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121 Me Too - Meghan Trainor
122 New Age - Marlon Roudette - Grant Scott
123 Gimme Hope Jo'anna - Eddy Grant
124 I Just Called to Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder

This is a fantastic song, why is this even on here? I could listen to Stevie Wonder everyday and I would never get tired of his voice.

Like Fingernails on a chalk board!

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125 Slow Down - Selena Gomez

I hate this song. It irritates me all the time. Overplayed and a meaningless song. She couldn't sound well, her dance step are too bad. Actually gross.

Though I like her acting, and some of her songs, I don't understand how Smells Like Teen Spirit is higher.

Selena Gomez and her songs are amazing! How did it get on here.

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126 My Name Is - Eminem

The first time I heard this song, I thought it was a radio joke mocking white rappers. Awful song, Eminem's voice sounds like a cartoon in this song.

I'm actually a massive Eminem fan but to be honest this song is pretty annoying

When this song came out I said this guy is going to get laughed off the face of the Earth! Even worse than Vanilla Ice! To this day,this is one of the dumbest songs I've ever heard. And yes, I hate rap music, but if one song comes along that sounds decent I'll say so, but this isn't it!

127 Ex's & Oh's - Elle King

The worst song with the worst grammar. Overplayed as hell. Yes, I know you can count to three now shut the hell up.

It was cute at first, a bit of a novelty, Billie Holidayish although frankly I never liked Billie Holiday with her 'little crazy' voice. Anyhow, now Elle is all over the place, even in Heineken T.V. ads and has become background music to the Heineken-drinking overly self-conscious hipster doofus crowd. I'm thinking her career will be over soon when the hipsters start looking for a new lifestyle soundtrack.

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128 S&M - Rihanna

Can't stand the sex talk at all! I can't believe Rihanna would move from "Pon De Replay" to this trite!

Failed. Worst song and singer ever. Definitely. Worst lyrics, voice etc.

When all else fails start singing about sex. Pathetic. At least it's not as annoying as Umbrella. I think that song is what set CB off.

129 Something in the Water - Brooke Fraser

No, I love this song!

130 Hampster Dance - Hampton the Hampster

Its adorable the first time I heard it. Then you realize how annoying it is if your playing this song in a surround sound stereo in full blast

To be honest I really like this song. But it gets annoying after a while.

There was a time were we were actually dumb enough to like this song,luckily we don't anymore

131 Waterfalls - TLC

TLC has so many good songs yet this one seems to be the one that gets all the airplay. What About your Friends, Red Light Special, Diggin' On You are so much better TLC songs that don't get the radio play that this song gets. At least it's not as bad as Scrubs!

Who the hell put this one here? Back in the day tlc was the shut and this was one of the #1 hits. It just comes to show people don't know real music even if I threw a bunch of Mc albums at them.

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132 Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd

People this guy used to do cocain that is why he made this song. Cocain makes you numb. Now do u get the reason this song was made?

It's a dumb song. Period. There's no creative element or creative song arrangement in this piece of crap.

I gag every time this song comes on. My radio doesn't switch stations fast enough

This is quite a good song

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133 We Did It - Dora the Explorer

Don't ask me why I listened to this since I'm a boy, but when I put it at 1% volume, all the glass in my house broke. It's so bad, my ears were bleeding the whole time. If they make a 10 hour version of this, I'll personally blow up my head in front of whoever made this crap.

I hate Dora the explorer this should be first

It says the same thing over again exsept sometimes they talk about what they did

134 Hit or Miss - Jacob Sartorius
135 Panda - Desiigner
136 Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

I hoped she would go back to her roots, but nope. She released a new single that's even worse than Shake it off and I GUARANTEE YOU it will top the billboard hot 100 - railfan99

This should be higher than baby by Justin Bieber. At least baby is cute this song is just trash - JESUSISKING

Just her voice repeating "Look what you made me do" with synthetic farts in the background. - Lunala

137 Just Dance - Lady Gaga

Come on lady gaga is bae

138 Love the Way You Lie - Eminem

Really? REALLY?!?! Why?! Eminem's only bad songs are: Fack, Cleaning Out My Closet, and 3am

You think this song is suck? Go home, you are drunk

I love this song and why the hell is this on the list I mean come on this is a awesome song

This song is good

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139 Hey, Soul Sister - Train

I don't think this really is that bad of a song. At least it's not worse than "Anaconda" or "Shake it Off". - creed99

It repeats itself over and over

Better than Work

This song is good.

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140 I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

This song make me want to poop

The black eyed peas are just a bunch of low quality morons with nothing else better to do.

Should be way higher, or at lest I find it rather obnoxious.

Its O.K I guess

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