Most Overpowered Magic: The Gathering Cards

Think Power Creep has gotten way out of hand? These span the whole of MTG.

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1 Platinum Angel

Basically an easy win.

Is the guy who wrote this serious? I quote: "Black Lotus is good only on turn 1 and only with the right mix of cards...". No, just no. Have you actually played a game of Magic? Platinum Angel is a crap 7 mana card who does nothing while in play. If I play Paradoxical Storm, you can be sure my Tinker is going to target Blightsteel Colossus or Time Vault, not the crappy Platinum Angel. - Furogi

Come on! Ancestrall Recall? Time Walk? CONTRACT FROM BELOW? They are way cheaper cards that basically make it so that YOU WIN THE GAME. I mean, you have no hand, draw contract from below.. DRAW SEVEN CARDS FOR TWO MANA AND AN ANTE CARD! How likely that you are going to lose that ante card if you just have ANOTHER SEVEN CARDS? Plus, since you're playing ante, with contract from below, you're almost guaranteed to win your opponent's ante card. Not as flashy as platinum angel, but incredibly good.

"You can't loose the game and your opponents can't win the game. " Simply protect it, let it sit there, and you win. Case closed.
Jaces' good ability takes way too long to pull off (12 loyalty)...
Black Lotus is good only on turn 1 and only with the right mix of cards...
Blighted Agent is also "other card dependent" and is too fragile.
Platinum Angel simply has to exist and you win. Turn 1 Llanowar Elves, Turn 2 Tinker = Platinum Angel on 2nd turn.

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2 Black Lotus

Are people serious when they rate Platinum Angel over Black Lotus and Ancestral Recall? - Furogi

Easily beats out the rest of this list. Most of the other entries on this list are balanced by insanely high cost, and are only "overpowered" in casual games where no one thinks to play removal/counters. Lotus lets literally any deck skip forward 3 turns for the cost of 1 card, no mana, and very little deckbuilding space. Honorable mentions to Ancestral, Mind Sculptor, Time Walk, and Tinker, which are powerful for similar reasons.

With a little bit of luck and playing it in the right deck you can win turn 1. Definitely the most broken magic card of all times. Can't see why platinum angel is the top and not this card.

There is a reason this is the MOST EXPENSIVE of the Power Nine! Getting 3 mana of ANY color from 1 card with the only cost being sacrificing the card? And with NO cost to even play? That alone is overpowered! Especially since you can use said mana for ANYTHING!

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3 Avacyn, Angel of Hope

8/8 for 8 mana that has flying, vigilance, indestructible, and gives all other permanents you control indestructible is definitely overpowered.

An 8/8 that's indestructible and makes all other creatures you control indestructible too game winning card right there.

With a white or White/Green tokens deck, this card over powers everything

There is pretty much no way to lose, since having even a 1/1 indestructible can be a game changer.

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4 Blighted Agent

Cranial Plating + Cheap Artifacts + Blighted Agent = Kill by 4th turn. - Aigloblam

I have a deck built like this and it takes out Tier 1 decks all the time. It only cost me about 50$ to build

Sure its just a 1/1, But Infect is dangerous, Giving it Unblockable made it Disgusting. Given how easily you can give it +9 power with very little mana, its almost always an instant game changer. - Aigloblam

5 Emrakul, The Aeons Torn

A great card that's just about impossible to get rid of and can't be countered. Some people are commenting Emrakul is is not. The old adage of it still dies to doom blade applies here. Once you are able to drop her the game is most likely over since you get a second turn that basically gives Emrakul haste in a manner of speaking. This is probably THE most powerful card in all of magic taking into account ALL of her abilities.

Emrakul is the most directly powerful creature in magic full stop with his only opponent being ulamong the ceaseless hunger an 11/11 or 10/10 with the ability every time you attack exile the top 20 cards of your opponents deck. Emrakul story wise is also the most powerful with the ability to drain the life force (or mana) out of anything in it's path making it a mindless being of utter destruction. Plus Emrakul can never be really truly destroyed while there are some combos that can be done to send it to the graveyard it is sent straight back into your library while being pretty much impossible to exile (on the battlefield). Best card in my opinion, vote for Emerakul the aeons torn!

In my opinion eldrazi decks (good) are the most powerful deck around and they ramp rather well. Meaning this will be out pretty quick and on top of that it has annihilator 6 which means cards like platinum angel and jace will be eaten soon enough (because they are permanents). Also protection from colored spells so he's almost impossible to destroy and even if you do he will be back in the library and by that time your probably already dead.

If you are using a deck that gets lands out quickly, this beast of a card could be gotten out on about turn seven, and with all the awesome card effects, you will practically win.

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6 Jace, The Mind Sculpter

4 Abilities instead of 3, Planeswalker so he is harder to deal with than a creature, And if you can keep him alive for 5 turns, its pretty much game over. - Aigloblam

This is so good it is band in its own block. Throw in a soul ring and you can have it out on turn two.

No deck and they are out and it's not that hard to get

BEST CARD EVER. Exile their library. Game Over.

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7 Iona, Shield Of Emeria

Instant death to any Mono deck. Simply find a way to drop it for cheap and you can totally stall out any mono deck that's been made. - Aigloblam

I have lost to this card to many times because usually it is reanimated. It should be banned in EDH and Modern in my opinion.

Iona all I need say

Even with a multi coloured deck... this card will hurt your brain. Plus the art is cool.

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8 Eldrazi Monument

Seriously, this is WAY too overpowered in summoning decks. Even better with hexproof and indestructible enchantments and only undone by two cards (tribute to the wilds and bonds of mortality). Plus, flying? Unblockable by most and it even comes in a commander deck. Win.


5 drop that gives ALL your creatures Flying, +1/+1, and Indestructible. Its cost of Sacrificing a creature each turn is nothing compared to its ability. - Aigloblam

9 Forest

All green decks would be screwed without it

Pure awesome, it makes all green decks awesome, it is what makes up everything green.
Without it everything would be black or blue or white, I don't mind red

Game winning card, I started turn one, dropped a forest. My buddy conceded right there, made up some excuse that his grandma just had a stroke and he had to go make sure she was okay. Pretty sick lie but whatever I won, no doubt obviously. Turn one Forest, very recommended deck. Wins Nevery time.

It's weird that so many people overlook its power. I think that Wizards just said that it was "basic" so that people would be discouraged from seeming like a poor peasant.

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10 Quicksilver Amulet

Got a 10 cost game changer in your hand on the 5th turn? This will let you drop it in for 4. Definitely overpowered. - Aigloblam

I also had a dragon deck this thing pumped out dragons every turn.

You could get a the heavy costing drop out on turn three for EDH, turn one land, tap for sol ring. Turn two, another land, tap all four for it. Turn three, why hello there Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

I have this on my dragon deck. Talk about dropping 2 utvara for the cost of one. =)

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11 Progenitus

Protection from everything, put back into library after death, 10/10, basically and invincible powerhouse

Protection from everything... PROTECTION FROM THE GAME RULES (Smashes opponent's face through table).

This is very good, but I think it's not higher because it requires a Rainbow deck, or all colors, which means the likelihood of you getting out this or any other high-power, high-mana creatures. - AlGalaxy

"Protection from everything"...

Put this in your sliver deck and win.

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12 Traumatize

Best milling card ever, an honorable mention is jace memory adept

Traumatize is awful...

13 Time Walk

If you play it in the right deck and right way, you can pretty much change the whole game. How many times did you need that one mana? Well with time walk you can do it.

Pay 2 mana for an extra turn? I mean come on!

He is right, I mean come on in a blue white control deck its a huge advantage.

I mean take an extra turn for 2 mana

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14 Phage The Untouchable

With so many ways to get at least one creature though, She can spell disaster for anyone. The only reason she isn't higher on the list is her traitorous ability to kill YOU also. - Aigloblam

Although she has the chance to kill you, it's easy enough to summon her from your hand, then you've basically got deathtouch on both monsters and players.

15 Ancestral Recall

Best non-Ante card in the game. But unlike Black Lotus, this does not go into every deck (like Shops). - Furogi

Three cards... For one mana. Creatures are good, but jeez this is powerful

1 mana. Draw 3. Instant.

Sure, Black Lotus is expensive as hell and extremely powerful in the early game, but Ancestral Recall is major reason that Blue as a whole got nerfed earlier in MTG's history. Drawing 3 cards for just 1 blue mana at instant speed with no downside is just plain broken, no matter how you look at it.

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16 Tinker

Makes any Artifact instantly available, and that means any artifact that can win you the game is right there, ready to go. Including this in your deck gives you 8 chances to draw the card you need to win. - Aigloblam

Kill your memnite and drop blightsteel colossus and win the game

17 Island

Need Islands to play the most of the Other Overpowered cards

It's so op it shouldn't be reprinted anymore

Tropical island? Volcanic Island? Tundra? Underground Sea?

Squire: What's the scariest thing in the world?
50-year old Magic player: An untapped island turn 1.

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18 Akroma's Memorial

This artifact gives all your creatures flying, first strike, vigilance, trample, haste, pro black and red. Which basically it's saying they get op when that card comes into play. End of story

I have it. It is an instant win.

It is intense.

... Epic card... Spent so many good games with it in deck. Overpowered.

19 Blightsteel Colossus

Forget Blighted Agent. This thing is an 11/11 with infect and trample. If your opponent doesn't block, they automatically lose.

11/11 infect trample and indestructible it's a straight beast

Plus it can be played with cards like Tinker or Quicksilver amulet for a lot cheaper. Use mirrorworks and you have two on the board for 2 or 6 mana.

It is a Corrupted, Badass Darksteel Colossus... Need more Info?

20 Worldspine Wurm

I got this card and once it was out I dealt 15 damage to him in one turn! Seriosly op, and it never truly dies unless you exile it. Only problem is the mana cost, but I just saw Garruk, caller of beasts, and now I want that because it would fix the mana problem.

Path to exile is a thing

15/15 of course it will make the list and even if you've killed it you have 3 5/5 worm creture tokens to deal with

21 Vorel of the Hull Clade

Two mana: double the +1/+1 counters on a creature. This + a sage of hours with 3 forced adaptations and you get infinity turns. Game over

I've got a counter deck, and this is probably the best thing in it.

22 Supreme Verdict
23 Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Very good in swarm and destroy decks. My friend has one and I WANT it

OP with a white weenie deck. Play it and within 5 rounds attack with 20 3/3 fliers. Also, your opponent gets a terra stomper or a nightmare or a shivan dragon and poof. Gone. With a deck that's goal is to get a bazilion life and a ton of weenies, this plainswalker can 1 round drop your opponents life from 20 to -40 on a bad day.

24 Bruna, Light of Alabaster

Classic card. The second best AZORIUS legendary creature card ever printed besides Hanna, Ship's Navigator! I have both in my Hanna EDH deck & it is a force to be reckoned with. It took me over ten months to create it because I wanted a work of art. Cards like the often overlooked ORDEAL OF HELIOD & the popular new card AETHERFLUX RESERVOIR create synchronicity city together Bruna in the deck with Hanna GG. I can't recommend it enough. ♧♣

25 Karn Liberated

It's OP when you get it high enough

26 Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre

11 mana for an indestructible 10/10 with annihilator 4. When you cast it, you can destroy target permanent. I am not saying Ulamog is better than Emrakul, as I believe Emrakul is much better than Ulamog, but Ulamog is colorless, so it could destroy Emrakul when you cast it.

27 Primordial Hydra

Doubles attack every turn and gains trample after ten counters

Oh yeah plus it's 2 forests and then x, where x is the mover of +1/+1 counters on it, and it has trample after 10/10?!?! I used this 5 moves in the next move it was 10/10 my opponent forfeit.

28 Angelic Overseer
29 Vexing Devil

I like it and its Browbeat-style effect.

Mana Cost: 1 Mountain
Converted Mana Cost: 1
Creature ��" Devil
Power/Toughness: 4/3
Card Text:
When Vexing Devil enters the battlefield, any opponent may have it deal 4 damage to him or her. If a player does, sacrifice Vexing Devil.
Flavor Text:It's not any fun until someone loses an eye.

30 Necropotence

You've got to be kidding me. Platinum angel is nowhere near broken. You need a very large combo to keep it alive, and there's no way to make it invulnerable. And the argument about how black lotus needs other cards to be good. You even say that if you protect platinum angel, it wins you the game. That means it needs other cards to make it good, directly contradicting you're rant about balck lotus, which wa

Platinum angel? You've got to be kidding me. All it takes is a doom blade to kill it.

When this hits the table, I win 98% of the time. No matter what my opponent has. This is far superior to ANY'ol angel. Any.

It is "Channel" that draws cards, instead of producing mana. B-R-O-K-E-N

31 Platinum Emperion

Infect counters can kill you, this card can be sacrificed, there is really no way to have a safe win with this card.

This+Indestructibility= you cannot lose

32 Big Furry Monster

How is this not on the list?
Yes its 13 mana but that's only 13 turns, if you use time stretch to get 2 more goes then its even easier.

I’m sorry,99/99 There’s no other answer

33 Wood Elemental

Wood Elemental is a staple in any vintage deck. Period.

This card is so good, it even stops submerge!
With tight legacy curves, as well as brainstorm and ponder, a small hit to the manabase won't be a problem, and if you're on aggro, you're probably going to hold extra lands in your hand anyways. Wood Elemental gives you a clock, protects your creatures from submerge, and laughs in nimble mongoose's fat mongoose face. It can, under the right circumstances, even grow larger than everybody's favorite lhurgof!

Simply put, best creature in mtg!

34 Great Wall

Build a Great Wall and make MTG Great Again!

Planeswalkers are the most broken cards so why not block them

35 Sol Ring

If this were Modern Legal we'd have a problem...

36 Odric, Master Tactician

Your opponents block nothing!
Good for token decks.

37 Chromatic Lantern

Basically, with Chromatic Lantern in your arsenal, you are no longer limited to single or dual colored libraries. It allows you to add 1 of any color mana to any land you tap. Pair Chromatic Lantern with Door To Nothingness and its GAME OVER!

38 Storm Crow

I mean, it has flying! That just tops it off!

So OP it made me misspell die!

Literally the most broken over powered card ever printed. what even is this WOC?

Last FNM I was against a turn 2 Storm Crow. Should have given up, the beating I received was brutal. op that card :(

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39 Spawnsire of Ulamog

"20: CAST ANY NUMBER of Eldrazy cards you own from OUTSIDE the game WITHOUT PAYING their mana costs. " combined with a mana multiplier like vorinclex, voice of hunger or any other. Cast a Tooth and nail somewhere in the game then add all the eldrazi ability and annihilator bla bla bla you see the plan.

40 Grizzly Bears

So Broken! I mean, a 2/2 for two? What a blowout!

41 Goldenglow Moth

One drop, block and you gain four life. Combined with Ghostly Possession, you have an invincible blocker that gives you life. Plus it's a moth.

42 Linvala Keeper of Silence

She is amazing, first of all she only costs 4 mana, now of corse she is only a 3/4 but that is not what makes her great. Her cards says your opponents creatures abilities don't work meaning Avacyn Angel of Hope doesn't work Platinum Angel doesn't work this card is op

Amazing card

Amazing bruh

43 Timetwister

Same person who commented I feel your pain, wanting it to be higher
it's not a turn three shuffle it's a 3 mana shuffle.

I feel your pain izzet player, I feel it
also it is in the powernien for a reason

It is in the power nine for a reason
oh noes! a dimir mill player. you're almost dead cause you;re milled out. timetwister. dimir mill player rage quits.
you also have to sing "the time warp" whever you cast it
honorable mentions: most if not all ante cards, especially contract from below, the original cycle (healing salve, ancestral recall, dark ritual, giant growth, and espiacially lightning bolt) all basic lands, and all Izzet cards because IZZET IS THE BEST GUILD EVER

44 Chancellor of the Dross
45 Dreadbore Return to Ravnica

You can just kill your opponent with this card!

Ummm no. You can't. Players are not planeswalker, they are players. Learn the game

46 Wall of Stone
47 Kozilek, Butcher of Truth

10 mana for a 12/12 with annihilator 4. When you cast it, you get to draw four cards.

48 Elvish Piper

For 4 mana, you can play an elf and play ANY creature for one mana
Get this out quickly and it's game over

My dad has a deck that uses these and quick silver amulets and mama artifacts to get Emrakul Aons Torn and Progenitus out on round 3 with mono green. He uses this card to get crazy late game creatures on the battle field in the early game. The only down side is that the opponent quits once you have an Emrakul,
Kozilek, Ulamog, Progenitus and a monstrous colossus of akros.

Long story short, he gets 15/15 anialator 6 protection from colored spells, 12/12 draw more cards, 11/11 exile top 20 cards indestructible, 10/10 idestructable anialator 4, 9/9 only be blocked by 3 or more creatures anialator 3, 20/20 indestructible and a 11/11 protection from everything

49 Mox Lotus

Tap: infinite mana source, then if you are running green, chuck out an Omnathe, Locus of Mana, your green mana doesn't drain and you have an infinite/infinite creature. if your really mean you can put a basilisk collar on it, or try and gve it infect

50 Gisela, Blade of Goldnight

Megaphone angel. Prevents all instance of 1 damage. The mana cost is high, but not nearly enough to counteract 10 flying general damage per pass.

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