Top 10 Most Confusing Movies


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61 X-Men: Days of Future Past
62 Tomorrowland
63 The Blackcoat's Daughter

AKA " February ". The DVD is available in Europe ( where I come from ) and will not be released I heard before 2017 in the USA. This movie with Emma Roberts ( fantastic as a " possesed from Satan " girl who kill and cut heads off with a knife ) is awesome. But the movie is very confusing. It's about three girls ( two who are possesed ) but it's filmed in present time / regressed time / future time which makes it very confusing ( but still understandable ). The end of the movie on the other hand is very confusing ( I didn't get it ) because it doesn't really shows what happened after Satan leaves the body of one of the girls while the other girl ( Emma Roberts ) is clearly still possesed ( but the movie was about the related possesion of the two girls ). It's in fact so confusing that I can't descibed it but it is nevertheless a movie worth to watch. Maybe I have to watch it more than twice ( and I don't mind to do so with good movies ) to understand this movie.

64 Begotten
65 American Psycho
66 Suicide Squad
67 No Way Out
68 Passengers
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