Most Overlooked Bond Girls

The Top Ten Most Overlooked Bond Girls

1 Sophie Marceau - The World Is Not Enough Sophie Marceau, born Sophie Danièle Sylvie Maupu (17 November 1966) is a French actress, director, screenwriter, and author. more.

The most passionate performance ever done by a bond girl and one that fooled all of us that she was innocent, but was a mastermind of it all. Plus when she was choking Bond with her torture machine, makes all of us men wish that was our choice of death. Even when she died, we feel incredibly bad for her. She captured many of our hearts and it's a shamed that she was overlooked because Denise Richards had to take her spot as the main bond girl in The World Is Not Enough.

Her Elektra King was very beautiful. She looked like sweet angel and we couldn't even predict that she was evil villainess. Anyway, I felt so sad when Bond killed her - Alexandr

The fact that she is not in top 3 every time makes her underrated.A fascinating character played brilliantly by Sophie Marceau.Incredible! Sophie also had a great chemistry with Brosnan.AMAZING!
Bond has a weakness for beautiful women who need to be protected-and well,in the beginning she fits that picture perfectly.Elektra is also THE ULTIMATE femme fatale of Bond literally means "a woman to die for"...well,Renard is prepared to do just definition femme fatale also wears either black or red clothes.Elektra wears both.Also with a clue in her name...ultimately brilliant.That's all I can say.
"You wouldn't shoot me,you'd miss me."
BANG! "I never miss." hands down,the 2nd best scene in the series-behind the introduction of Bond for the first time in Dr.NO

2 Lois Chiles - Moonraker

I hate when people say bad things about Moonraker. It was/is one of the greatest Bond films ever made. The storyline was interesting, action scenes were superb and visual effects were no less impressive. Lois is my favorite Bond girl. Her beauty is impressive. Unfortunately, critics didn't think so - Alexandr

3 Kim Basinger - Never Say Never Again Kimila Ann Basinger is an American actress, singer and former fashion model. Following a successful modeling career in New York during the 1970s, Basinger moved to Los Angeles where she began her acting career on television in 1976.

Kim was definitely one of the most beautiful and sexy Bond girls ever in history of this franchise. She wasn't typical brainless blonde. She was enough intelligent - Alexandr

4 Tanya Roberts - A View To A Kill

Tanya didn't show superb acting but she was farr not as bad as critics tried to prove. Anyway, I cared much less about acting. just look at her - Real Beautiful Hot Goddess! - Alexandr

5 Maud Adams - Octopussy

This woman was powerful, beautiful, smart but Bond critics didn't think so - Alexandr

6 Jane Seymour - Live and Let Die Jane Seymour, is an English actress, best known for her performances in the James Bond film Live and Let Die; Somewhere In Time; East of Eden; The Scarlet Pimpernel; Onassis: The Richest Man in the World; War and Remembrance; the French epic La Révolution française as the ill-fated queen Marie Antoinette; more.

Her Solitaire is one of the most mysterious Bond girls but I love her. She is so charming - Alexandr

7 Olga Kurylenko - Quantum of Solace Ólga Konstantínovna Kurylénko, born Ólha Konstantýnivna Kurylénko, is a French actress and model of Ukrainian origin.

The problem was that they didn't develop Olga's character that much but she was really impressive, strong and very very beautiful. She is my favorite Bond girl since 2000 - Alexandr

8 Carey Lowell - Licence to Kill

Critics said she was too much talkative. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. She was cool, fearless and very courageous. Plus very funny and pretty. Very overlooked girl - Alexandr

9 Rosamund Pike - Die Another Day

Stupid critics gave a credit to Halle Berry but Rosamund showed much better and way more believable acting - Alexandr

IT's fascinating how this was her first performance and she was so great..while Halle Berry got an Oscar at the time and to say she wasn't good would be an understatement.ANNOYING AS HELL! She was constantly pushed as "Bond's equal" even though Pike's character was a secret agent as well.And a cunning one at that.A far more of a Bond equal than than Jinx.
She seduces Bond and then later when Bond discovers she is walking on the wild side comments on seduciton:"The coldest weapon of all." His weakness are women after all.Not to mention he also seduced women to gain somethink like in GoldenEye and The World is Not Enough.
Miranda also has an amazing sword skills,Bond makes a great joke about her name:"Mrs.Frost,a palace of ice.You must be right at home."
She is fire covered with ice-and it's brilliant.Kudos to Rosamund Pike.

She was the best part of this film

Yes she should be 1

10 Britt Ekland - The Man with the Golden Gun

I added her because the whole film was criminally underrated and overlooked. It had a lot of great action and Britt was so hot girl - Alexandr

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11 Izabella Scorupco - GoldenEye

Criminally underrated, probably because of Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp. Unlike most Bond Girls, she was actually smart and capable, and a key part of the plot, as well as being downright gorgeous.

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