Top Ten Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Dream Matches

Whether or not it will ever happen, here are the match ups we'd most want to see between fighters from Street Fighter against characters from Mortal Kombat.

The Top Ten

1 Liu Kang vs Ryu

The top guy from Street Fighter vs The Top guy from Mortal Kombat in a battle to determine the greatest fighter in the world who wouldn't want to see that, my money's on Ryu. - ZZDOORAL

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2 Chun-Li vs Sonya Blade

The toughest chick from Street Fighter vs the bad ass Special force agent Sonya Blade who wouldn't want to see these chicks go head to head. - egnomac

3 Baraka vs Vega

Oppesites do make a good set up. One is handsome and vain, the other is just pure ugly. Both carry bladed weponds.

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4 Akuma vs Scorpion

These should not be No. 1 who head just because the protagonists are leaders, ahh! Unfortunate

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5 Zangief vs Goro

Ever wondered if the Red Cyclone could topple a four armed monster.

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6 Reptile vs Vega
7 Kitana vs Cammy

That would be awesome to see the two fight!


Cool. Cammy could probably dodge herself out of a lot of attacks. Yet Kitana-Chan is very strong... Kinda hard to imagine Cammy getting fatalitied though... 🐱

8 Johnny Cage vs Ken Masters

Second bests vs each other. Come on, Scorpion sucks.

9 Kano vs Sagat
10 Sub-Zero vs Ryu

The Contenders

11 M. Bison vs Shang Tsung
12 Kotal Kahn vs Blanka
13 Mileena vs Juri
14 Jax Briggs vs Guile
15 Nightwolf vs T. Hawk
16 Kabal vs Ralento
17 Shao Kahn vs M. Bison

The two bosses aw yeah

18 Liu Kang vs Fei Long
19 Scorpion vs Ken
20 Ryu vs Scorpion
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