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61 The Blackcoat's Daughter

AKA " February ". The DVD is available in Europe ( where I come from ) and will not be released I heard before 2017 in the USA. This movie with Emma Roberts ( fantastic as a " possesed from Satan " girl who kill and cut heads off with a knife ) is awesome. But the movie is very confusing. It's about three girls ( two who are possesed ) but it's filmed in present time / regressed time / future time which makes it very confusing ( but still understandable ). The end of the movie on the other hand is very confusing ( I didn't get it ) because it doesn't really shows what happened after Satan leaves the body of one of the girls while the other girl ( Emma Roberts ) is clearly still possesed ( but the movie was about the related possesion of the two girls ). It's in fact so confusing that I can't descibed it but it is nevertheless a movie worth to watch. Maybe I have to watch it more than twice ( and I don't mind to do so with good movies ) to understand this movie.

62 Begotten
63 American Psycho
64 Suicide Squad
65 Stalker
66 The Shining

The scariest part about this movie is that it absolutely makes no sense. Like why is jack going crazy or why are there two british girls chasing danny everywhere? Everyone's afraid of the unknown.

Should be way higher! I don't think anyone knows the true meaning or origin but ol' stan

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