Top Ten Cutest Warrior Cat Couples

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1 Firestar x Sandstorm Firestar x Sandstorm

I think everyone could see this pairing from a mile away. Sandstorm didn't like Firestar from the moment he saw him, but I feel warmed up to him after the whole 'Sandstorm almost fell down the gorge' thing.

I think that no other ship would work with either of them. I don't like Spottedleaf, Cinderpelt was his apprentice which makes it a little weird (not mentioning Cinderpelt was made an apprentice at like 4-5 moons) and Leafstar... They had like... One or two conversations?

And Sandstorm just isn't really shipped with anyone BUT Firestar and also maybe Dustpelt sometimes but that's a whole other story.

Also, I do think that killing off Spottedleaf for a second time was unnecessary as why would he choose her when he had a lifelong mate with him? Honestly I don't know why Spottedleaf was suddenly interested in him after she died and even talked to him lovingly RIGHT in front of his mate.

Anyways, great ship.

-Jaysong from WindClan

I love them! Perfect ship ever! I think they are perfect for each other I mean come on, let's look at the facts shall we? 1.Sandstorm needed someone more calm and thinks before they act so she wouldn't to go crazy 2.Firestar needed someone more daring and ferice 3.they were made for wach other 4.often the ones who start off as enemy's end up in love 5.and finally they realised that when Firestar am saved Sandstorm from falling into the gorge you could see it there they were destined to be mates

Blizzardstripe of Riverclan

Fire and Sand might have not worked together much in the first few books but after he saved her from being kicked off the gorge I feel that's when she realized Fire wasn't just a kittypet trying to be a warrior. Their love is so good and adorable it is definitely one of my favorites. And their kits, Leaf and Squirrel are perfect children for them, each holding that piece of them. Squirrel having Sand's fiery temper and Leaf having Fire's calm and thoughtful nature. Absolutely amazing and adorable.-Fallen from before StarClan

Sandstorm realised her love for Fire when he saved her from falling into the gorge, Fireheart then realised his love when Cinderpelt pointed it out. Sorry Spottedleaf but they were meant to be together!

2 Lionblaze x Cinderheart Lionblaze x Cinderheart

Okay, in my opinion I was sure Cinderheart would mate with him sooner. It made me so sad that she rejected him because she told her about the prophecy.. they're so cute together!

Jayfeather: Will you, lionblaze, take Cinderheart to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Lionblaze: I do.
Jayfeather: Will you take lionblaze to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Cinderheart: I do.
Jayfeather: now you make kiss the bride.

This couple is SO CUTE. It was supa sad when Cinderheart thought she wasn't good enough for him. When I read Bramblestar's Storm and got to the point where they were going to have kits I was so exited! Well, that's all for now. Byez!

Lion and Cinder are amazing. They are obviously head-over-heels for each other. I also love how this is one of the more developed couples in warriors, instead of some and how their just out of the blue. Love this couple <3. -Fallen from before StarClan

Lion x cinder is so cute! This is my most favourite couple! I cried when Cinderheart rejected Lionblaze, but I'm glad they are mates now! They are so adorable together! They should be number 1 in my opinion. I love them so much! Lion x Heather is terrible but lion x ice is even worse! Who thought of it anyways? I never seen Lionblaze falling for Icecloud inthe books, he was padding after Cinderheart in omen of the stars. He was only liking Heathertail when they were apprentices. go Lion x Cinder!

3 Graystripe x Silverstream Graystripe x Silverstream

Ok first things first, WHY ON 7 EARTH THEY 3#, they should obviously be 1#! They broke the warrior code to be together, they spent AgEs together, they have kits together- !spoilers! She died giving birth to there kits *starts crying like a baby*. Basically it was love at first sight . Second thing, Sandstorm x Firestar and Cinderheart x Lionblaze both are good couples, I guess, but not as good as Silverstream X Greystripe yoo! Third thing is they deserve better! Poor Silverstream died such a young age and poor Greystripe had to live most of his life in misery because of her death. All I'm saying is that they should be first -they were meant for each other- , and also Millie is a selfish brat and I wish she never existed.

Literally love at first sight, I have to admit I was a bit mad that he didn't even know Silverstream, they are have so much in common and really love each other, what bothers me is that he got another mate, Millie. I love millie don't get me wrong, I just wished he had stayed in love, with the same cat, they are both determined, loving, sweet, stubborn, and loyal. That's what put the cherry on top for me personally, Graystream had kits, and I was breaking down when Feather died, She and crow would've been perfect! <#

They are a cute ship, ever though they broke the warrior cade. It's still wonderful. I know some of you may like mille x greystripe, but for me, GRAY X SLIVER is more lovely

I personally ship this 100 % more than Greystripe X Millie. I pretty much hate Grey X Millie. But Silver X Grey is awesome. Though losing both mates, I think he deserves more.
- Spiritstar Of LightningClan

4 Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight

Tbh I feel like brambleclaw was a amazing character but when the two got together it just became annoying and toxic I thought it was kinda cute that Brambleclaw was Tigerstar's son, and Squirrelflight was Firestar's daughter, especially when they started falling in love. Even though Squirrelflight hung out with Ashfur for a while, she eventually realized that it was Brambleclaw who held her heart. I just HATED how Brambleclaw treated his former mate when he found the truth about Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather. "Sometimes aggression is necessary. StarClan gave us claws for a reason." That was really harsh of him. But I was happy how at the end, he finally forgives Squirrelflight and picks her as his deputy. When Jessy comes into the picture, it got even worse he ran towards jessy leaving his mate he was choosing jessy he wasn't choosing squirrelflight jessy told him to stay with squirrelfight if she hadn't left brambleclaw would have chose jessy!

A great couple, but with a couple of problems, mainly on Squirrelflight's part. Look, I'm a girl but I side with Brambleclaw. Squirrelflight was being stupid about Hawkfrost and letting that get in the way of their relationship when Hawkfrost is Brambleclaw's BROTHER. I get it if she actually just hated Hawkfrost but at least explain why to Brambleclaw without biting his head off. She was being petty when she entertained Ashfur's attentions and my heart hurt for Brambleclaw. It would have served her right if he gave up on her then but I'm glad he didn't. I love how he protects her and always watches out for her. And he was right to get upset about Squirrelflight lying about Leafpool's kits, mates should NEVER lie to each other.

Squirrelflight is most definitely my favourite character, I love her rebellious side as well as her sweet compassionate, and I love that the authors chose to bring these two together: A calm Brambleclaw and an energetic Squirrelflight. It works.

I really liked it when Squirrel'Paw hated Bramble'claw when she was an apprentice and Bramble'claw hated Squirrel'Paw when he was a young warrior. I Knew from the begin they would fall in love and be mates.

5 Bluestar x Oakheart Bluestar x Oakheart

Is it just my opinion, or do forbidden relationships work better than non-forbidden ones?

Ahem, anyways
I agree with what the others said. They're a really cute couple. Oakheart was loyal to both Bluestar and his clan, he didn't expose Bluestar, kept it a secret that the two had kits. True, Graypool knew that Mistykit and Stonekit were from ThunderClan (because she is big brain), but she also kept it a secret. Sadly though, Bluestar needed to give the kits up (lost Mosskit in the process, and reading Bluestar's Prophecy, to me, it seemed like Mosskit was her favorite out of the three of them). I also feel really bad for Bluestar when she found out that her mate died, but she couldn't cry about it in front of her clan, because everyone will be like "Yo, Bluestar, you good? You're not crying over the death of a random Riverclan warrior, right? You're loyal to our clan, eh?". They're just perfect and screwed at the same time- either way, I forgot which book it was in, but ...more

Oak'heart was going to join Thunderclan and not take the role deputy for riverclan for Blue'star and Blue'star lied to family and friends and gave her kits away to be for Oak'heart. Also they are just really cute together specially when they first met.

Bluestar gave up everything for being leader, but at least she could spend some time with oakheart before she had to leave him. Man her face in the first book when she figured out he had died.

Poor Bluestar! It breaks my heart. You might think "Oh, right. You like this couple. Can I remind you Bluestar never grieved for Oakheart?" She did! But if she cried in grief infront of her Clan they would suspect she was a traitor. OakXBlue forever (my 4rth faviourte couple)

6 Cloudtail x Brightheart Cloudtail x Brightheart

I mean, come on, Cloudtail had a crush from the start, and was probably the only cat who always saw Brightheart as the beautiful soul she is, inside and out, throughout the entire series. Just so loving and kind to each other, and I can't remember a single time they ever fought.

This couple is sooo cute! I mean cloudtail was the sweetest cat towards brightheart when everyone didn't belive in brightheart. I think cloudtail is awesome and they are an amazing couple! signed, Brokenstar (yes I have feelings)

Ok LOVE this ship! But... I made an oc named sunpelt. She got her left eye clawed out by a badger when she was a 'paw. I know what your thinking. She's a Mary Sue. She's not! Ok so she didn't have no tom ( like cloud tail ) to recover. She was thought of as ugly by the rest of the 'paws, but she didn't let that stop her. In her warrior assessment she beat the other 'paws butts. BUT she's scared of things, like pine cones, because she tripped over one then the badger attacked. She CONSTANTLY feels insecure about herself. And she's always teased at gatherings because she has 1 eye. Also...ya know what? I'm just making her sound even worse

I think it's just so precious that these two could understand each other at times that the rest of the Clan couldn't. They helped each other at their worst times, and thrived during their best. They were both fiercely loyal (and some of y'all might bring up Daisy, but remember in Sunset when Brambleclaw said that there would never be anyone for Cloudtail except Brightheart? Yeah. That's what I thought) and really, really, REALLY loved each other.

7 Leafpool x Crowfeather Leafpool x Crowfeather

The only reason I like this ship is because they had Jayfeather and Lionblaze, I don't like Hollyleaf. I hate crowfeather because he ignored Breezepelt and I hate Leafpool for running away which caused Cinderpelt to die! No offence to those who think this ship is cute :>

Most people really hate this couple, mostly because Leafpool is a stereotypically perfect she-cat. However I liked the way Leafpool was shy and innocent and Crowfeather was tough and defensive. Their personalities clashed in a really good way and you could really feel the romance between them. Erin Hunter portrayed this relationship perfectly and it was one of the most detailed. Also I liked to see Crowfeather show his gentle and caring side, a side that I thought he didn't have when he was an apprentice.
Overall, I disagree with many people: this couple are cute!

Honestly this is my favourite ship ever. I love their chemistry and how obvious it is that they care for each other, Leafpool left her clan to be with Crowfeather, and Crowfeather would have died for Leafpool.

This couple is great! They loved each other so much that they decided to break the code so they could be together and visit each other. Unlike Bluefur+Oakheart and Graystripe+Silverstream, they didn't create trouble for their clans and kits. Bluefur's relationship got her kit killed and the clans battled for Graystripe's.

Leafpool is so sweet and she is the only cat who makes the normally grouchy Crowfeather around her happy and sweet. Even though people generally don't like Hume he is still loyal to his clan.If only they had been in the same clan!

8 Jayfeather x Half Moon Jayfeather x Half Moon

They both loved each other very much. Too bad that Jayfeather/Jay's Wing couldn't mate with her because he was a medicine cat and he was too important to be lost in the past.

-Crystalpool the medicine cat

My personal #1. Such amazing chemistry, even if they are from different timelines. It is amazing how Jayfeather was willing to stay in the deep past, away from all of his family and friends, just to be with Half Moon. This should have happened. Actually, no. It DID happen. I dare ANYONE to say otherwise.

I gotta admit, Jay and Half are pretty cute. It just gets me so much! Jay could have been mates and had kits with Half, if it was possible in some way! I just love them!

Their relationship is sooo cuutee! I can't belive it that this grumpy and stubborn furball is in love with somebody. I'm really sorry for them that they couldn't have kits and become mates. They could be the cutest couple ever. XD

9 Sorreltail x Brackenfur Sorreltail x Brackenfur

This ship might have just come out of the blue but it's cute! Bracken loved Sorrel so much that he grieved so hard when she was killed. He was also an amazing father towards his kits. Love this <3.-Fallen from before StarClan

How can you not love this couple? Their personalities are some what different, Sorrel being cheerful and keen, and Bracken being calm and mature, but they go so perfectly together and Sorrel matures later in the books. They are always there to support one another and make wonderful parents. You can really tell they love each other and would do anything for one another. Brackenfur was devastated when Sorrel died and I literally started bawling, ecspecially when Lilykit and Seedkit think she is sleeping and that just upsets Bracken even more. And for people that think there is a huge age gap, not really. Brackenfur and Cinderpelt are apprenticed in Fire and Ice, only being four moons old. I forget when Sorreltail and her brothers are born but it is either Rising Storm or A Dangerous Path. Rainwhisker and Sootfur are made warriors sometime in between Darkest Hour and Midnight, and Bracken made a warrior in Forest Of Secrets. Sorrel is made a warrior late due to her injuries from the ...more

Of the short scenes when you read about them they truly show so much love and affection to each other. I don't care how little we got to see of it or how fast it went they are the sweetest couple of all times!
Moonlight of Thunderclan

This couple show love to each other and brought the most amazing kits into the world. They love to hunt together. Also in the Last Hope they will give there life for each other it so sweet. Also it is not Poopyfrost fault that Honeyfern died so stop blaming Poppyfrost for having having Berrynose 's kits. Blame Berrynose for making Poppyfrost his mate.

10 Dustpelt x Ferncloud Dustpelt x Ferncloud

This was the first ship that I didn't expect I mean it's not very common that the apprentice and their mentor fall in love but I ship them! I rlly felt for both of them when they lost half of their first kits (including Shrewpaw their first kit)

Frostpatch of Windclan

Probably my favorite couple in the WHOLE series. Ferncloud had already become one of my favorite characters when she was an apprentice, and I'm so glad the authors paired her with Dustpelt. Dustpelt can be bristly and a little standoffish sometimes but NEVER to Ferncloud. If I was Ferncloud I would be GLAD he's like that because I wouldn't want him chatting to other female cats. That's just true love, you're supposed to be jealous of each other. Anyway I love how they have a bunch of kits and I was sad when they just kept dying. Best couple portrayed!

Dustpelt is fernclouds uncle,

This is because dustpelt is the brother of brindleface, and brindleface gave birth to ferncloud. And ferncloud and dustpelt, are mates.
This is incest bro

So sweet! Dustpaw loves Sandpaw but then once they become warriors she falls for Fireheart (who he does not really like) and they become mates. Then he meets a pretty pale gray she-cat (Fernpaw) and helps her when she is an apprentice. They fall in love and have to wait for Fernpaw to become a warrior until they can officialy be mates. After a long time, the grumpy Dustpelt finally finds his true love and can be happy, but still deep down liking Sandstorm a little. They have kits, and 5 out of 7 of them die. Many seasons of happiness later, Ferncloud died and then Dustpelt comes to find her dead he grieved so much and didn't even want to live all he wanted to do was be with Ferncloud. He keeps her bedding (a little weird but sweet) and stays a warrior so he could get his mind off her death. He has dreams of her but can never save her from Brokenstar. When he dies, Ferncloud comes from StarClan and they twine tails and bend heads with their lost kits all around them, crying tears of ...more

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11 Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves

I just love them like holly leaf/paw is like my favorite character in the series, and fallen leaves had a good story and I love that they got together. Their probably one of my favorite

I love this couple so much! It could never beat Jay's Wing X Half Moon but this is still a fantastic warrior cat couple. I am so glad Fallen Leaves was cursed to live in the tunnels so he could rescue Hollyleaf. He showed how much he cared about her so much in Hollyleaf's Story. And in the end, he had to love her enough to let her go. I love this cannon so much! RIP Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves! May your spirits be together forever!

Dang is this couple adorable. I understand that they didn't mate and have kits, but they (along with Bluestar x Oakheart) are my OTP.
It was so cute when Hollyleaf fell down the collapsing tunnel and was reached by Fallen Leaves. Their first impressions were so CUTE! Fallen Leaves was the reserved, shy cat in their relationship and Hollyleaf was the brighter one...I guess.
I loved how he took care of her, played (and flirted) with her, which they had a lot of fun, tried to make the dark tunnels and homy as he possibly can, took care of her when she wasn't feeling well, and they acted like parents to that baby fox (who later betrayed them).
It was awesome how Fallen Leaves loved Holly enough to let her go and let her return to ThunderClan. In the end, they were loyal to each other.
My heart melted into a puddle when Hollyleaf asked Fallen Leaves to sleep with her and he reacted shyly because he was in love with her and therefore shy.
Plus, when Hollyleaf returned, Fallen ...more

I love it, even if he's dead. Hollyleaf just wanted to be accepted and have a friend, and then Fallen Leaves gave her that. He took care of her injuries and gave her prey. They became very close over the months they were together, and eventually he let her go. He let her go because he wanted her to be happy. The sadness he had when she died in The Last Hope was heartbreaking and adorable.

12 Crowfeather x Feathertail Crowfeather x Feathertail

Feathertail should've lived! Couldn't one of them go to the other's clan (preferably Crowfeather goes to river clan because he's away from Nightcloud)? I mean seriously, he asked to be named after her. I don't think she's too too old for him. If Feathertail hadn't died, Crowfeather could've left wind clan( Nightcloud) but he still could've saved Leafpool and met her in secret. Then, Leafpool would've been there to save Cinderpelt from DEATH! I miss Cinderpelt. Feathertail gave up her LIFE for Crowfeather, Nightcloud didn't do CRAP for him. Yeah, yeah, Leafpool left her clan for a bit, but sacrifice wise, life trumps clan, don't u think?

Why did Feathertail die she and Crowfeather were meant to be obviously Feathertail's love for Crowfeather was much stronger then Leafpool's because she risked her LIFE to save him and what does Leafpool do? One word NOTHING. All I'm saying is that Feathertail loved Crowfeather she would've killed 10 000 giant badgers so he's safe but, that won't happen cause she DIED for him if you ask me Crowfeather deserved Feathertail and Leafpool deserved to be ALONE. If you ask me if it wasn't for Leafpool when Crowfeather goes to StarClan, then they could be together through thick or thin. Crowfeather also obviously loves Feathertail more because he came up with feather if he loved Leafpool more he would be name Crowleaf ask yourself which sounds better? Leafpool and Crowfeather NEVER should have gotten together if they hadn't Leafpool wouldn't have ran away when the badgers attacked and Cinderpelt wouldn't had died but, if you ask me if Leafpool wanted Crowfeather as a mate she should have ...more

Crow and Feather in my opinion is better than Crow and Leaf and WAY better than Crow and Night. They just loved each other more and they didn't come out of the blue, y'know?-Fallen from before StarClan

They are so cute during the prophecy! Feather sacrificed her life for Crow! Crow was broken when she died and thought he would never love again. he even named himself in honor of Feather! A kind, gentle she-cat with a harsh tom with a sharp tongue are perfect! And Crow actually started to show his kind side! Back off Nightcloud and Leafpool, because Crowfeather is never gonna be for you!

13 Dovewing x Bumblestripe Dovewing x Bumblestripe

I don't like it. It was very one-sided, and dovewing only became mates with him because the warrior code pressured her, and bumblestripe kept nagging her to have kits with him and eventually making her uncomfortable, even doing it at a cats literal funeral.

No, just no. This ship is so one-sided that it's not even legit. To ship something, you're supposed to look at how the characters interact, not how much you like each cat.

Dovewing did not really love Bumblestripe. She was pressured into becoming his mate because of the Warrior Code and her clanmates. Bumblestripe and Dovewing don't share the same interests. He doesn't respect what she wants. He continued to nag her for kits even when she was uncomfortable.

She and Tigerheart, on the other hand went on a journey and met because they couldn't understand why they had to break friendships. They met more, and a couple developed. They weren't perfect, because couples aren't, but they showed their care and respect towards each other in Tigerheart's Shadow.

I HATE this couple. The more you think about it, the more horrible it is. Bumblestripe is amazing and always will be. Dovewing is so annoying. It started sweet and all. But its like Dovewing is cheating on him for Tigerheart (Tigerstar now! ) and she's really rude to him later, and plays with his feelings. Bumblestripe would be an amazing mate, better than Tigerheart. I think it's harsh of her, though, at the of the Last Hope when she gets all close to Bumblestripe when she knows Tigerheart is watching. She literally did that just to let Tigerheart know that she didn't like him anymore when she really did. She makes poor Bumblestripe hopeful, then breaks up with him, runs away with Tigerheart, and joins ShadowClan. I know it's stupid, but Rosepetal would be a GREAT mate for Bumblestripe.

I HATE THIS ONE. I don't like Ivypool or Dovewing. Dovewing's a traitor and Bumblestripe is already related to her (so, Dovewing's grandfather is Cloudtail, who's uncle is Firestar, who's daughter is Squirrelflight and who's mate is Brambleclaw, who's grandma is Leopardfoot, who's sister/half-sister is Willowpelt, who's grandchild is Bumblestripe) so that's gross!
And Tigerheart sucks!

14 Birchfall x Whitewing Birchfall x Whitewing

This was one I saw from miles away I mean come on they would always beg their mentors to train hung and fight together, how many hints do you need to see it? It's as clear as day!

Beewing of Thunderclan

I personally don't like Birchfall but this couple is okay. Whitewing delays her warrior ceremony so Birchfall doesn't have to be to the only apprentice. I kinda like WhitewingXShrewpaw together though.. If he had lived I would want them together not WhiteXBirch. I love their kit, Ivypool, but hate their other kit, Dovewing. And for people that think Ashfur is the father of Dovewing and Ivypool because of the color, I'm sorry, but that's stupid. Cats don't always have to look like their parents. And even if they did, Birchfall's mother, Ferncloud, is gray, Birchfall's grandmother, Brindleface, is gray, Whitewing's aunt, Cinderpelt, is gray, Whitewing is white, Whitewing's father, Cloudtail, is white, Whitewing's mother, Brightheart has some white, and Whitewing's grandmother, Frostfur, is white. There. because Dovewing is gray and Ivypool is silver-and-white.

Ashfur is not the father of Dovewing and Ivypool! Three reasons.

1. Birchfall was Whitewing's mate, not Ashfur. Ashfur loved Squirrelflight.

2. Cats don't have to look like their parents.

3. Their are gray and white cats in their family. Here are some of their same-coloured family members:

Ferncloud: Birchfall's mother, pale gray with darker flecks and green eyes

Brindleface: Birchfall's grandmother, pale gray tabby with darker flecks

Cinderpelt: Whitewing's aunt, dark gray with blue eyes

Brightheart: Whitewing's mother, ginger-and-WHITE

Cloudtail: Whitewing's father, white with blue eyes

Princess: Whitewing's grandmother, tabby with a WHITE chest

Whitewing: mother of Dovewing and Ivypool, white with green eyes

We all knew it was going to happen and it was a nice change when birchfall had to go find sol or something like that and he brought back the sheep wool for her bedding to show he really cared. They were just really a plian cute couple ready for something to change which later, it did. Their duaghter is one of the 4 and THAT was a big change

15 Berrynose x Honeyfern Berrynose x Honeyfern

Berrynose's first love? Honeyfern! Come on, guys. Poppyfrost doesn't deserve Berrynose, HONEYFERN DOES! She was so kind & caring, and then she died to save Briarlight, Blossomfall, and Bumblestripe. Berryfern is the best couple ever!

This is the cutest couple. But I know why Erin killed off Honey. She needed a reason to have deathberries in camp so that Hollyleaf could tell Leafpool to eat them. So she figured someone could be killed by a snake and Leafpool could,stuff a mouse with deathberries and trick the snake. So she needed someone to kill off. But WHY did she pick Honeyfern! So sad. Berrynose isn't great but if Honeyfern had lived I bet he could become the best cat ever.

Shame BerrynosexPoppyfrost! Shame!
This is just the perfect couple; they wanted to have kits, but then Honeyfern died from the dumb snake, then Poppyfrost stole Berrynose away just because Honeyfern was dead, and thought it wouldn't hurt Honeyfern when I'm 99.9% sure it did!

It was adorable. But people need to stop hating Poppyfrost! She held back loving Berrynose just because she was worried about Honeyfern. Honeyfern said it was okay! So stop hating inisent Poppyfrost! Besides its not her fault she loves someone!

16 Crookedstar x Willowbreeze Crookedstar x Willowbreeze

O.M.G. Got to be honest you guys, apart from Firestar and Sandstorm, this is the best couple. It was just so sad when Crookedstar broke his jaw, and his mother denied him. He now only had his father and brother. But when Willowkit was born, he realized that she cared for him as well. They got along, and Crookedstar FINALLY asked Willowbreeze to be his mate. She said yes, but when she had kits she had a cold. Two of the kits died, and soon after Willowbreeze sadly past away (Don't worry, I only cried for 3 minutes) but Crookedstar's only remaining daughter (Featherkit) had survived.

Crookedstar and Willowbreeze forever! "Oh, my precious love, be strong for me..." It breaks my heart and makes me cry every time, so I don't know why I keep reading it...

Crookedstar is just a really awesome cat, and Willowbreeze suits him perfectly! It was so sad when Willowbreeze died, and Crookedstar's kits too!

Pour Crookedstar, he and Willowpaw became friends and in love so fast! But She died, I hate Mapleshade and when she KILLED shellheart, Quietrain, silverstream, willowbreeze, Feathertail...

17 Tigerstar x Goldenflower Tigerstar x Goldenflower

I really like to think that a young Tigerstar was in love with Goldenflower like who wouldn't? and I think Tigerstar was really happy when she told him she was going to have his kids. but I think Tigerstar began in the second book to have a growing obsession to kill Fireheart and rule the clan and he soon only say Goldenflower as a pawn in his evil plan. I do think that he loved his two FIRST kits but also say them as heirs to his evil throne. once he became Tigerstar I think he tried to recreate the feeling he had with Goldenflower and his first kits with Sasha but could not.
so yeah there you go!

I really don't understand how a sweet cat like Goldenflower and an evil brutal cat like Tigerstar could have kits! Plus if you've read Bluestar's Prophecy that only makes it more unbelievable because you get a glimpse at their backgrounds

Ok. Even though Tigerstar is evil, I think that he really did love Goldenflower. That is until he met Sasha. I love when Firestar is staring at bramblekit and Goldenflower says she'll fight to the death for her son.

Golden and tiger were perfect for eachother till stupid Firestar came along then his feelings grew against him and most of his focus and time was on fire instead of golden. They just grew apart and tired of eachother and simply broke up. Can't really tell if I like this couple or not

18 Jayfeather x Stick Jayfeather x Stick

YES YES! This is the best ship of ever. I mean he really doesn't have anyone to love and no one really loves him so, he kinda does go with this ship.

Why does everyone say this is a joke?! I mean he had nobody whom to love, remember his clanmates, and keep his loyalty. I honestly think this is the bes coulple of all times. NOT A JOKE!

Ok ok I'm laughing right now! I mean a stick. I know why he has it. He has it to remember his dead clanmates. I mean that's a good reason.

Honestly, how is Jayfeather and Stick higher than Stormfur and Brook? I'm laughing right now. A stick doesn't have feelings, and a stick can have no gender, it is not living.

19 Snowfur x Thistleclaw Snowfur x Thistleclaw

I know we don't hear a lot about them in the books, but I don't think thistle deserved snow. First off, he loved spotted leaf when she was training as a warrior. They would've been a good couple but thistle just wanted some she to be on his side as a mate. So snow was basically a decoy to bring more cats in since he wasn't a good talker

Putting aside the fact that Thistleclaw is evil, these two are actually really great together. And Thistleclaw was a good father, until Whitestorm was an apprentice.

Thistleclaw is evil, but I truly believe he loves Snowfur. He actually is a great father until Snowfur died. Maybe if she lived he won't be so bitter and hateful?

This is the only reason to even like Thistleclaw, Sure, he's a bad cat and all, but he really cared for Snowfur.

20 Stormfur x Brook Stormfur x Brook

They left there homes for each other! They both love each other so much they are willing to do anything to be together. .cries. I LOVE THEM!

Stormfur is totally awesome! Of all the cats who went on the journey to the sun-drown-place he is my favorite with Brambleclaw. But he is not better than Firestar Graystripe and Ravenpaw.

I love these two, they don't want to leave their homes because they hate it there but they leave because they know they'll be safe with the other one in the new place!

Sorry I don't really like this couple because Stormfur is so great and Brook... well meh. Besides Brook made Stormfur leave to the tribe at first... which means he is more loyal to Brook than his clan.

21 Whitestorm x Willowpelt Whitestorm x Willowpelt

Whitestorm only ever had willowpelt as a mate. He didn't go with frostfur or brindleface because they were his FOSTER SISTERS. Willowpelt had sucky mates like her brother which I'm sure was an accident. Tawnyspots was just... uh... sick. Literally he had cancer. Then Whitestorm came along! GO WILLOW WHITE

I suggest reading a warriors fanfiction called Bumps in the Road.

Didn't Willowpelt go with Patchpelt, her brother, and have kits with her brother? (Ew) That is how we got Graystripe! But yeah, Willow and White was way better.

I think that Whitestorm needs to chill with the mating. I love you, but how many mates do you have?

I like this couple a lot. I mean, they had Sorreltail! If you like this couple, a good fanfic would be Bumps in the Road. Start from Chapter 9!

22 Mousefur x Longtail Mousefur x Longtail



She had kits with Longtail as an elder but Longtail was killed or died I don't know I don't remember but she had his kits and said they were Purdy's but they were not.
She decided to name her two healthy kits, Rushkit, because he had long legs and looked like a good runner, and Longkit, in memory of her mate, Longtail.
Just like look up Mousefur's secret on google.

My favourite ship in the whole series! It's quite an unknown fact that mousefur had a crush on redtail, but was heartbroken when sandkit was born. After that, she decided not to take a mate, but, I mean, after all this time, she finds the right one. Onto longtail's side, he had a pretty miserable life. He was beaten by a young, untrained kittypet, blinded by a rabbit and killed by a tree. He is also look down to because he was once a supporter of tigerstar. This ship is really cute, as long as you don't think of them as old people dating which is gross, but its fine with cats so yeah, that raps this thing up -Wildheart

Sorry guys, but this is never going to happen. Mousefur is asexual. That means that she doesn't do relationships. Period. It would be like putting two straight toms together - it wouldn't work. Although if she wasn't, I'd totally ship this.

Longtail died when a tree crushed him. Mousefur would've had kits if she wasn't so old. After Longtail died Mousefur went on moping and grieving for her lost friend.

23 Tigerheart x Dovewing Tigerheart x Dovewing

These two worked out well. They're both loyal to each other. Tigerheart traveled far to see her, to be with her. Dovewing even went to Shadowclan afterwards, when the code says that the Clan is first. I don't know why people keep saying that Dovewing is toxic. Okay, she may have made a few cars jealous, but she and BUMBLE wouldn't have worked out.

I do really support this couple manly because I thought that they developed more than Dovewing/Bumblestripe I felt like throughout the books it was obvious that they were in love, and every time that someone asked Dovewing about mating she thought of Tigerheart, not Bumblestripe. I was thoroughly upset when they didn't become mates because I never saw the Bumblestripe/Dovewing thing coming! They never really developed! The focus was on Tigerstar and Dovewing but they never actually got together! I love Tigerheart and Dovewing because I really believed their love!

I absolutely hate bumblestripe! All right, it was against the warrior code for Tigerheart and Dovewing to mate, but he always loved her much more than Bumblestripe, breaking the warrior code each night just to be with her. Look at stupid Bumblestripe, the way he snapped at her when he became jealous that Dovewing clearly liked Tigerheart more. What did Tigerheart do? He's sweet and gentle and saved Dovewing's guts twice! I don't understand at all why Kate Cary made Bumblestripe Dovewing's mate in the end. Victoria Holmes would've made a much better choice.

Okay, I said I would do this on the Bumble Dove post so here goes. First, Tiger is a childish noob. And Dovewing is struggling between him and the nicest tom in her clan. Also, this relationship isn't passionate. It's stupid and reckless. Look, these cats were just out of adolescence. This couple was cute, but the least developed couple ever. If they had kits, They would be horrible and whining. Deal with it Dove Tiger shippers. This person is blowing holes in your ship. And she doesn't want Dovewing to have any love. Boom.

24 Leafstar x Billystorm Leafstar x Billystorm

I loved this ship and Leafstar litterally bended the warrior code so she could have his kits and be his mate then have Billystorm taken away by these bloody badgers in this so called 'abandoned' home of bloody badgers! I also feel for Pebblepaw (later Pebbleshine) who was his apprentice! Darn you Darktail if I were in these books you would be dead before you could blink!

Leopardstrike of Riverclan

I think this couple was coming. This was a perfect couple, tasteful to the readers that read SkyClan's Destiny, and you seemed to cry with Leafstar as she struggled. I think that lots of people (including me at one point) thought that Sharpclaw and Leafstar would become a really good couple. Leafstar had a few feelings for him, as portrayed in the books. I think this couple perfectly completes each other, as an arrow, and a three.

They had to fight so so hard to be mates, with all the prejudice against daylight-warriors and Leafstar's position as leader. It was so sad when Billystorm died in Hawkwing's Journey, and you could just generally see how much they cared for each other. They deserve much more love than 30th place (I mean, why is SpottedFire before this?)

Random cat: Leafstar, do you take Billystorm as your husband?
Leafstar: I do.
Random cat: Billystorm, do you take Leafstar as your husband?
Billystorm: I do.
You may kiss and straight after get slaughtered by da storm of the billygoats.

25 Brackenfur x Sorreltail Brackenfur x Sorreltail

I love how sweet they are with each other they are the one ship that has no problems and when they fight they always forgive in like three seconds. It's good to finally have a pair of mates who love each other for who they are and there is no forbidden parts of it

Dewshine of Shadowclan

How is this only 64?!?! They are so cute together! They make wonderful warriors and parents and would make wonderful and respected leaders.

...Bracken and Sorrel is complete. That's all I can say.

They are adorable together!

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