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1 Japan Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. more.

Japan is quite a modernized country with a combination of old and new.
I hope it still exists with a traditional monarchy and and parliament, along with good traditional values and customs and a balanced society.
It also has a very sophisticated industry and commerce that both contribute to the domestic economy and the international economy at large.

It's a modernized country with new and old cultures. Japanese city full of Anime and Electronics makes you wanna shop allot Great foods too.

Japan is an amazing, beautiful place full of quiet and polite people. Don't be afraid of the Japanese- they may seem hesitant to talk at first, but this is because of the culture and the fact that many Japanese people are a bit quiet and even shy. Once you get to know them, they're the best people.

Japan has incredible food, amazing culture, unbeliever sights, a visit there is one you never will forget.

2 India India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.

I don't like India a lot but they have great potential and it's just the attitude that is bad but otherwise they can do wonders. I hope the newer generation will have brains to spread the country's legacy more.

India is the only country where you will find the unimaginable level of differences or variations in every aspect; like the religions, the languages, the ethnicities, the cultures, dance forms, food, music... And the list will just go on..

Its just awesome how this country has been able to accommodate all these variations and still keeps on surprising me, and I guess everyone else who has been there.

Rich in their cultural heritage, One of the worlds best democracy... During my visit I found people were warm and friendly... So friendly If you would ask something on the way and for an example they don't understand your language in which you are asking after that they will try hard to help you with mimics, lolz ( Yeah but some of them wasn't nice but It's common, you can easily find these type of people in every country } Wonderful tourist attraction, natural landscape, beautiful beaches, good combination of modern cities and rural villages etc

India has become more awesome, the only country in the world which has varieties(from all around the world) of food, culture, music, history & people(races) living/existing together. The all weather country. This is the only country in the world which has more than 60% of population of youngsters & students growing up. From North to South, India still has untraveled, beautiful tourist places. India do not believe in showing off things to impress others. About 60% engineers are from India in NASA. About 50-60% doctors are from India in USA & other country. Reputed big organisations around the world have Indian managers & engineers.
"India is not made for soft heart people! "

3 Philippines The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.

Philippines is the best because its more fun in the philippines and I'm proud become one of them and one more thing many filipinos can speak english and we are a conservative person

I am a Filipino and I totally love my country because of the Beaches in the 7, 107 islands in the Philippines. Tourist all around the world visits the beaches here specially the Boracay beach in Aklan. Filipinos are Friendly and cooperate each other.

People are friendly, hospitable, loving and caring. They are also smart and hard-working.

It is because the treat tourists there almost like gods

4 South Korea South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

This country is currently top 1 on the most hated country. Are you guys out of your mind? Korea rocks!

I'm not from south korea... but I wish I was

This country is so important. I can't understand why it is on the top 2 of the most hated country LOVE you KOREA when I grew up I will go there and live there. Can't UNDERSTAND WHY SOME PEOPLE SAYS THIS COUNTYR COPY AMERICA. Duh they are just threatened because Korean culture is more better than them.

Love Korea hate BTS

5 Vietnam Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is an amazing country with friendly people and beautiful landscapes. You can experience many cultures and lifestyles in the world in Hanoi or Saigon. One of my favorite place is the Nang, so stunning!

The landscape of Vietnam is so amazing, so many diversity. People are so kind, friendly and smiling. I am planning to come back one day.

This country has absolutely no flaw and it is extremely enjoyable.

Beautiful landscapes there.

6 Indonesia Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia. Ruled by the Dutch for over 300 years and Japan for 3 years and 6 months, the country gained independence in 1945, or exactly in 17th August 1945. Jakarta is the capital city, located in the island of Java. Major languages more.

Great country

Love This Country I'm From Indonesia
This Country Is Beautiful You Have To Visit Jakarta Bali And Tangerang

Believe it, largest archipelago country..
Great cultures...

Love Indonesia and Japan! Great culture and history.
From Ady (Me) and my girlfriend.

7 Nepal Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a sovereign state located in South Asia. more.

Nepal is a naturally beautiful country. People here are also very helpful, kind and trustworthy. I was truly overwhelmed by the people there and their culture. Nepal also has climatic variation. I found this country very welcoming for everyone. the beauty of mountains, himalayas, rivers etc are very refreshing in Nepal.

I love there dicks

A country with "Unity in Diversity"..Rich in history,culture art and nature.

Home of great gurkhas...

8 China China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state in East Asia. It is the world's most populous state, with a population of over 1.388 billion. It was established in 1949 by Chairman Mao, the president of the communist party. Its capital is Beijing. The major cities are Shanghai, more.

For delicious and profound culture

This country has a splendid culture!

FANTASTIC sightseeings and food, and people there are really friendly!

9 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and known from the beginning of British colonial rule until 1972 as Ceylon, is an island country in South Asia near south-east India.
10 Brunei Brunei, officially the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace, is a sovereign state located on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia.

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11 Malaysia Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying the Malaysian Peninsula and part of the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rain forests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such more.

I visited to Malaysia last month and even though it has no other seasons... The place is calm. A few girls helping me even though I don't need it :/ but they're super kind. (Not all of em but majority they're kind)

I'm shocked, b'cus I don't see Malaysia on the list.. because Malaysia is one of the best country in the world and Asia, so that's why I put Malaysia on the list, it deserve it.

I love this country!

I am American. I always visited asian countries since my close aunt married to a filipino. I went to philipine (definitely), malaysia, indonesia, thailand, laos, singapore, brunei and others. From my experience, malaysia should be in top 10! Their foods were amazing! :D the beaches, and waterfall also amazing. People there also very nice. For singapore, singapore should be in top5 in shopping destination (asian). For indonesia, maybe scored top 15 beautiful nature (asian) and for philipine and others, they scored top 10! :D

12 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, officially the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a country in the Transcaucasian region, situated at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe.

Great country, great culture - fuadmondeo

Hey, Azerbaijan accept the genocide of 1915 you know what you did

13 Pakistan Pakistan was established in 1947 and is located in South Asia. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar are other major cities of Pakistan. Urdu and English are official languages of Pakistan. World's second highest peak (K-2) and ninth highest peak (Nanga Parbat) are more.

Pakistan is most beautifull country but many countries try to disturb It.
PAKISTAN has great army.
People of PAKISTAN having much level brave. They don't afired from non-muslims.

Cancer to world


Pakistan is a biggest terrorist country.. he is jeleous of india. he don't know it will take 30 minutes to destroy whole pakistan by the hands of indian armed force.he send terrorist to india and he is not ashed of it.many people kill by terrorist in pakistan.

14 Thailand Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country at the centre of the Indochinese peninsula in Mainland Southeast Asia.

I feel it is a country that is overlooked. The food, history, culture, land, and people are all extraordinary! Plus the people actually loved there king. Thailand may be a developing country, but it's still a remarkable land on this here Earth!

How one of the best tourist destination did not be on this list

15 Bhutan Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a landlocked country in South Asia at the eastern end of the Himalayas.

Only because peaceful and Indian friend country.

16 Laos Laos, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic (LPDR), or commonly referred to its colloquial name of Muang Lao is a landlocked country in the heart of the Indochinese peninsula of Mainland Southeast Asia, bordered by Myanmar (Burma) and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to more.
17 Cambodia Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation whose landscape spans low-lying plains, the Mekong Delta, mountains and Gulf of Thailand coastline. Its busy capital, Phnom Penh, is home to the art deco Central Market, glittering Royal Palace and the National Museum's historical and archaeological exhibits. In more.
18 Singapore Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, and often referred to as the Lion City, the Garden City, and the Red Dot, is a global city and sovereign state in Southeast Asia and the world's only island city-state.


19 Israel The State of Israel is a country in the Middle East and the only country with a Jewish majority in the world but arab, african and east asian communities still can be found. more.
20 Myanmar Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a Southeast Asian nation of more than 100 ethnic groups, bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. Yangon (formerly Rangoon), the country's largest city, is home to bustling markets, numerous parks and lakes, and the towering, gilded Shwedagon Pagoda, which contains more.
21 Mongolia Mongolia is a landlocked unitary sovereign state in East Asia. Its area is roughly equivalent with the historical territory of Outer Mongolia, and that term is sometimes used to refer to the current state.
22 Iran Iran, also known as Persia, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a sovereign state in Western Asia. The capital city is Teheran and the major city is also Tehran. The country's official language is Persian. more.
23 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an Arab state in Western Asia (Middle East) constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. The official Language is Arabic. The capital city is Riyadh.

It's a lovely country

24 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan, officially the Kyrgyz Republic, formerly known as Kirghizia, is a landlocked country located in Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan has the most beautiful nature in the world. I think it should be number 1 in the world!

25 North Korea The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who in turn inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. more.
26 Bangladesh Bangladesh, on the northern coast of the Bay of Bengal, is surrounded by India, with a small common border with Myanmar in the southeast. The country is low-lying riverine land traversed by the many branches and tributaries of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers.
27 Jordan Jordan, officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is an Arab kingdom in Western Asia, on the East Bank of the Jordan River.

Number 1

28 Iraq Iraq, officially the Republic of Iraq, is a country in Western Asia. more.
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