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21 Plum

Juicy and has a dark color to it is yummy even though the taste is kinda weird that's what makes it even yummier and juicier

I like me some plums

I could eat plums all day

22 Clementine

It's not the most delicious.But,this fruit is so cute.We can called it small orange.

23 Pitaya

Cool feeling taste, covered with red leaves, fruit internal color white with, black small seeds, can be eatable with these seed. - axifali

These tastes so good try to pick one that is a magenta colored meat inside. Please vote for this and I hope you have a Happy New Year

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24 Durian

This is the most amazing taste I've ever ever ever had in my mouth. It is sweet, a bit tart like a good yogurt, tastes like a combination of banana and a touch of lemon, and if cold, just like ice cream. Makes a fabulous smoothie. And ours didn't smell and yes, it was durian, very well ripened.

It is mostly found in asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Combodia, Burma, Laos). Covered with dense and hard thorns. And green colored from outer and its fruit is yellow. With large seed in it. Common weight of prepared fruit is about 5,6 kgs. May be less depends on the climate and care condition.

I ate Durian during the time I live in beautiful Taiwan. It is truly a one of a kind fruit, nothing similar to it.

It is very expensive these day

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25 Carambola

Otherwise known as star fruit. So yummy

26 Mangosteen

I am not a fruit person yet I would travel all the way to Thailand or Philippines from NY, just to have this fruit! No joke! I was thinking of going to Thailand in February but I learned that it is the off season for mangosteens. How could I go to Thailand and not have a mangosteen?! I think I must postpone my trip! Seriously, the taste is indescribable. It's sweet and complex and absolutely delicious! ! Just be careful to know which mangosteens are good. When I took a trip to Spain and went to their fruit market in Barcelona, they gave me rotten mangosteens. I have never tasted a mangosteen at that point and thought it was the worst fruit ever. Years later, I went to the Philippines and, wow! What a difference! I would say only buy this from Southeast Asia! You will love it!

The mangosteen is not very common but you can buy it in whole foods in LA, orange county and probably in Seattle when it is in season (may to August). Its flavor is simply amazing and almost indescribable so if you come across some be sure to buy a lot. The ideal fruit is purple (not too dark) with no blotches and a semi hard skin. to eat one you lightly cut the fruit in half and twist open, one you had done that white segments will be revealed take one out at a time, pop it in your mouth and enjoy!

It's my favourite & best.I wish this fruit will be the best.


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27 Nectarine

I don't understand how nectarines are so low! They are amazing! I haven't even heard of these other fruits above nectarines. If heaven existed it would be made out of nectarines

Nectarines are like upgrades peaches. They have so much flavor! My favorite fruit.

Just the best! But you have to get a good one.

28 Dates

Dates are the best in middle east

29 Papaya

The most yum fruit and healthiest I eeat papaya everyday!

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31 Tangerine

Have thses people ever heard of cuties

How are tangerines so like
low like
i don't even know what lychees are

32 Dragon Fruit

This fruit is sweet and packed with goodness. Having trouble understanding why this upmost delicious fruit is not the first. It comes in many different colours and varietys. Great in smoothies or just to eat. I love this fruit the best

33 Jackfruit

Taste like juicy fruit gum. It's very sweet. The seeds are edible as well if you boil them

I love jack fruit

Amazing best taste ever had and it's my name!

34 Cherimoya

It's very sweet with an almost custard like texture. If you ever get the change to try one, go for it

Chi. I am fell vomiting eating cherimoya...

Best tasting fruit in the world

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35 Persimmon

Just had one of the Hachiya variety that was very soft to the touch. Beautiful orangish-red flesh when cut. Sweet but not overly so with a long smooth finish. Flavorful but never overpowering like some tropical fruits. My second favorite fruit after the Durian.
Beware that astringent varieties and unripe persimmons are dreadful and can make you pucker.

They are sweet, crunchy, and sometimes kinda hard to bite.

It's the best fruit I've ever had in my life.

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36 Aratelis

In Mexico, the fruits are eaten and sold in markets. The fruits can be processed into jams and the leaves can be used for making tea. In Brazil, the trees are planted along river banks. The fruits falling from the tree attract fish that are then caught. In the Philippines and Indonesia the fruits are usually eaten mostly by children although they are not sold in the markets. The skin is slightly tough and often discarded by children. It looks like a small cherry but as sweet as a sugar.

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37 Guava

It is awesome it is nice and soft if you like it buy it in Chinatown buy it buy it buy ti!

Awesome fruit...

Wow one of wonderful fruit,guava in new zealand.

38 Bell Pepper

It's a vegetable brainless! - Piplup

Gross the worst

39 Tomato

Tomatoes ARE fruits, they are used in a lot of delicious foods. Like PIZZA!

Tomatos are used in many nice foods.

40 Star fruit

I love star fruit thank you

A great fruit to make jam with

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