big generation for ThunderClan to congratulate them on. Dustpelt always loved Ferncloud and Ferncloud always loved him. I love Dustpelt and Ferncloud.

Ok I DIDN'T see this one coming! But...I love it! I feel like Ferncloud should get an award. I like Daisy but Ferncloud is truly the best. Dustpelt softened so much around her and I love how they grew to love each other. Dustpelt was truly heartbroken when Ferncloud died. Poor Dustpelt. And they lost so many kits!

The second I read Dustpelt was in LOVE with Fernpaw, I'm like, 'Hey, this could go a LONG way if Dustpelt likes Fernpaw at an apprentice age.' And it did! I loved this relationship!

Probably my favorite couple in the WHOLE series. Ferncloud had already become one of my favorite characters when she was an apprentice, and I'm so glad the authors paired her with Dustpelt. Dustpelt can be bristly and a little standoffish sometimes but NEVER to Ferncloud. If I was Ferncloud I would be GLAD he's like that because I wouldn't want him chatting to other female cats. That's just true love, you're supposed to be jealous of each other. Anyway I love how they have a bunch of kits and I was sad when they just kept dying. Best couple portrayed!

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11 Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves

Ok they ARE SO CUTE together but to be honest I think it's weird because holly leaf, jayfeather and lion blaze all fell in love with dead cats/ for example cinderheart is the recantation of cinderpelt and jayfeather loved half moon who is dead, and he. Never actully met her. Then holly leaf falls in love with fallen leaves who is ALSO dead.

Ahh... poor Fallen Leaves. But I am so glad that after all those years of being stuck in the tunnels, Fallen Leaves finally got to love, laugh, and be happy again.

I love this couple so much! It could never beat Jay's Wing X Half Moon but this is still a fantastic warrior cat couple. I am so glad Fallen Leaves was cursed to live in the tunnels so he could rescue Hollyleaf. He showed how much he cared about her so much in Hollyleaf's Story. And in the end, he had to love her enough to let her go. I love this cannon so much! RIP Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves! May your spirits be together forever!

Dang is this couple adorable. I understand that they didn't mate and have kits, but they (along with Bluestar x Oakheart) are my OTP.
It was so cute when Hollyleaf fell down the collapsing tunnel and was reached by Fallen Leaves. Their first impressions were so CUTE! Fallen Leaves was the reserved, shy cat in their relationship and Hollyleaf was the brighter one...I guess.
I loved how he took care of her, played (and flirted) with her, which they had a lot of fun, tried to make the dark tunnels and homy as he possibly can, took care of her when she wasn't feeling well, and they acted like parents to that baby fox (who later betrayed them).
It was awesome how Fallen Leaves loved Holly enough to let her go and let her return to ThunderClan. In the end, they were loyal to each other.
My heart melted into a puddle when Hollyleaf asked Fallen Leaves to sleep with her and he reacted shyly because he was in love with her and therefore shy.
Plus, when Hollyleaf returned, Fallen ...more

12 Crowfeather x Feathertail

Crowfeather and Feathertail are meant to be. Crowfeather wanted his name to be Crowfeather to be like Feathertail. Leafpool is selfish, insane, and an idiot who only cares about herself. Let's look at the two of them:

FEATHERTAIL: Sweet, beautiful, with a large heart, she wanted a family and a mate. A pretty tabby she-cat with blue eyes, she was respected and had soft, fluffy fur that shines in the light.

LEAFPOOL: Selfish cream-and-brown tabby she-cat who only wanted to have kits and abandon Crowfeather. She was not respected and didn't deserve him.

The only way Crowfeather would ever have a mate and should have had a mate would be if it was Feathertail. They understood each other, and Leafpool interrupted it by saying, "Crowfeather, let's have kits, they can be in WindClan, and they'll totally know who their father is!" While Feathertail said, "They can be in your Clan. I'm sure they'll love the open air and moor. The choice is yours, be beloved ...more

This is just my opinion, but this is one of my favorite couples. I loved Feathertail because she was so gentle and I saw so much of Silverstream in here. I loved the sibling relationship between Stormier and her. And hey I'm just saying, if Feathertail had never fallen in love with Crowfeather, she never would have died for him, and then he would be dead and Leafpool couldn't become mates with him for that brief period of time. I wish Crowfeather and Feathertail could have become mates. They were so sweet to each other and Feathertail never looked at just his bad side.

CROWxFEATHER FOREVER! First of all...people say this was a crush!Oh really? Leafpool and Crowfeather woke like four times before they ran off together. Two of those times they were yelling at each other. So Crowfeather fell in love with Leafpool for her looks. Does that sound like a crush? Yes. Leafpool and Crowfeather's short-lasting relationship was unhealthy. I respect other people's opinions but my own opinion is...Feathertail and Crowfeather was a more beautiful, developed, and realistic relationship. I wish Feathertail hadn't died, she was so kind, gentle, full of personality and compassion. She and Crowfeather were meant to be. She literally died for him! Leafpool and Crowfeather's whole thing was a lame excuse to bring the three into the world and make them related to FireStar. Feathertail and Crowfeather could have had the three. But of course...Feathertail isn't related to Forester, which matters SO much. ;)
Crowfeather has hade a big mess out of all of his love ...more

It is so cute...I love this ship way better then Leafpool and Crowfeather. Don't get me wrong...I like Leafpool. She is a pretty cool character. But I fell like their whole 'run away after I talk to you three times' thing kinda ruined there characters for me. So Feathertail and Crowfeather for the win!

13 Dovewing x Bumblestripe

Bumblestripe and Dovewing are no Mate's anymore. Bumble is the best tom cat in ThunderClan... And Dovewing I hate her! She is really very annoying, especially if you then try to be the center. Then she thinks all the time around, and chewing everything 10 times through, and just because they she is young, it does not mean that it is stupid, because Ivypool is the same age as Dovewing, and what considerations As much better. She has bad prejudices towards other cats, and also has again violated the warrior code. And it provides Ivypool totally in the shade.

So I hope Ivypool and Bumblestripe come together or Bumblestripe and Rosepetal! Or Ivypool with Molewhisker or Mousewhisker!

Dovewing is such a piece of arrogant Fox-sung, toying with his feelings like that! I love Bumblestripe who pulled through, and eventually got the girl of his dreams, and by the way at the end, Dovewing HATED Tigerheart as a mate, her feelings for him were as feelings for a cat to a mouse, BUMBLE X DOVE 4 ever!

Dovewing may have been a jerk to Bumblestripe by toying with his feelings to get Tigerheart to like her, but I mean seriously, how do these two cats not look perfect together?! They are both calm, sweet, and... What a sec. That's just Bumblestripe. Anyways, because Dovewibg is cray cray and a little sarcastic sometimes, they totally cancel each other out and it makes them perfect together. <3

-Shadeberry, loyal she-cat of Thornclan-

Adorbs! I don't like Dovewing, but Bumblestripe is so epic! I love how he acts around her! I hate how she used to get tigerheart jealous! She should have told ivypool about her powers; it would be nicer cause then they could deal with the dark forest sooner. Dovewing also let Tigerheart tresspass. They had kits, by the way. I didn't read bramblestars storm but I know.

14 Birchfall x Whitewing

I personally don't like Birchfall but this couple is okay. Whitewing delays her warrior ceremony so Birchfall doesn't have to be to the only apprentice. I kinda like WhitewingXShrewpaw together though.. If he had lived I would want them together not WhiteXBirch. I love their kit, Ivypool, but hate their other kit, Dovewing. And for people that think Ashfur is the father of Dovewing and Ivypool because of the color, I'm sorry, but that's stupid. Cats don't always have to look like their parents. And even if they did, Birchfall's mother, Ferncloud, is gray, Birchfall's grandmother, Brindleface, is gray, Whitewing's aunt, Cinderpelt, is gray, Whitewing is white, Whitewing's father, Cloudtail, is white, Whitewing's mother, Brightheart has some white, and Whitewing's grandmother, Frostfur, is white. There. because Dovewing is gray and Ivypool is silver-and-white.

Ashfur is not the father of Dovewing and Ivypool! Three reasons.

1. Birchfall was Whitewing's mate, not Ashfur. Ashfur loved Squirrelflight.

2. Cats don't have to look like their parents.

3. Their are gray and white cats in their family. Here are some of their same-coloured family members:

Ferncloud: Birchfall's mother, pale gray with darker flecks and green eyes

Brindleface: Birchfall's grandmother, pale gray tabby with darker flecks

Cinderpelt: Whitewing's aunt, dark gray with blue eyes

Brightheart: Whitewing's mother, ginger-and-WHITE

Cloudtail: Whitewing's father, white with blue eyes

Princess: Whitewing's grandmother, tabby with a WHITE chest

Whitewing: mother of Dovewing and Ivypool, white with green eyes

This was one I saw from miles away I mean come on they would always beg their mentors to train hung and fight together, how many hints do you need to see it? It's as clear as day!

Beewing of Thunderclan

We all knew it was going to happen and it was a nice change when birchfall had to go find sol or something like that and he brought back the sheep wool for her bedding to show he really cared. They were just really a plian cute couple ready for something to change which later, it did. Their duaghter is one of the 4 and THAT was a big change

15 Berrynose x Honeyfern

Honeyfern should never had died! I never really saw Berrynose and Poppyfrost together...I'm glad they were happy but I loved Honeyfern. Berrynose and Honeyfern were a match sent form StarClan.

I REEEEEEEEEALLY wish Erin Hunter had mentioned them more in the books. They are so cute together, and they balance each other out so much! Honeyfern is one of the gentlest cats in the entire series, and she was really good for Berrynose, who is hotheaded, and honestly, a little annoying. I absolutely HATED when Berrynose took Poppyfrost as his new mate. Shame on you, Berrynose! But these two totally work out. Like fire and ice!

This is the cutest couple. But I know why Erin killed off Honey. She needed a reason to have deathberries in camp so that Hollyleaf could tell Leafpool to eat them. So she figured someone could be killed by a snake and Leafpool could,stuff a mouse with deathberries and trick the snake. So she needed someone to kill off. But WHY did she pick Honeyfern! So sad. Berrynose isn't great but if Honeyfern had lived I bet he could become the best cat ever.

Shame BerrynosexPoppyfrost! Shame!
This is just the perfect couple; they wanted to have kits, but then Honeyfern died from the dumb snake, then Poppyfrost stole Berrynose away just because Honeyfern was dead, and thought it wouldn't hurt Honeyfern when I'm 99.9% sure it did!

16 Crookedstar x Willowbreeze

Crookedstar and Willowbreeze are just outstanding. It was heartbreaking to see Willowbreeze due giving birth to Crookedstar kits. And the fact that Silverstream ended up dieing just like Willowbreeze made me even sadder about her death. Love these two.

I can't be the only one who cried at WillowBreeze's death, she wasn't phased about his jaw and loved him even more because of it. Such a sweet couple. The Erin Hunter's did an amazing job on the character love it!

Mapleshade is like my favorite cat, but, oh starclan, why did you let mapleshade curse willowbreeze and two of her kits (minnow kit and willowkit) !

This one was so short but sweet. Willowbreeze was so caring and loved Crookedstar SO MUCH. Why did she have to die! But I love her daughter...I see so much of Willowbreeze in Silverstream!

17 Tigerstar x Goldenflower

Goldenflower truly loved Tigerstar. Tigerstar loved her, but not the same as she loved him. I am a Tigerstar fan myself, I also love Goldenflower, so I had to pick this couple. I also love Tawnypelt, not really Brambleclaw.

According to the books TigerClaw (Star) was the worst. I couldn't understand how he didn't like as many cats as the others but he hated RavenPaw in book 1 and 2, and maybe the rest of the books.
The way TigerClaw acted to Firepaw, RavenPaw, and all the other cats just made me sad and kinda tear. If I was a ThunderClan cat and he was still alive, I would attack him and give him the worst scars even if I have to die.
When TigerClaw began to grow more nice, I liked him more and started to have more wallpapers of him. GoldenFlower was a beautiful cat and I loved her so much

This is very cuteeeeeeeeeeeee, I love this couple, if Tiger star didn't mate golden flower, bramble wouldn't be the leader, I love it! Tawny pelt too, and golden flower was scared about the father of her kits, I think she was worried her kits would be exiled, or worse killed in cold blood, just because Tiger claw was their father.

I mean like tiger star is cruel but goldenflower is so sweet! Why did this couple last so long? I feel for you goldenflower when tigerstars treachery was revealed!

18 Snowfur x Thistleclaw

I have never seen or heard of these cats before but hearing the name and seeing the pictures, OMG they are SO cute! In the game on Roblox I would dress up as both of them there avatars are so cute and the kit, I'm speechless for it.

Thistleclaw really loved Snowfur y'all know? He really loved her and became heartbroken and furious at Bluefur when his mate died, blaming it all on Bluefur. (I still wish he was a better parent tho Whitestorm needed some support)

Thistleclaw was a little bad but he still deserved love and snowfur gave him a chance. And may I say they were so cute together.thistleclaw would do anything for snowfur. For example he literally blamed bluefur for snowfurs death and scratches bluefur and yells at her.

Snowfur was my favourite character but it was sad as the both died. Snowfur was a good cat while Thistleclaw was not really. Now I get why white storm is so calm and peaceful and why firestar made him deputy.

19 Jayfeather x Stick

Best ship that ever set foot on to Warriors. Not even joking at this point, People take this ship as a literal joke. But I feel it's more, Jayfeather and Stick is the best ship

sticky, where are you? In the WATER?! I'll come save you! Honestly it makes me feel like he is in love with ROCK. but I can't argue . this is actually a kinda cute relationship.

YES YES! This is the best ship of ever. I mean he really doesn't have anyone to love and no one really loves him so, he kinda does go with this ship.

Honestly, how is Jayfeather and Stick higher than Stormfur and Brook? I'm laughing right now. A stick doesn't have feelings, and a stick can have no gender, it is not living.

20 Stormfur x Brook

Stormfur first just stepped in the tribe of rushing water and it was like love at first site. Stormfur and brook would hunt and hangout and ect. When He was kept back as prisoner he was really disappointed in brook and the tribe because he liked the tribe. When feathertail later on died he was Devastated but brook was there for him. Then stormfur had to leave so he was sad he had to leave brook and the tribe. Stormfur got back and was told his dad was took so that made him worse.When the clans have to travel to find a new home,they get help from the tribe and Stormfur was Delighted to see brook again. After thinking for awhile he decided to stay after after all that's happened and they were the cutest together.

First of all when Stornfur stayed with the tribe with Brook, Stormfur had a suggestion to stop the rouges, but it failed.Stoneteller forced them to leave and brook left with him! So sweet! Later in the series they came to thunderclan to and they did! Then they stayed and then they kits! Cute couple even though in the new prophecy stormfur liked squirrel flight but when he saw brook he new that was the right cat for him!

Stormfur is totally awesome! Of all the cats who went on the journey to the sun-drown-place he is my favorite with Brambleclaw. But he is not better than Firestar Graystripe and Ravenpaw.

I love these two, they don't want to leave their homes because they hate it there but they leave because they know they'll be safe with the other one in the new place!

21 Mousefur x Longtail

I know Mousefur never had kits, neither did Longtail, but they are great together. When badgers attacked, Mousefur helped Longtail get out of the camp where they were safe. Plus, they spend a lot of time together and Mousefur always helps him when he needs it. I think they might of both had feelings for each other at one point, but Mousefur is tough and doesn't want to admit she has feelings for someone. While Longtail is quite shy and quiet so he probably would feel anxious to tell her how he feels. Still, Longtail died *insert sad face* which meant Mousefur couldn't of had kits with him, and they were both pretty old. Anyway, they are a cute couple and I ship them!
LongxMouse :)

Aww! So adorable! I think mouse always loved Longtail, but honestly, I think it is a bummer that she turned to, "never have feelings for each other". And Longtwil felt the same way. I love how they practiced moves together and such, became elders together, (I THINK), and I thought it was so sad how Longtail died. It broke my heart to see poor Mousefur so sad.

Though this wasn't an ACTUAL couple(It is but it was never really clarified) I LOVE IT! mouser and Longtail suited each other! I hope in StarClan they can become mates!

My favourite ship in the whole series! It's quite an unknown fact that mousefur had a crush on redtail, but was heartbroken when sandkit was born. After that, she decided not to take a mate, but, I mean, after all this time, she finds the right one. Onto longtail's side, he had a pretty miserable life. He was beaten by a young, untrained kittypet, blinded by a rabbit and killed by a tree. He is also look down to because he was once a supporter of tigerstar. This ship is really cute, as long as you don't think of them as old people dating which is gross, but its fine with cats so yeah, that raps this thing up -Wildheart

22 Whitestorm x Willowpelt

Whitestorm only ever had willowpelt as a mate. He didn't go with frostfur or brindleface because they were his FOSTER SISTERS. Willowpelt had sucky mates like her brother which I'm sure was an accident. Tawnyspots was just... uh... sick. Literally he had cancer. Then Whitestorm came along! GO WILLOW WHITE

I suggest reading a warriors fanfiction called Bumps in the Road.

Didn't Willowpelt go with Patchpelt, her brother, and have kits with her brother? (Ew) That is how we got Graystripe! But yeah, Willow and White was way better.

I think that Whitestorm needs to chill with the mating. I love you, but how many mates do you have?

I like this couple a lot. I mean, they had Sorreltail! If you like this couple, a good fanfic would be Bumps in the Road. Start from Chapter 9!

23 Leafstar x Billystorm

It's so sad how leafstar got captured by the old twoleg but they are such a cute couple and can we please look at those adorable kits!

Ok, so it was kind of really obvious that these two love each other. I mean, Leafstar bent the Warrior code so that they could be together, and I almost cried when Billystorm died. I hope they live happily in Starclan together forever.

I think this couple was coming. This was a perfect couple, tasteful to the readers that read SkyClan's Destiny, and you seemed to cry with Leafstar as she struggled. I think that lots of people (including me at one point) thought that Sharpclaw and Leafstar would become a really good couple. Leafstar had a few feelings for him, as portrayed in the books. I think this couple perfectly completes each other, as an arrow, and a three.

I loved this ship, and Leafstar literally bent the warrior code so she could have his kits and be his mate, only to have Billystorm taken away by these bloody badgers in this so-called 'abandoned' home of bloody badgers! I also feel for Pebblepaw (later Pebbleshine), who was his apprentice. Darn you, Darktail! If I were in these books, you would be dead before you could blink!

Leopardstrike of RiverClan

24 Tigerheart x Dovewing

I do really support this couple manly because I thought that they developed more than Dovewing/Bumblestripe I felt like throughout the books it was obvious that they were in love, and every time that someone asked Dovewing about mating she thought of Tigerheart, not Bumblestripe. I was thoroughly upset when they didn't become mates because I never saw the Bumblestripe/Dovewing thing coming! They never really developed! The focus was on Tigerstar and Dovewing but they never actually got together! I love Tigerheart and Dovewing because I really believed their love!

I absolutely hate bumblestripe! All right, it was against the warrior code for Tigerheart and Dovewing to mate, but he always loved her much more than Bumblestripe, breaking the warrior code each night just to be with her. Look at stupid Bumblestripe, the way he snapped at her when he became jealous that Dovewing clearly liked Tigerheart more. What did Tigerheart do? He's sweet and gentle and saved Dovewing's guts twice! I don't understand at all why Kate Cary made Bumblestripe Dovewing's mate in the end. Victoria Holmes would've made a much better choice.

Okay, I said I would do this on the Bumble Dove post so here goes. First, Tiger is a childish noob. And Dovewing is struggling between him and the nicest tom in her clan. Also, this relationship isn't passionate. It's stupid and reckless. Look, these cats were just out of adolescence. This couple was cute, but the least developed couple ever. If they had kits, They would be horrible and whining. Deal with it Dove Tiger shippers. This person is blowing holes in your ship. And she doesn't want Dovewing to have any love. Boom.

Forbidden relationships are over-used were tired of this Erins! Besides this couple being forbidden, its just really bad its not developed at all. Tigerheart annoyed Dovewing on the journey to free the water and then all of a sudden she's head over heels for him? Dovewing only uses her power to STALK Tigerheart and calls her sister, Ivypool, disloyal for going to the Dark Forest (Ivypool was tricked) when she sneaks out of camp to be with him. She screams at Ivypool because she thinks Ivypool is in love with Tigerheart and complains when Bumblestripe likes her. She betrays her clan even more when she tells Tigerheart about the catmint, eventually landing Ivypool in ShadowClan's camp because Tigerheart told ShadowClan about the herbs. She gets back together with him when she can easily have a relationship with Bumblestripe, a nice caring young cat. I just hate this couple and hate DoveXBumble because Bumble deserves better and I can not stand Dovewing or Tigerheart

25 Brackenfur x Sorreltail

This couple is so sweet, developed and so rich with love and an actual relashinship. Sorreltail went through so much and Brackenfur was loyal to the end.

I love how sweet they are with each other they are the one ship that has no problems and when they fight they always forgive in like three seconds. It's good to finally have a pair of mates who love each other for who they are and there is no forbidden parts of it

Dewshine of Shadowclan

How is this only 64?!?! They are so cute together! They make wonderful warriors and parents and would make wonderful and respected leaders.

...Bracken and Sorrel is complete. That's all I can say.

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