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101 Plastic Beach - Gorillaz
102 Unthought Known - Pearl Jam
103 The Rat - Dead Confederate
104 Kashmir - Led Zeppelin V 1 Comment
105 Run the World - Beyonce V 1 Comment
106 Bandz a Make Her Dance - Juicy J
107 Right Where It Belongs - Nine Inch Nails

Sad how underrated this is. A simple assessment of the lyrics brought me to question my entire outlook on life, which was and is one of the most painful experiences I've been put through. The song is essentially about how, as introverts we hide our true features from the world and indeed, from ourselves. Trent encourages you to look at your reflection and challenge your beliefs and outlooks, while calling them an illusion.

No matter how painful this is you have to face the animal in the cage that you built, and question whether you are locking away an important part of yourself.

Though the tune is simple and melancholy the lyrics have a depth and genius I think is unrivalled by any other song. The fact that this song is behind several Justin Beiber songs shows the intellectual bancruptcy within the audience of modern music. I advise anyone who reads this to listen to the song and read the lyrics, leave your comfort zone and question your tastes as the song suggests.

108 Whistle - Flo Rida
109 Turn On the Lights - Future
110 Redemption Song - Bob Marley

This song is great because it talks about the struggle that some people went through

111 Desolation Row - Bob Dylan

"To her death is quite romantic,
She wears an iron west,
Her profession is her religion,
Her sin is her lifelessness. "

I dig MJ, but he is by far not as good poet and writer as Mr. Zimmerman.

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112 Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen
113 Friday - Rebecca Black

Absolutely beautiful song. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful, I can relate to all of the lyrics. Very inspiring.

This is by far the song with the most inspiring lyrics. Honestly, the most inspiring of all time. Thank you Ms. Black for your bomb ass song.

114 Drops of Jupiter - Train

This song is so beautiful, the lyrics are perfect

This song is just altogether beautiful. I could listen to it all day.

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115 The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel

I can listen to this song while playing dota 2. Very meaningful song. I just want it to have some attention it deserves.

This song resonates with people even today, why it is so low on the list is beyond me.

Amazing song

If this is this far down the list that means that noonehas really stopped to disasemble the lyrics

" Hello darkness, my old friend..."

116 Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I really think this song is so good. when I clicked on this link, I honestly expected to see this song as one of the first listings to see. truly baffled its not ranked higher, because when I think of "songs with meaning" this is honestly one of the first songs to come to mind.

Changes a persons views, and to think a rapper put his career on the line to send this message out, so touching.

Such a touching, meaningful song

Yes! When I saw Macklemore's song Wings in the top 5, I was thinking that maybe this song was going to be here, too. It's so beautiful!

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117 That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber

It's in no way meaningful, nor is it a good song. Sorry to the Bieber fans..

I love this song

I love this song sm

Such a good song. Ok goodbye

118 Who You Are - Jessie J

Great song. Has really helped me with feelings and emotions and I listen to it every time I'm feeling down.

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119 Another Brick In the Wall Pt.2 - Pink Floyd

What is wrong with everyone? This cult song is one of the best and meaningful songs in the rock history. How did Pierce the veil even get here? What is wrong with you people?.

Such an Amazing Song, everyone should no this song.

Totally, This song is amazing

Great song

120 Little Me - Little Mix

Beautiful meaning that relates to all girls of all ages.

About being more confident in yourself.

"I'd tell her to speak up
tell her to shout out
and know that right here right now
you can be beautiful, wonderful
anything that you wanna be
Little me - animallover222

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