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1 Fantastic Four (2015)

I honestly will never watch this movie

Oh, so the movie is called Fant4stic?! I call BS! - Vancedapurpleguy


This is a movie I LOATHE and others do too, the 2005-2007 movies at least were fun. When I watched this with my cousin (Who is a HUGE Fantastic Four fan), he absolutely adored the 2005-2007 movies and he thinks this movie is AN ABSOLUTE PILE OF POOP. I could go on for minutes how much I despise this movie, screw this movie. - BlazingParasol

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2 Dangerously Close

For a thriller, it's very unentertaining. The characters are so one-dimensional that I could not be invested. - MonkeeJuice

3 Titanic

Look, the Titanic isn't just a movie. IT'S REAL. And it is horrible. Even though Jack and Rose may not have been on the Titanic, it was horrible. On the fateful night of April 12th 1912(I think), the ship hit an iceberg. According to Bright Side, it also had something to do with fire. I'm too lazy to continue, so just do it yourself on YouTube.

Stupid movie!

Most overrated live-action movie; clear prof as to why I'm nowhere near a person for romance movies... with maybe one exception or two. Either way, I hate this film. - TylertheTitan

This is actually a pretty awesome movie!

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4 Twilight

I can hardly make it through the first half an hour


Why Inception? Why 2001: a space odyssey?

In the name of god who the hell create this list so wrong and why this is not in number one?

I saw it at my best friend's sleepover. WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! I'm glad I fell asleep before it ended.

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5 2001: A Space Odyssey

I can't get past the Ape scene without falling asleep!

This isn't a boring film, at least to me. I found it to be interesting and beautiful. Titanic isn't boring once you get to the part where the ship is sinking, though I think *that* film is overrated. This film is a masterpiece. - UltraSmartPerson

In the critics viewpoint,
Boring and long = masterpiece
You know what that makes sense - Weirdest-thing

People defend this one becasue it's a Kubrick movie and a "classic". But the reality is that it's really just a boring movie, with not much else going for it other than the visuals. - BlipBlop65

How is this boring?
This is one of the classics!

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6 Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

I like this movie and I am not going to say I don't like this movie it makes me sleep

Made me want to sleep - Dvafan2

The movie never ended! - TheHabsFan

Long and boring - Dvafan2

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7 Inception


How is this movie boring?! It does have a long running time and it is confusing, but it is thrilling and ultimately mind-blowing! It's bad enough that this is already on this list, but #1?! WHY.

I couldn't understand the movie fully for first time. But both times I enjoyed it. I mean I didn't feel bore. It had lots of thrilling scenes. - zxm

How is this film boring?. I would like to know

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8 Battlefield Earth

This should be number one

9 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Too much focusing on the humans and some long boring scenes

This is the prime example I bring up whenever I explain to people that there is a massive difference between movies that are slow and movies that are boring, just because a movie has no action it doesn't automatically mean it's boring, and just because a movie has a lot of action it doesn't automatically mean it's exciting

What happened? It had so much potential, but it squandered it by taking the worst problems in the sci-fi action genre and squeezing them into a 150-minute mess of a movie.

10 Suicide Squad

Honestly, this movie is forgettable. I do not remember jack crap about it.

Where’s the plot? The first 20 minutes of the movie is just minor characters sitting at a table talking about the main characters. That is nearly 1/5 of the movie right there. what!? Then, the movie takes forever to get to an anti-climax. This movie is even worse than Bayformers because at least those movies tried to have a plot.


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? Prometheus
? Hunter Killer

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11 Fifty Shades of Grey

Not boring *lenny face*

The book is so bad it's good. Take out Anastasia's hilarious terrible monologues and you get this boring film. - Elric-san

12 Frozen

Avoid this movie at all costs! I forgot the plot of this movie, which is why it should be #1!

It is stupid

Yes. How interesting. A princess with ice powers runs away to the mountains and her sister comes running for her.
Her sister falls, goes to shop, goes after ice sister again with reindeer and Chris...
They are chased by wolfs (Yawn) then they fall, run into a retarded snowman, look for sister,
Queen freezes heart, sister has to go back for true loves kiss, finds out that Han's is evil (Yawn. )
Hans kidnaps Elsa... Elsa runs away again, Hans almost kills but Anna blocks (Could this movie get anymore boring. )
Elsa learns to control powers and they both live happily ever after...
How is this interesting?

7/10 from me - BlazingParasol

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13 The Last Airbender


This should be first place.

14 Popeye

This could have been funny as a short skit on SNL, but as a movie it got old real quick. I hated the characters with a passion.

I could never sit through this as a kid.

15 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I almost feel alseep watching this its that boring half the movie is the "resistance" running away - Dvafan2

16 The Happening

As if it wasn't already bad they added mark wahlberg to the cast

Ironic how nothing happens in it. - RalphBob

One of the most incoherent, nonsensical horror films of all time.

17 Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

What is THIS? - Ananya

18 The Darkest Minds
19 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
20 Captain Marvel

Brie Larson showed no authentic emotion throughout the whole, as well as the audience from beginning to end.

21 Divergent

Divergent is just boring its sequels were bad as well this movie is bascally the hunger games but with segergation even the maze runner trigoly was way better than all 3 of these movies - Dvafan2

22 Gettysburg

I love war films but this has to be one of the most boring, disappointing films I've ever watched. Horrible dialogue filled with Hollywood speeches and dull, close-up only battle scenes. I never got the sense of truly being on the battlefield. Glory was directed much better and gave a riveting intensity before and during the final battle scene. This movie also felt preachy and was endorsed by the religious right. In addition, it was way way too long.

I really like this movie. I'm only fifteen years old, but I really do. But it is just so long. Gone with the Wind, Cleopatra, and Lawrence of Arabia are three of my favorite movies ever. But, my god, it is just so long, even compared to those three. It's really a great film, but I understand why people say it's boring.

Who could have ever thought a movie about the Civil War could be so boring. - egnomac

23 After Earth
24 The Artist

Incredibly boring hard to get into considering its a silent movie, how in the world does a actor who doesn't speak one word in the movie win an Oscar for best actor - egnomac

25 Meet Joe Black

Pretty boring compared to the earlier version

26 Grease
27 The Lion King (2019)
28 The English Patient

This movie was so boring it hurt. My girlfriend wanted to leave about 30 minutes into it. I convinced her to endure it. In retrospect, leaving would have been the wise choice.

Seinfeld anyone? - MaxPap

29 Avatar

Could've been better if it was shorter. - TheStormBolt

This movie is amazing you guys suck. If you are looking for action this is the best movie ever. You have the worst opinion ever if you put this on the top 10n list of most boring movies. You guys suck.

Marines invading a planet with blue monkeys. How the hell did they screw this up and make it so excruciatingly boring? - Shadsilvson11

30 Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
31 Ice Age: Continental Drift
32 The Da Vinci Code
33 The Room

So bad it's good.

The movie is more hilarious than boring

No no no! It's not boring, you don't understand! - Ananya

34 Apollo 13
35 Gerry

They walked through the dessert then then walked some more then they trudged through the dessert, then they trudged some more Z... What was I saying? I must have nodded off z

This is the most boringest movie ever. I fell asleep in the first 5 minutes of this movie. I don't even know what most of it is about because I can't stay awake to find out!

36 A Serbian Film

There are a lot of things to describe this movie, boring is not one of them

37 Safe
38 Beauty and the Beast (2017)
39 Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

This one is nothing more than just poppycock - Ananya

40 Ripley's Game
41 Empire
42 Foodfight!

Sucks boring too animated shaders 1 star rate too much box office - SpencerJC

43 Wonder Woman
44 The Black Dahlia

Can we watch something else besides watching a forensic files movie about a chopped-up woman because I'm bored to death!?!

45 Elektra
46 The Blair Witch Project

Not to mention the photography, which made me nauseas

Most boring movie of all time! At least it's short

47 Jack and Jill
48 Alien
49 John Carter
50 Vanilla Sky
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