Top Ten Most Delicious Fruits

Find out the top ten most delicious fruits ever grown...

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1 Mango

Nothing beats mango!

Tastiest fruit you will ever taste!

Most delicious fruit ever

they are the best. along with kiwi and pineapple.

2 Strawberries

They're just the ultimate best, they should be #1 not mango

The best fruit ever

Bruh I love strawberries I could put them in every smoothie I drink

It tasted good today okay bye

3 Watermelon

I love the watermelon flavour - Dovewing303

Watermelon should be first I disagree with this! I would make a rant if I have to

THE MOST best fruit I have ever tasted
11/10 would eat again

So many types of goddam wstermelon man!

4 Pineapple

Gift from the Gods.

Yummy sweet, sour, and juicy, everything you want in a fruit.

Its taste, no fruit can much even the ants love this fruit than any other

I love pineapple. Remind me of tropical

5 Apple

Amazing fruit. The one I eat every day since I was born of Earth

To the comment below me: an apple will keep ANYONE away if you throw it hard enough!

APPLE'S IN TENTH?! I have an apple every day. They can be great in pies and cakes and even plain! Gotta love them apples!

The skin of the apples is very healthy has vitamins and minerals in it that are good for the human body

6 Banana

So convenient

I hate them but they're good if they're with strawberries in a smoothie - Puppytart

Not if they’re overripe

Bananas are the best fruit that I have ever had and I believe they should be higher up on the list. Anyway, they are so sweet and have so much flavor when they are ripe enough. They remind me of vacation and tropical islands unlike some of the fruits at the top of the list.

7 Peach

Peaches are amazing!

Hmmm... I wish peaches were higher, but I can't argue with 7th. The texture is so nice when you just bite into them! They go great in a fruit cocktail with cherries and pomegranate. Ooh, and star fruit! Peach, star fruit, cherry, and pomegranate are the BEST! My fave fruits!

The taste is so good

The funny thing about it is that it looks like a butt - IceBearRules

8 Blueberry

It tastes unique from the rest of the fruits. Just has its own personality

Blech Blech and Belch what is this stuff

I heard another say bout dat was a bit stupid ya know

They are moderately sweet and go with nearly all dishes

9 Raspberry

These are so good

How come this delicious, tasty, tart yet sweet fruit isn't in First Place!?!

I live in India and I have not tasted raspberries yet. And in our Indian markets most of the temperate fruits are not available ( except the strawberries ). But just after looking at their pics I lose myself in their yumminess. And even though I have not tasted them yet, I believe that they are super duper tasty. Wanna have some now! Off! Can't control myself and gonna visit the GROFERS in search of some of them...

I love raspberries! Reminds me of my grandma's garden! This should be first!

10 Grape

Grapes all the way yay

When they are firm, they are the tastiest fruit on earth. Burst of flavour in my mouth, the red ones are definitely the best

Purple grapes are better than green.

They are sweet and inexpensive

The Contenders

11 Passion Fruit

The yummiest ever...

My family has a Pash vine!

The best taste in the world. So sweet it's amazing you just want another until you can't eat anymore and you feel sad that you can't have some more.

I had one for the first time in Hawaii this summer...SO AMAZING! Inside looks like snot, but so juicy and tart and bursting with flavor! The seeds are delightfully crunchy, too! If you've never had passion fruit, you haven't truly lived yet! PLEASE TRY ONE! I will eat them every day when I move to Hawaii!

12 Pomegranate

I just love it...

Honestly, I think pomegranates should be higher on the list. They taste great! But if you eat a pomegranate, peach, and cherries together, OH MY GOD THEIR TASTE IS UNBEATABLE. It tastes, like, so good! Pomegranate, cherry, and peach are my top 3!

Pomegranates are so good they're worth the hassle, it tastes so nice, sour or sweet. Its got an amazing sharp taste, even the seeds taste great.


13 Lychee

Not manypeople have had lychees but they are so good!

It should be 1st.

My mom showed me lychee when I was a small child and I still love it! The taste is devine, the fruit tender. It's very memorable!

Simply d best or best. Yummy yum

14 Orange


mmmmmmm I love oranges and mangos equally the same. so sweet and juicy! - foxrocks

Oranges are the best juicy fruits, though they may be little annoying.. :).

Oranges are like the fruits which when I eat brings joy from sadness

15 Kiwi

The kiwi fruit attracts my attention because of the chicken sized bird in New Zealand. After trying it, I seriously got addicted to it!

Do I even need to explain...

It looks ugly, but don't judge A book by its cover. Very yummy

Stop it your making me hungry!

16 Cantaloupe

very good

This fruit tastes like honey, only juicier and more delicious. It's a beige and hard on the outside but when you cut it open, It's a beautiful yellow and delicious juice is leaking out. This fruit is absolutely the most extraordinary and tasty.

I love to make smoothies with cantaloupe and they're delicious

I hate cantaloupe

17 Lemon

Sour but sweet best combo ever

They're amazing because they make water 100x better - Puppytart

Lets go lemons! We all know lemons are great (coff.. peaches) but you don't need to be sour about it! - Team Lemons. And that is a fact. I am a part of team lemons and peaches stink. #Peaches suck #Lemon Nation #Lemons are amazing #Suck it peaches #Lemons for president

Can be really sour but is delicious and can be used in drinks and to season foods like chicken and Turkey

18 Honeydew

Honeydews are gorgeous! not too sweet and not too sour, cheap and AMAZING after a few hours in the fridge. not as sweet as cantalopes, but not as watery or sandy as watermelon. proper fruit you can bite into with substantial fruit I'm a loser

I'm sort of sad that honeydew is so low down on the list. It's always been my favorite fruit and it's strange to me that so many people don't find it appealing compared to other apparently more superior fruits. I know that sometimes you can get a sour bite and then you sort of doubt if you really even liked honeydew at all, but then your doubts are put to shame when you find a more delicious bite and your tastebuds are satisfied. Mmmm. Okay jeeze I'm ranting about fruit now I'm sorry.

Most amazing fruit ever

Mild and soft taste

19 Blackberry

Nothing beats blackberries they should be number one...

? How come blackberry is not 1st? Blackberry is one of sweetest and delicious I ever had. Try Naturipe brands. Those brands gives a great flavor compare other brands.

Blackberry and raspberry with a touch of agave nectar is the BEST.

Blackberries are the best nothing can ever beat a blackberry

20 Cherry

Cherries are WAY better than Honeydew and Cantaloupe or even Apples and Grapes for that matter!

Cherrys rock! How could it be 21st?

It should be in the top five or ten it's one of the best fruit ever - Puppytart

Are you kidding me?! 21st?! cherries are amazing! they should at least be in top 3.

21 Gooseberry

I think this is the best fruit I ate so far It's good

I think gooseberry taste like grape when I eat it. It's one of great green fruit.

22 Clementine

It's not the most delicious.But,this fruit is so cute.We can called it small orange.

23 Apricot

I love it - Puppytart

Aweome they taste so good

Should be much more higher. I love this fruit. It is very attractive and it's yellow colour😘. It is very sweet and very wet

24 Plum

Plums are the kings of the stone fruits. They are so underrated. They're basically all the good qualities of a peach and an apricot rolled into one.

Plums are good - Puppytart

Juicy and has a dark color to it is yummy even though the taste is kinda weird that's what makes it even yummier and juicier

I like me some plums

25 Nectarine

Nectarine should be so much higher in this list!

I don't understand how nectarines are so low! They are amazing! I haven't even heard of these other fruits above nectarines. If heaven existed it would be made out of nectarines

Nectarines are like upgrades peaches. They have so much flavor! My favorite fruit.

Just the best! But you have to get a good one.

26 Mangosteen

Mangosteen is da best fruit with tangyness and sweetness and is the universe basically
Plus Hong Kong has the best mangosteen if you want it besides from the protest

The most amazing fruit in the universe.

Good one

I am not a fruit person yet I would travel all the way to Thailand or Philippines from NY, just to have this fruit! No joke! I was thinking of going to Thailand in February but I learned that it is the off season for mangosteens. How could I go to Thailand and not have a mangosteen?! I think I must postpone my trip! Seriously, the taste is indescribable. It's sweet and complex and absolutely delicious! ! Just be careful to know which mangosteens are good. When I took a trip to Spain and went to their fruit market in Barcelona, they gave me rotten mangosteens. I have never tasted a mangosteen at that point and thought it was the worst fruit ever. Years later, I went to the Philippines and, wow! What a difference! I would say only buy this from Southeast Asia! You will love it!

27 Dates

Holly taste Holly fruit

Dates are the best

It's good for Ramadan and are tasty too!

Dates are the best in middle east

28 Durian

The best fruit. Smell and taste are so good. - DaimaoPPK

Its stinky

This is the most amazing taste I've ever ever ever had in my mouth. It is sweet, a bit tart like a good yogurt, tastes like a combination of banana and a touch of lemon, and if cold, just like ice cream. Makes a fabulous smoothie. And ours didn't smell and yes, it was durian, very well ripened.

Durian is the King of fruits. So it should be no. 1. Those who don't like it are 👽

29 Pitaya

Cool feeling taste, covered with red leaves, fruit internal color white with, black small seeds, can be eatable with these seed. - axifali

These tastes so good try to pick one that is a magenta colored meat inside. Please vote for this and I hope you have a Happy New Year

M dragon fruit its like... Kiwi... But so much better.

30 Carambola

Otherwise known as star fruit. So yummy

31 Papaya

The most yum fruit and healthiest I eeat papaya everyday!

32 Dragon Fruit

This is a pitaya? - Puppytart

This fruit is sweet and packed with goodness. Having trouble understanding why this upmost delicious fruit is not the first. It comes in many different colours and varietys. Great in smoothies or just to eat. I love this fruit the best

33 Cherimoya

If you are reading this, understand that this fruit deserves the #1 spot. It is the most delicious fruit known to man. Like ice cream. No other fruit comes close, other than maybe a perfectly ripe pineapple...

It's very sweet with an almost custard like texture. If you ever get the change to try one, go for it

Chi. I am fell vomiting eating cherimoya...

Best tasting fruit in the world

34 Persimmon


The fuyu is consistently tasty, while the hachiya is high-risk, high-reward. Nothing is better than a perfectly ripe hachiya persimmon

Just had one of the Hachiya variety that was very soft to the touch. Beautiful orangish-red flesh when cut. Sweet but not overly so with a long smooth finish. Flavorful but never overpowering like some tropical fruits. My second favorite fruit after the Durian.
Beware that astringent varieties and unripe persimmons are dreadful and can make you pucker.

They are sweet, crunchy, and sometimes kinda hard to bite.

35 Jackfruit

Taste like juicy fruit gum. It's very sweet. The seeds are edible as well if you boil them

I love jack fruit

Amazing best taste ever had and it's my name!

36 Tangerine

Have thses people ever heard of cuties

How are tangerines so like
low like
i don't even know what lychees are

37 Guava

Sweet and makes for an amazing syrup guava on pancakes just makes my mouth watering thinking about it

The best fruit ever, hands down

It is awesome it is nice and soft if you like it buy it in Chinatown buy it buy it buy ti!

Awesome fruit...

38 Star fruit

I tasted this a few years ago, it was so delicious! - Dovewing303

I love star fruit thank you

A great fruit to make jam with

39 Dragon Eye
40 Pomelo

and very good for you

Tastiest thing better than grapefruit

41 Aratelis

In Mexico, the fruits are eaten and sold in markets. The fruits can be processed into jams and the leaves can be used for making tea. In Brazil, the trees are planted along river banks. The fruits falling from the tree attract fish that are then caught. In the Philippines and Indonesia the fruits are usually eaten mostly by children although they are not sold in the markets. The skin is slightly tough and often discarded by children. It looks like a small cherry but as sweet as a sugar.

Looks like small cherry but as sweet as sugar.

42 Tamarillo
43 Asian Pear

Unlike western pears, Asian pairs aren't mushy at all.

Also known as Aisian Pear or Apple Pear are by far the best! The crispness of an apple and the juiciness of a pear. Best served cut up as a snack or dessert.

44 Bell Pepper

They are vegetables

It's a vegetable brainless! - Piplup

Gross the worst

45 Fig

The common fig (Ficus carica) is a species of flowering plant in the genus Ficus, from the family Moraceae, known as the common fig, or just the fig. It is the source of the fruit also called the fig, and as such is an important crop in those areas where it is grown commercially. Native to the Middle East and western Asia, it has been sou

How come figs are not number 1# they are the sweetest most delicious fruits in the world

Best one!

46 Tomato

Tomatoes ARE fruits, they are used in a lot of delicious foods. Like PIZZA!

Tomatos are used in many nice foods.

47 Yellow Watermelon

Yum! You can get some in marks melon patch in GA

48 Custard Apple

I'm pretty sure this is cherimoya

Most delicious

49 Coconut

Chewy, nutty, with delicate oil hints in between. Summer soaked in the cradling arms of its mother--coconut milk!

Coconut should be number one on the list it is the best in the world!

I find the person who's never eaten this to be weird


50 Bacuri

Even in Brazil a few peoples know.
For me the best.
Most popular on Belém City.
Sweet, but the taste change to a sweet-acid.

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