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William Bradley "Brad" Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and producer. He has received a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and three Academy Award nominations in acting categories and received three further Academy Award nominations, winning one, as producer under his more.


Brad Pitt was a great actor until he hooked up with with Angelina Jolie and and cheated on his wife, whilst they parade around with their adopted and biological kids like accessories. The fact that these two have so many kids in such a short period of time, tells you that they do not know much about parenthood and children do get older and move on with their lives and probably away from them. That being said Brad's older movies and his acting were awesome, he's lost his mojo, and we know why.

It's always the same: The Artist looks good and gets a role. When you ask a fan why he/she likes him, you get the answer that he looks cute. Maybe he had or has some good movies, but at the moment you don't hear anything of him that has to do with a movie. It's always his family. It gets more and more annoying. Today you can be famous just by doing nothing. You don't need talent. I mean, he is not as good as everybody says. Johnny Depp is much better. He his versatile.

Should be number one. First of all that Benjamin button movie was absolutely horrible. The only movie I have ever liked of his is Inglorious Bastards and even then he was below okay. Second of all, he is not even hot. Ugliest person ever. Third of all, he is so stupid to leave Jennifer Aniston for that other ho. I really hope he realizes how dumb that was. Everyone else does.

Whoever kept Brad Pitt in this list must have not seen fight club

When I load this page, I was hoping Brad would be the first, and YES he is!

thank goodness, he is a wooden still actor, we can easily tell he is all famous because of his looks, he sucks, and now even more because he leave the BEAUTIFUL Jennifer aniston.. I hope he take a rest and just feed his whole HUMANITARIAN mission, Amen! - mesh13

Ever see him in the Friends ep? He's the worst of the lot in that episode. I happen to think that aniston, perry and schwimmer are decent comedic actors. Cox is terrible and Matt Leblanc is iffy. But pitt made them all look great by being so bad. He's also not all that looks wise, and I'm a woman around his age.

Thank you! I feel like I'm watching another actor the way people glorify his acting. I had to turn off Moneyball he was so bad in it. He's been good in one film: Snatch. Ok in one or two others but for the most part unconvincing, bland and wooden.

I don't understand why people say he's so good looking. He has a bulbous tip to his nose, close set eyes, hamster cheeks and acne scars. Also, he's skinny and had to work hard to look muscular in 'Troy', and had flattering camera angles and lighting, plus body make up.

Why is he so famous? He's not good-looking, he has no talent whatsoever, and he's a jerk who broke up with Jennifer Aniston. Really, I do not see the charm.

I saw hi in World War Z and let me say that his performance was very sub-par. I hate to say this about someone out loud because I couldn't do any better but he either needs acting classes or a different career. He just wasn't too convincing and he was rather dull. I think the only reason people like him is because he's good looking :/ (personally he doesn't appeal to me but I guess I can see why others are attracted to him) - doctor11

He is not at all a good and a veteran actor I think he is just so overrated in Hollywood just like Shahrukh Khan in Bollywood it's so irritating to have a overrated actor in the industry which just climbs up the rates of the ranking charts

All people care is that girls think he's hot(not). Im a guy and I don't see the attraction in him. And his acting is overratted to. Like Seriously his only good movie was inglourious Bastards. But it doesn't mean you need to praise him a god or somthing :P - theTwister

Dude in his movies he's all macho but you know what would happen in a street fight? "o my god not the nose that's my acting nose! "

I don't care about apparence or way of life, I just think he is an amazing actor. Very versatile, his performance in 12 Monkeys is absolutely awesome. - Toshin

He can't act, I've NEVER seen a movie with him in it that I liked, and he's is not that great looking! - luvtoread

Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise... The list goes on. When will these overrated kids ever grow up to be REAL actors? Of course it took Robt Redford nearly 50 years to finally get out of the rut of being just another pretty boy. But he finally made a few decent pictures as an adult. As for this bunch (and others to follow) I probably won't live long enough to see them MATURE.

To Billyv, failure at the box office doesn't mean a lack of audience. It means that the film failed to get the success that the makers wanted it to get. Green Lantern, John Carter, and Catwoman were failures at the box office, but they weren't unseen films. People that saw those films were clearly turned off by them. The same thing must of applied to Troy.

Overrated is an understatement. He is only successful because of his looks and apparently does not care about improving his acting ability. The only thing I ever like that he was in was Robert Redford's A River Runs Through It.

For those of you simple-minded enough to buy into this ridiculous approximation, Brad Pitt is a wonderful actor. "Moneyball, " "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, " "Twelve Monkeys, " "The Tree of Life. "

If you're going to spout garbage opinions, be prepared to defend them with ACTUAL DEDUCTIVE REASONING.

Brad Pitt is so ugly looking to me. His face shape might be why, but in recent years he's looked even worse. Shave the beard off, man! Along with Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio is another actor I find very overrated in looks.

He's not hot, not articulate, not intelligent. Most of all, he ruined Angelina who used to be so much more fun and spontaneous before him. She could've done so much better in the quality of man department instead of having to deal with this ignoramus.

Oh Man, This brings me back to one of the final scene's in the movie Seven where Brad is using all his acting inability to muster up some form of distress!, "Whats in the box"... "Whats in the box", just a pretty face!

The man is a good actor, but certainly not as good as people think. Fight Club is a great movie because of Ed Norton (underrated actor), not because of Brad Pitt.

Can't really say anything one than he bores the bollocks off me watching him!

I can't stand to watch him. He may be good looking to women but as a guy that is lost on me. Without a good supporting cast he is awful to have to sit through.