Rolling Girl


How is this 9? Sad romance songs do tug at my heart but this one takes the cake. It almost deludes you thinking that Miku at least has someone...until you get to the end and you realize she's truly alone. It's so deep and symbolic that anyone can have their own personal meaning, and I think that's what makes this song truly sad. My interpretation is that the boy, who everyone thinks is 'helping' Miku, is actually her depression telling her to stop living. How heartbreaking is that? When I thought that she at least had this random boy helping her, she really doesn't. It truly represents those who have real life depression and loneliness, and is something that I cry at imagining others actually feeling this much pain and agony.

Servant of evil? That's totally absurd! Rolling girl is about suicide! Yeah, yeah, I know Servant of evil is about giving you life for a sibling, but Rolling girl has a depressing meaning to it. The damn Len fans are probably behind this. Well, anyways, how would you feel if you were bullied ( I think it's in the song at least ) and misunderstood so much it drove you to suicide? Exactly.

I would easily rank this song as one of the saddest I've heard. Rolling Girl is a song about experiences which are real, relatable, and most of all, disturbing close to home for many people. It tells a different story for every person who listens to it, but all interpretations of the lyrics are genuinely sad. For so many people, this song tells their own story, including me. I have the opinion that at least one of the interpretations of this song applies to everyone. I challenge somebody to NOT cry listening to this.

This song... It just tells the story of someone who keeps trying and trying and trying, but thinks everything they do is a mistake. They try to "roll on", but they blame them self and hurt them self for it. It's a sad song I can really relate to and I bet a lot of others can, too. Slower versions are even sadder. How can you not cry at something that speaks to you so loudly?

What the heck? I clicked on this list to see if Rolling Girl was on the top tens list, and I get Servant of Evil? Come on, Rolling Girl connects with all of us, even though I love Servant of Evil, it's totally ridiculous on why it'S Number 1 when Rolling Girl hits closer to "home" than Servant of Evil...

Servant of Evil?! Really? GET OUT OF HERE LEN FANGIRLS! Sad and depressing are two different things! Rolling girl is depressing, Servant of Evil is sad! I don't even like servant of evil that much, the truly depressing song from that collection is the daughter of white. NOT servant of evil.

Ya know, Servant of Evil is really sad, but face it...we can cry at the story but it's not something we can empathize with. It's sad but not something that makes you go, "what if this happens to me? what if this happens to my friend? " Rolling Girl, on the other hand is something that can be related to. In real life people commit suicide because they don't feel understood, and they feel like failures. Cry at fairy tales all you want, but that doesn't take away real life's tearjerkers.

Rolling girl really mind me of my life because when my friends were ignoring me and being rude and mean to me I was all alone and I had no friends this song reminds me about him but felt back then and there and it just shows me that life gets better and someone will come and your life and help you.

This song is about someone who has too much stress or something that is making then trying to suicide or try to not have a reason to live anymore. That person has no one to comfort them until a another person comes in to this person's life and tries to fix it and fixes the suicidal person's life. The lover saved the suicidal person's life.

When I first heard rolling girl, I didn't really understand what she was talking about and I got a totally wrong meaning of it. Then I realized it was about a girl with depression trying to commit suicide, and I was really confused because they gave it such a happy upbeat tune to it and I think its really sad

The chorus always makes me want to run really fast and cry at the same time.

Don't judge... But I was this song was not sad at all to me. The top three songs really hurt my heart, but this one bored me. Apologies, apologies, I do see that this girl is getting bullied into suicide and all, but it sounded so upbeat I couldn't even shed a tear.

She's a self-harmer in world where she's ignored in anything good. Everything minorly bad she's picked on she's made mistake she says she's sorry but it's not enough. In the end it's so beautiful she wants to die but he the guy that loves her hugs her tells her let's suffer together I feel her so much servant of evil really this and other songs on this list deserve one

When I first listened to this song, I heard the upbeat tune, clashing with that depressing PV, and grew curious. When I searched the lyrics, I almost cried! I can sing the song in English now, and I either sing that or "You Are A Useless Child" By Kikko when I'm feeling down. Even though Vocaloids aren't Psychically real, I feel that they're always with me when I hear this song. I don't know why this song isn't #1, though. (Servant Of Evil is sad and all, but... Seriously? )

As far as I understand, Rolling Girl is about a mentally ill girl with a condition of hearing voices and personas of emotions. For her condition, she is bullied at school verbally and physically. She still keeps on 'rolling' everyday even though she's bullied. The main voice she hear's is her personafied depression. At the end of the song, everyone think's the man is comforting her. However, the man is her personified depression and the last lyrics at the end of the song are "Stop breathing, now. now! ", and at the end she is motionless in the man's arms. This means her personified voice most likely told her to kill her self, but it's confirmed that she did commit suicide.

How is this not #1? Rolling Girl is so scary, knowing that somewhere in the world someone is having suicidal thoughts. It's an issue in the world that needs to be resolved.

This is one of the saddest, most beautiful songs I have ever heard. For those who don't know, it is more of a suicidal song. But let me tell you, it is one of the prettiest things you have ever heard. I highly recommend it.

Sad song. It's about a girl who was driven to suicide due to bullying. Catchy, but sad - MLPFan

This one is Terrifying sad for me, Cause it brings you to the sick reality of a girl (Miku) who was bullied and tortured throughout school, she eventually wishes to die -a boy (Supposally her human version of her stress and depression) tells her to stop breathing- she wants to die and in the end she's in the arms of the boy dead.

I think it's beautiful how the last words are "so I'll stop breathing"

I sang this song before, and I cried a little because I can relate to it. A girl is pushed to suicide because of her constant failures.

Everything about this song is just so touching and sad. The video, the lyrics, the way Miku sings it. Definitely one of the saddest vocaloid songs.

It's sad because it's realistic. The only vocaloid song sadder than this is Reboot.

This song is depressing. I cried the first time I listened to it and ever since that first time I listened to it if I was feeling sad.

Insanity - the repitition of an action expecting change; this is what we learn from the song. Rolling Girl shows that the world isn't all sugar and spice and that there are people who would do the same thing over and over again expecting change.