Top Ten Most Delicious Fruits

Find out the top ten most delicious fruits ever grown...

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1 Mango

they are the best. along with kiwi and pineapple.

Mango products are among the best fruits in the world. If I had a $1 for every mango I ate, I would probably be able to buy myself a nice steak dinner with fries and maybe even a baked potato!

I love mango. Every bite with a sweet taste. And juice sliding down your mouth. Truly the best fruit I have ever had. I eat it almost every day.


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2 Strawberries

The big red ones just make your mouth water

Strawberry are Fruits you can't live without. The red delicious fruits you would always love. They are the Best and Delicious Fruits - Dreamformusic

Has about 40_50 seeds in them are red and the seeds are green the little tiny leaf on top of it is green they are a great bedtime snack

No! I hate strawberries! - Piplup

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3 Watermelon

YUMMY!... like wow it just fresheness your mouth.. mmm I'm going to have a piece right now... - SmoothCriminal

Simply THE most delicious fruit I have ever eaten. I only discovered it a few years ago when I moved to the south-west of England. I keep it in the fridge and eat it every single day (no exaggeration). I'm addicted to the stuff but it is a healthy addiction.

It's the best fruit for summer just when I come from my school I cut and eat it it is so juicy and sweet and freshens our mind and mouth love its awesome taste


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4 Pineapple

Its taste, no fruit can much even the ants love this fruit than any other

Yummy sweet, sour, and juicy, everything you want in a fruit.

I love pineapple. Remind me of tropical

It's obvious

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5 Apple

APPLE'S IN TENTH?! I have an apple every day. They can be great in pies and cakes and even plain! Gotta love them apples!

The skin of the apples is very healthy has vitamins and minerals in it that are good for the human body

Apples are 100% my favorite fruits, they come in such a variety, anybody can find one that fits their taste!

It just tastes so juicy and can make cider, juice, pie, cake, jam, sauce, and other things!

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6 Banana

Bananas are the best fruit that I have ever had and I believe they should be higher up on the list. Anyway, they are so sweet and have so much flavor when they are ripe enough. They remind me of vacation and tropical islands unlike some of the fruits at the top of the list.

One word: DELICIOUS. Bananas are simply the BEST fruit EVER. I like bananas, banana candy, banana milk, banana juice, banana clothes, banana jokes, banana republic, banana phone, and banana peels.

Bananas are full of potassium and fiber. A great fruit to keep you going through the day. It's a very versatile fruit also. It can be made into shakes, smoothies, pudding, and much more!

Strawberry banana smoothies! And bananas are just yummy

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7 Blueberry

They are moderately sweet and go with nearly all dishes

Delicious and sweet fruit. I love blueberries and I think it should be number 1

Blueberry should be number one! Crave the sourness.


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8 Raspberry

How come this delicious, tasty, tart yet sweet fruit isn't in First Place!?!

I live in India and I have not tasted raspberries yet. And in our Indian markets most of the temperate fruits are not available ( except the strawberries ). But just after looking at their pics I lose myself in their yumminess. And even though I have not tasted them yet, I believe that they are super duper tasty. Wanna have some now! Off! Can't control myself and gonna visit the GROFERS in search of some of them...

I love raspberries! Reminds me of my grandma's garden! This should be first!

I love raspberries because they mostly fit in every dessert and every meal + they are delicious

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9 Grape

Are super juicy sometimes have seeds in them also they grow on vines

Purple grapes are better than green.

They are sweet and inexpensive

Grapes are great - codydoestuff

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10 Passion Fruit

I never had a yellow passion fruit before, so I was a little hesitant to try it, but OH MY LIFE, IT WAS A FRUIT AWAKENING. Honestly the loveliest fruit I have ever had the privilege of eating. This fruit is way underrated and needs to be apart of your life.

I've never had it as a fruit, but I've had it in ice cream form and I finished the whole tub in a day

These things are amazing. Why are these not higher up on the list!? Perfection


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The Contenders

11 Pomegranate

Pomegranates are not only the tastiest fruit, but also one of the healthiest!

The pomegranate is my favourite fruit, not only it taste good it also looks really cool and rare like diamonds

Pomegranate should be #3. Enriched with antioxidants, for many beneficial values towards your skin.

Amazing flavor

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12 Peach

I LOVE peaches. Especially when it's a hot day and you pull out a cold peach from the fridge. Their juicy taste. Oh.

Cold region fruit. Juicy fruit, large, hard and bitter seed. Age of fruit is 4 months approx. Color is red and yollow. - axifali

I love peaches. Soft texture, furry skin, juice dripping, you name it. But don't mention that princess that is always bring kidnapped.

Peaches are my favorite. Especially when they are crispy. Where I live, it is pretty expensive but they are just awesome

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13 Lychee

My mom showed me lychee when I was a small child and I still love it! The taste is devine, the fruit tender. It's very memorable!

Lychee is the BEST!

It should come in the top ten list

Simply d best or best. Yummy yum

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14 Orange

mmmmmmm I love oranges and mangos equally the same. so sweet and juicy! - foxrocks

Oranges are the best juicy fruits, though they may be little annoying.. :).

Oranges are like the fruits which when I eat brings joy from sadness

It should be #3! it is super good!

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15 Kiwi

The kiwi fruit attracts my attention because of the chicken sized bird in New Zealand. After trying it, I seriously got addicted to it!

It looks ugly, but don't judge A book by its cover. Very yummy

Stop it your making me hungry!

Eat 5 a day sometimes

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16 Lemon

Lets go lemons! We all know lemons are great (coff.. peaches) but you don't need to be sour about it! - Team Lemons. And that is a fact. I am a part of team lemons and peaches stink. #Peaches suck #Lemon Nation #Lemons are amazing #Suck it peaches #Lemons for president

Can be really sour but is delicious and can be used in drinks and to season foods like chicken and Turkey

First of all I thought that lemon is vegetable then that is actually a fruit it has awesome sweet and salty taste just I love it

Lemon should be #5. Who doesn't love the tangibleness of the lemon?

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17 Honeydew

I'm sort of sad that honeydew is so low down on the list. It's always been my favorite fruit and it's strange to me that so many people don't find it appealing compared to other apparently more superior fruits. I know that sometimes you can get a sour bite and then you sort of doubt if you really even liked honeydew at all, but then your doubts are put to shame when you find a more delicious bite and your tastebuds are satisfied. Mmmm. Okay jeeze I'm ranting about fruit now I'm sorry.

Most amazing fruit ever

Mild and soft taste

What's wrong with you pwople! Are you all nuts?! Honeydew should be in the top ten at LEAST!

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18 Blackberry

? How come blackberry is not 1st? Blackberry is one of sweetest and delicious I ever had. Try Naturipe brands. Those brands gives a great flavor compare other brands.

Blackberry and raspberry with a touch of agave nectar is the BEST.

Blackberries are the best nothing can ever beat a blackberry

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19 Cantaloupe

This fruit tastes like honey, only juicier and more delicious. It's a beige and hard on the outside but when you cut it open, It's a beautiful yellow and delicious juice is leaking out. This fruit is absolutely the most extraordinary and tasty.

I love to make smoothies with cantaloupe and they're delicious

I hate cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is obviously the best. This should be number1!

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20 Gooseberry

I think gooseberry taste like grape when I eat it. It's one of great green fruit.

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