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201 To Believe - Jackie Evancho
202 Make It Stop - Rise Against

This is a beautiful tribute to people who have committed suicide

203 The Times They Are a-Changin' - Bob Dylan

This song is a perfect example of saying how time will tell who are our actual friends and enemies and not to judge someone immediately because in the end, only time will tell us whether our judgements are right.

204 Where is the Love? - The Black Eyed Peas

Amazing song tells us that this world is cruel and asks for love it hit me deep

205 Hello - Adele

This is an amazing song, its beautiful and has so much meaning to it. And. People don't realize that.

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206 Little Things - One Direction

I think this is song really tells us not to be insecure and that we're perfect the way we are.

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207 Harakiri - Serj Tankian

I love thiis song, the message and video are so true, it's discusting what the world had become.

208 How Deep is Your Love - Bee Gees
209 Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
210 Evacuate - Miracle of Sound

What is the best thing to listen you are in a good mood? Songs with a good meaning and awesome instumentals. I just had a fight with a friend and we hate eachother now. This song helped me to get over it and now I'm happy and kicking.

211 Machines - Biffy Clyro
212 Mt. Washington - Local Natives

This song is so sad and nice. Totally worth a try!

213 Illusion - VNV Nation
214 Schrei Nach Liebe - Die Arzte
215 Mrs. Potato Head - Melanie Martinez
216 Broken Arrow - Neil Young
217 Hey You - Madonna
218 How to Love - Lil Wayne
219 Signs - Five Man Electrical Band
220 The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles
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