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1 A Clockwork Orange

Withdrawn in all forms and not re-released until after the death (27 years later) of the director, Stanley Kubrick, who feared the "droogs" would come and get him and his family, as there had already been copycat crimes committed.

This movie was released back in 1971? That's pretty old for such a controversial film like this.

A classic movie! Crossed all the boundaries

Heard it was banned - zxm

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2 A Serbian Film

Anyone who watches the unrated version would almost certainly vote for this film.

This movie may be disgusting but it's not horrible. Just don't watch if you get sick easily of if you find some of the scenes in the film offensive. - DumbBich

This movie deserves to get banned in every country. - PerfectImpulseX

NEVER EVER watch this - harr4

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3 The Passion of the Christ

this is one of the movies in which I suffered more, beacuse my saw how Father was punished wrongly; but I felt worse, when I realized that He died because of all the sins I have made - rock2metal

Mel Gibson Details the Last 12 Hours of Jesus' Life in a brutal way (maybe that's the truth maybe not... ) and that has given birth to a big controversy for his movie - MatrixGuy

Maybe Gibson exaggerated some things with Jesus punishment. We don't know it exactly but still this movie is classic! - Alexandr

When there's a movie that doesn't involve white Christians feeling sorry, it sucks

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4 Cannibal Holocaust

The possible snuff film. - MoldySock

No it's not. The director was released after everyone found out the actors were still alive, though they did actually kill animals in the movie - Kfox101

This deserves the #1 spot. Judging by the synopsis, I will never watch this.
It sounds like the worst thing to ever come out of Italy since Benito Mussolini. - PerfectImpulseX

5 Salo

It shows how barbaric, twisted and perverted human beings can be. In my opinion, this movie is the most controversial and disturbing of them all. I can't imagine people sitting in a movie theater watching it! - mood333

6 The Last Temptation of Christ
7 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

When I first watched this and the "shut your face" song started playing, I was silent for a few seconds and then I'm like, "this is the greatest movie of all time" - Kfox101

It's South Park. Get over it

Well It's South Park - JPK

This movie's original rating was NC-17 but it was changed to R two weeks before it's release - CommentandList

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8 Fahrenheit 9/11
9 Freaks
10 Natural Born Killers

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11 The Human Centipede

This movie is SO screwed up on so many ways. It should definitely be higher on the list.

12 Caligula
13 Song of the South

Huh. Doesn't look controversial from the picture of a happy cartoon bunny on the cover. I have been wrong before though. - RalphBob

14 Kids

When I saw this movie I found it extremely lame. Nothing shocked me in this overrated movie. I live in Europe and if it's typical American to call a film like this controversial,I think you got very restricted lifes back there.

15 I Spit on Your Grave (1978)
16 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

One of the most disturbing movies in history the shocking deaths and brutal violence will make you cringe - egnomac

Much better than Psycho - Strobo

17 The Interview


18 The Da Vinci Code
19 The Birth of a Nation
20 Titicut Follies
21 Borat


22 Melancholie der Engel
23 Last Tango in Paris
24 Do the Right Thing
25 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
26 Pretty Baby
27 Beauty and the Beast (2017)

*cough* *cough* LeFou *cough* *cough* - PerfectImpulseX

28 The Prince of Egypt
29 Ghostbusters (2016)
30 Brokeback Mountain

Controversial for a stupid reason.

31 Pink Flamingos
32 Antichrist
33 Saw
34 The Deer Hunter
35 JFK

There is no way you can watch this movie and not completely question the American government. Oliver Stone's 1991 film was extremely controversial because of its cold, hard facts about the Kennedy assassination. After watching this film, your views will be forever changed. - rambocrazyhorse

"Cold, hard facts"?
Not really, more like convoluted hallucinations.
If you think this movie presented anything but fictional drama, you are hallucinating too.

36 Deliverance
37 Scarface

One of the more violent gang movies, it was originally given an NC rating at one point. - egnomac

This movie is beyond anything bad. It has a lot of drugs, nudity, sex, and gore.

But the movie was awesome.

38 The Exorcist

That should be number 2

A lot of people thought that linda blair was possessed the whole time and that the movie was cursed. She was injurred onset and another actor on set, jack macgowen, died unexpectedly.

39 Hostel: Part II
40 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

It stars a very controversial music artist who loves to pee in mop buckets, do drugs, and lick stripper's boobs.

41 Apocalypse Now
42 Sausage Party
43 Nadesico the Motion Picture: Prince of Darkness
44 Meat Grinder
45 Battle Royale
46 Deep Throat
47 Crash
48 The Green Mile
49 Toy Story 3

I don't even know how this movie was released. I was deeply disturbed by it

50 Spider-Man 3

Is it controversial because of Emo peter or that they didn't do venom right at all?

Harry dies in this one, when he finally forgives Peter! - roblist

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