Top 10 Moments from Ralph Breaks the Internet

Next up the top moments from the 57th animated Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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1 Vanellope Meeting The Disney Princesses

Pretty much the whole reason people went to see the movie in the first place.

Imagine if they did this scene with Ralph only with him meeting the Super Smash Bros Characters like Mario, Samus, Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud, Donkey Kong, Roy, Marth, Pit, Link and others, it would be the only way they could get a Mario cameo in the next Wreck-It Ralph sequel. - egnomac

While escaping from some Storm Trooper guards in Vanellope ends up in the princess dressing room along with the other Disney princesses who become a bit hostile towards her for entering without permission but they relent after Vanellope proves she's a legitimate princess and allow her to stay. - egnomac

2 A Place Called Slaughter Race

Vanellope breaks out into her own Disney Princess song which is just bizarre and entertaining at the same time which is basically Grand Theft Auto meets Disney almost. - egnomac

This song is the epitome of Disney princess irony. - Synchronocity

3 Ralph and Vanellope vs Virus Ralph

The laziest final battle since The Emoji Movie and the final battle in Wreck it Ralph 2 is the laziest one I have ever seen.

After Ralph sets off a virus to mess with Slaughter Race in order to get Vanellope to leave which angers her that she storms off telling him not to follow her the virus escapes into the internet scans Ralph and creates multiple Ralph clones who begin wrecking havoc all over the internet before morphing into a massive giant Ralph monster seeking Vanellope as Ralph and Vanellope attempt to stop the massive Godzilla like virus Ralph. - egnomac

4 Vanellope Arrives at

Self promotion land. Not even Emoji Movie was dumb enough to do this.

As Vanellope joins Yesss staff in spamming users with pop up ads for Ralph Videos she is sent to thanks to Ralph as we are bombarded with numerous Disney references. - egnomac

5 Ralph Sees the Comments Section

He got what he deserved for making a terrible sequel.

Ralph comes across the comments section of his videos and while some of the comments are positive a lot of negative comments about him which really hurt Ralph as Yesss shows up seeing how much Ralph is hurting from the negative comments as she tries to convince him to ignore them. - egnomac

6 Ralph and Vanellope's Goodbye

After the internet is restored Ralph finally accepts Vanellope's decision to stay in Slaughter Race as the two say their goodbye's as Ralph gives her the other half of his broken medal she gave him in the first movie as Ralph returns to the arcade and Vanellope goes off to Slaughter Race. - egnomac

7 The Princesses Save Ralph

After Ralph manages to stop the giant Ralph virus he falls and is rescued by the Disney princesses who all uses their special skills to make sure Ralph land safety. - egnomac

8 Ralph and Vanellope Go to the Internet

More like they go to Textopolis.

To get a replacement wheel for Sugar Rush Vanellope and Ralph enter the internet via Litwak's new Wi-Fi router. - egnomac

9 Stealing Shanks Car

In an attempt to earn the money to pay for the replacement steering wheel on eBay Ralph and Vanellope turn to J.P. Spamley who gives them a job of stealing a valuable car belonging to Shank from Slaughter Race, the two cleverly mange to steal it but are stopped by Shank and her crew and forced to give it back. - egnomac

10 Sugar Rush Gets Unplugged

After that, the movie went downhill. I should have left then, got a refund since 15 minutes has not passed and pirated the movie and watched the rest at home. I would have done all of it if only I knew the movie was going to be THAT BAD.

After Vanellope overrides the players control to test out Ralph's newly created bonus track the wheel from the Sugar Rush cabinet breaks off and since the company that made Sugar Rush is out of business and the cost of replacing the broken wheel is too expensive Mr. Litwak unplugs the Sugar Rush cabinet as all the Sugar Rush characters are forced to flee the game and are now left homeless. - egnomac

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11 Fortnite references

It only got way worse from the first reference.


12 The Brief Appearance of Nick Wilde from Zootopia

How many lists is this on?

13 Sonic explains what Wi-Fi is

its funy

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