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1 Fantastic Four (2015)

Are You SERIOUS?!, How Is This Garbage Not On The List?! Yet You Say Inception Is Boring And Dull? , The Creator Of This List Is Probably A Troll And Likes This Movie - VideoGamefan5

You really think 2001 a space odyssesy is boring, but not this? , seriously guys? - VideoGamefan5

You know, I actauly liked this movie a lot. - RecklessGreed

2 Titanic

Most overrated live-action movie; clear prof as to why I'm nowhere near a person for romance movies... with maybe one exception or two. Either way, I hate this film. - TylertheTitan

Yea it was actually pretty boring since it was 3 hours long and just your average romance movie (-1/10). But this is worse. -21/10 - AlphaQ

This is actually a pretty awesome movie!

This is a great film and it a true story

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3 Battlefield Earth

This should be number one

4 Inception

How is this movie boring?! It does have a long running time and it is confusing, but it is thrilling and ultimately mind-blowing! It's bad enough that this is already on this list, but #1?! WHY.

I couldn't understand the movie fully for first time. But both times I enjoyed it. I mean I didn't feel bore. It had lots of thrilling scenes. - zxm

How is this film boring?. I would like to know

Number 4? I pray this is a stupid joke...

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5 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This is the prime example I bring up whenever I explain to people that there is a massive difference between movies that are slow and movies that are boring, just because a movie has no action it doesn't automatically mean it's boring, and just because a movie has a lot of action it doesn't automatically mean it's exciting

What happened? It had so much potential, but it squandered it by taking the worst problems in the sci-fi action genre and squeezing them into a 150-minute mess of a movie.

6 Dangerously Close

For a thriller, it's very unentertaining. The characters are so one-dimensional that I could not be invested. - MonkeeJuice

7 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is an amazing film. It makes it onto my favorite films of all time list no doubt, but it can be a bit boring at times. It's mainly effects showing off their skills, but they do it a little too much. I wish it had more dialogue. Oh well. Overall, this movie is my favorite film by Kubrick. And no, I haven't seen A Clockwork Orange yet. - MontyPython

This is a very boring movie but you gotta remember, boring does not equal bad. I have no problem with anyone that voted for this movie. I do have a problem with people complaining about how it's boring. "I feel like they could've done more" is one quote. This one of the most boring movies of all time but it's also one of the greatest. - Cucboi99

Sure it's a long movie and hard to stay awake through, but it's a good film.

You need to be patient to watch this movie - TheHabsFan

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8 Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Long and boring - Dvafan2

Agree. even though I love superheroes I hate this and it even takes like centuries to finish I wanna destroy this

Way too long

9 Suicide Squad

Honestly, this movie is forgettable. I do not remember jack crap about it.


10 Popeye

I could never sit through this as a kid.

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? Dragonball: Evolution

Add Batman & Robin

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11 Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

What is THIS? - Ananya

12 The Happening

Ironic how nothing happens in it. - RalphBob

One of the most incoherent, nonsensical horror films of all time.

13 The Last Airbender


This should be first place.

14 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
15 A Serbian Film

There are a lot of things to describe this movie, boring is not one of them

16 Gettysburg

I love war films but this has to be one of the most boring, disappointing films I've ever watched. Horrible dialogue filled with Hollywood speeches and dull, close-up only battle scenes. I never got the sense of truly being on the battlefield. Glory was directed much better and gave a riveting intensity before and during the final battle scene. This movie also felt preachy and was endorsed by the religious right. In addition, it was way way too long.

I really like this movie. I'm only fifteen years old, but I really do. But it is just so long. Gone with the Wind, Cleopatra, and Lawrence of Arabia are three of my favorite movies ever. But, my god, it is just so long, even compared to those three. It's really a great film, but I understand why people say it's boring.

Who could have ever thought a movie about the Civil War could be so boring. - egnomac

17 Twilight

Why Inception? Why 2001: a space odyssey?

In the name of god who the hell create this list so wrong and why this is not in number one?

I saw it at my best friend's sleepover. WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! I'm glad I fell asleep before it ended.

My sister said she fell asleep at the cinema when this movie was on

It's one of the most boring movies ever.

18 Frozen

Yes. How interesting. A princess with ice powers runs away to the mountains and her sister comes running for her.
Her sister falls, goes to shop, goes after ice sister again with reindeer and Chris...
They are chased by wolfs (Yawn) then they fall, run into a retarded snowman, look for sister,
Queen freezes heart, sister has to go back for true loves kiss, finds out that Han's is evil (Yawn. )
Hans kidnaps Elsa... Elsa runs away again, Hans almost kills but Anna blocks (Could this movie get anymore boring. )
Elsa learns to control powers and they both live happily ever after...
How is this interesting?

I'd rather drink bleach than watch this again.

19 After Earth
20 Meet Joe Black

Pretty boring compared to the earlier version

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