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Italy, in italian Repubblica Italiana, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe. more.


Impossible to say why in few words, I'm from Norway, but I have to say that Italy in quite everything is influent: art, music, food, law, design, latin, sports, motors, inventors, sailors, religion, panoramas from dolomiti to Agrigentu, operas, their language (the most fascinating), Roman Empire (remember that for almost 2000 years Italy has dominate the entire World). Everybody know Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Milan, Pisa, Turin. Everybody has been inspired by Italian culture, and may they don't know this! For sure is the most influent country ever.

Spain owes a lot of things to Italy: the language, the culture, our economic growth, the join of Spain to the European Union (France on the contrary prevented our involvement). Italy would deserve the first place in this ranking.

Without the Italian culture, the world as we know today would not exist. First, the Italian nation should come first. Second thing: England is part of the United Kingdom. Third thing: Italy is culture, including its fabulous gastronomy, ( not French cuisine that it's a copy of Italian, like Paris with Rome) if you go to Italy you will go home happy. Italy is the country with the largest cultural and artistic heritage of the world (60% of the assets of the 'UNESCO). Finally, the Italian population is the best, is a mixture of avant-garde but also tradition, Italians may be the greatest among scientists, but they also respect their traditions and local cultures. Italy is the queen of style, from the decor to the kitchen and dressing. Italy was supposed to be at the first place, as in my heart.

The Roman Empire, the Renaissance.

The history of Italy is the history of the Western World.

I would say Italy and China have, by far, the most influence on the world. Look at the architecture in the rest of Europe and the US. How about concrete? , the Latin language, etc. This should be based on what people think because the average American is not educated in history or culture. Moreover, the vast majority of Americans are of British/English ancestry so this vote is totally biased. The Brits did not come on the world scene until Elizabeth the 1st. It was a backwater and a joke in the rest of Europe. Latin gave more words to the English language than any other group. The major architects in Britain who rebuilt St. Paul's were all Italian. Opera, painting, invention of instruments, first European universities, Roman Empire, Renaissance, fashion, food, design, beaches, skiing, major contributions to astronomy, anatomy, architecture, and music. Italy has won the World Cup 4 times. The UK gets to use four teams in the World Cup (for each of its regions) and has only won the Cup ...more

Italy was the center of western and Mediterranean civilization for three millennia. it gave the world the renaissance, romance languages, the syncretism of roman Catholicism, has the most world heritage sites by unesco, its explorers, scientists and artists contributed to most of the world civilizations, it generated at least half the world's great art and the roman empire had an enduring effect on all world civilization, govenmment and literature. Its film directors turned film into an art form not just Hollywood pyrotechnics and added the whole concept of neo realism. the cuisine ranks with French and Chinese as the most pervasive and arguably the most internationally favorite.

Italy is where the Roman Empire started. You are reading this in a Latin alphabet, thanks to the romans.

"Look the facts, in any official reports Italy is never in the top 10"

... you mean the G7, that you Spaniards envy so much, I think ;-)

Even the name "America" is due to an Italian. America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine navigator and explorer who played a prominent role in exploring the New World.

Italy's contribution to Western civilization is immense: it's especially the cradle of the Etruscan civilization, the Magna Grecia, the Roman Empire, the Holy See, the Maritime Republics, humanism and Renaissance. Italy is, in the early twenty-first century, a major player in the international arena, on the strength of its sixty-one million inhabitants, from its position of 7th largest economy and its role in many international organizations (European Union Organization of the Treaty of the North Atlantic (NATO), G7, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

Italy has besides taught anglo-saxon how to behave at the table. Too bad that after they have completely forgotten the lesson...

Italy is the most influential territory in the western World. Look at its inventions, discoveries, and people like Columbus, Galilei, the Vinci, Fermi etc.

Italy dressed, motorized, taught to eat and tastefully furnished the whole world. Here is the birthplace of the art of living.

Have a look to the nobel prizes and the Italian economic miracle!

Stop you to say that Cristoforo Colombo was Spanish: he was an Italian from Genoa. You Spaniards have envy in your genome.

Italy was known as "The Mother of the World" during the Roman period; thus implying its major contributions to the world. From art, to food even language and government. Every corner of the world has a piece of Italian influence. Latin America was colonized by Spain and Portugal, but the language of Spanish and Portuguese are based off of Latin which was Proto-Italian. China was visited by Marco Polo, the African country of Somalia got its name from Italian. And there is speculation that the first non-native people to set foot onto North America were Romans; needless to say that Europe as a whole was influenced by Italy as well, especially during the Roman period and the renaissance.

The US? Really? They have been a country for what 3 centuries, we're talking about the history of the world not the last couple of decades. The Roman empire is the base of Western culture. But England is very important too. I don't know a lot about Eastern countries. But the US at the top, no way...

I like so many Italian things, great great country. I'd say well the Renaissance was probably their greatest contribution to our world. Fashion, food, movies,art,culture, industry and technology, Italy has it all.

Italy became into the single State of the Kingdom of Italy in March 17, 1861. The unification of Germany into an integrated nation state occurred on 18 January 1871. Nevertheless, no one can afford to diminish the immense influence in the world of these two Countries. Except the envious spaniards friends, of course :-)

The United States would not be what they are without Italy (Roman Empire etc. ), The history of Italy existed long before the United States was created. Same for France, England and all Western countries. And 'Italy to have influenced these countries and not vice versa. For China and India, the speech may be different.

Beware! A lot of negative comments are from Spaniards users, blinded as usual by fury and envy. You better give up: you'll never be part of the G7, or The Quint Group :-)

The fact that Italy isn't at the top of this and USA OF ALL COUNTRIES is at the top says a lot about those that vote here.
Italy is the birthplace of the roman empire, the renaissance, home of such fantastic cultural centers as Florence, Venice, and Rome, though their influence is a bit vestigial nowadays (much like most former great empires) Italy has still proven itself as pretty much THE birthplace of modern western language, culture, and technology.

Oh. I forgot to mention in my comment. Italy had four empires of varying degrees of success, influence and significance. Rome, Venice, Genoa and the Republic. The Vatican is another matter. Point is, that's a lot of influential currency packed in those places.

Italy is the birthplace of the West, and not to mention that it ended the dark ages with the beginning of the Renaissance and of the Modern world.

This list appears to be very uncultured. USA on top is a joke