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China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state in East Asia. It is the world's most populous state, with a population of over 1.388 billion. It was established in 1949 by Chairman Mao, the president of the communist party. Its capital is Beijing. The major cities are Shanghai, more.


I live in Thailand: Rich, loud and spoiled Chinese people everywhere. They feel they have the right to be loud because they are paying for it (even though there are other guests). Last night a large family rented 3 rooms on our floor in the hotel, they were loud all night, when someone said something they just continued being disrespectful and were perhaps even louder. Thai are very respectful and quiet, but virtually all Chinese I met scream to each other like they are using megaphones. The hotel walls are very thick (we stayed her before), but the only people you can always hear are wealthy Chinese. They don't care about other people, if they pay for something, they do what they want, and don't dare to say anything bad to them. My Chinese neighbor almost let another neighbor (a drunk Korean that passed out and forgot to close his front door) die. When we asked for her help in regard to an accident that had happened to them. She just didn't care, was even insulted that we dared to ...more

They are making foods with melamine which is not good for the health and they are owning Philippines' Spratly Island and Scarborough Shoal... Really bad

I'm a Chinese myself, with such a complex history and stand out government, crap that happens today in China is not Chinese people's fault. Things about bad manners, spiting and stare (not sure about stare though, country that doesn't have much immigrants has things like this happen), we Chinese don't like it either. But simply put, us peasant people (majority of us Chinese) were struggling with simply survival for almost 2 centuries, when there's no foreign nations try to kill us, our own people will try to kill each other other nothing. With history like this, people become selfish, and they told their kids to do the same, because that's how you survive.

Every well-developed countries had some bad stuff when they develop. Same here. Every mistakes will fix in the future.

Do you ever wonder why china is so big? Because every country around it AKA India, china wants to rule over the land. China always claims India's land. China is only little bit rich because their stuff sells all over the world. China blackmails India that if the china business train doesn't go through India they will declare war, and made in china things don't even last a day. Guess what today China is claiming Himachal and Pradesh to be a part of China. China also has started a war between India and Pakistan because they have made a deal with Pakistan that after Pakistan wins the war, Pakistan will let China make another huge train track to sell their stuff. Starting a war may be easy but does China ever understand the pain of those solders leaving their families, shame China shame! For ruining so many families for your own interests ( money,money,money).

I do think that China is a place where all is just chaos...
To be honest, the people in China are starving and no one cares.
Not even their leader!
I do not think that we should judge them by their culture and what they eat that would be wrong.

Think about it, yes they eat dogs and cats but Americans eat Cows, pig, and many other animals. In India they are grossed out about how Americans treat cows.

So no, it's wrong to judge them by their eating reference.
Yet I think that the abuse of children, adults, teenagers, and animals are disgusting.

That's why they're hated.


They are territorial thief that never follow any international territorial law.
They are bully-they bully a small
Country like Philippines
They're making a low quality and FAKE product and imported it all over the world that may cause cancer and other deadly diseases.
They say that they are the most powerful country in the world and that they are the center of the universe.
The people has a lot of pride - I cannot reach.
They spit everywhere and staring at the tourist like that they will kill you.

Chinese are good but have bad government, but most of them are rude, maybe because of melamine intake. Rude, arrogant and please don't claim what isn't yours.

I don't get why South Korea is the most hated country. Love their culture is a free country. Every South Korean that I met have a great friendly personalities. They are way more clean compare to the Chinese people. Some how I don't get along with Chinese people their really filthy and is a communists country. To my experiences don't like their personalities. North Korea I hate their government but love the people that comes from their.

Chinese they are pests of the world they hurt the people's country in which they lived they are trying to mix culture most of all whatever they go they always mate with foreigners so many countries can have Chinese blood that is why some people in many countries have disgusting mongoloid features with slant eyes and many of them have retarded or authistic people China is the source of evil they're language is terrible and macaronic they always teach other people their stupid language what ever you do Chinese people always threatening you

They people are nowhere honest and loyal... My country is infested by them... No class group is disgusting... Those with class are arrogant... The education of kids is "don't worry... Your dad is rich and you can do anything..." their accent is irritating... The way they talk is only with one volume...LOUD... I admit some are nice... But most I seen is disgusting...

China is a giant, Communist germ. What they are doing to Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan is inhumane and someone in the government should step up and acknowledge that they are being cruel and greedy to the people. The worst thing out of it all is that China's economy is ballooning, which feeds more and more to its gross government.

Never bought made in China product unless there is really no choice. These people are inferior, noisy and don't know how to respect people. Why should I buy their product?


I'm just literally scared of it :::/// I went to a Chinese supermarket and it was so disgusting :( you could easily expect some raw eel poo soup there it's gross. I found hello pandas (Japanese) but they were a Chinese rip-off.

China is the only country that have both evil of capitalism and
Communism. And sometimes their politics look like imperialism in 19th century.

The Dirtiest COPY-CAT country on Earth. They copied every things from PEN to Eiffel Tower, YES they has FAKE copy of Eiffel tower. ""Copy and make FAKE products such as iPhone. They copy and claim on it AS their own Things. They just Copy America and In return HATES America. They think they are SuperPower only because of China itself. There are Many Copy right Violation by China.

China is a dangerous country. The world should beware of them because they are not going to rise peacefully. They are intensively investing in military power in order to invade territory of other countries.

Haha! You captured my thoughts! I personally experienced this when we went to Macau and Hong Kong. Chinese were staring at me in a maniacal and violent way. If looks could kill, I would be million times dead. One Chinese was actually bashing me in Chinese when we passed by. I just couldn't understand their hostility. It's so barbaric.

Chinese are saying Japanese are always lying but they are just describing themselves and I find Japanese are far better than Chinese from Great China.

The most vile looking and behaved people on the planet. Ugly and have a dress code that looks something like out of a concentration camp. The tourist are so ugly and loud makes US Tourists be like Nuns. Steal inventions and claim China is the greatest country on Earth. Why don't they stay in China if their country is so great and not come here into my country with their filth.

China is the most hated country. They invade every single neighboring country and sending people over to live illegally and act like everywhere is their land. In reality, they suck at fighting in history, but now during peace time, with its money and population size, they start to pick on smaller countries, but dares not to pick on the rich countries like Japan, just yet.

I'm Chinese, from Macau not mainland China. Grew up in the USA. I don't get the stereotypes about Chinese people, especially since I don't act like it. We should stop stereotyping an entire population of people. It's uneducated.

Lol I admire china for being a very twisted country the people are brainwashed with this stupid censorships and idealism, what is that totally only chinese policy.

Territory Thief's stealing what's not belong to them... Infecting the whole world with their fake/bootleg products... Has no respect on the international law.