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Mary Louise "Meryl" Streep is an American actress. Cited in the media as the "best actress of her generation", Streep is particularly known for her versatility in her roles, transformation into the characters she plays, and her accent adaptation.


The most overrated actress of all time! Just because she's popular in academy circles and liked by mainly many snobs doesn't actually means that she has the talent that surpasses all other actress that's working for the movie industry. I agree that she has talent, but there are many actresses that has equally ( and sometimes even more talent ) than Meryl Streep. I know too many people (or even read comments by highly talented actresses ) that aren't impressed by most of her performances. Like they say : It's not the clothes who make the monk. In her case It's not the winning awards that makes her therefor the best actress of all time. I think that she belongs rightfully on this list. At least someone with very good sense put her here. Just for the record,there's no such thing like a before Meryl Streep and after Meryl Streep reference as it comes to talented actresses.

You people are so ignorant! You just all keep going on and on about how "ugly" she is or about her age, but what you cannot truly understand is that we're talking about acting! You are claiming that she's annoying but that's only when a part requires her to be.In fact in her true life she seems very sweet and modest.What a rare vertue! For god's sake even in mamma mia she was terrific! She absolutely is one of the greatest actresses of all time, maybe not the greatest, but anyone that says the opposite is definitely ignorant with the term 'ACTING'! On the other hand I don't blame many people that voted for her, because it's widely known that we all (incuding myself as well) have been brainwashed with so much trash that we fail to recognise something that is truly special and unique.Meryl Streep is one of those things that make the industry a lot brighter, if you consider that she never "sells" her personal life in order to promote a movie, unlike other actors of caurse.She just ...more

What, s to say, has the acting ability of a garden Gnome and personality of a cadaver waiting for an autopsy, the accents are as predicable as they are ludicrous, overrated, overpaid and overbearing

To me actresses like Sally Field, Sissy Spacek, Naomi Watts and even Amy Adams are more talented than Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep did not work her up in acting skills like they're trying to believe us. She has worked herself up in the academy circles just to get nominations every time she's in a movie. Most of her nominations aren't deserved and even her winning Oscars are doubtful ( movies like " The Iron lady " were really crap movies ).
Also, it's time to give the talented younger generation of actresses a chance. Who cares of performances of an 66 year old actress anyway besides people about her age or some academy snobs? Too overrated and therefore rightful belonging on this list!

As an actress I find her to be too mannered. It's as if I can FEEL her trying to act. Very distracting. She also has no screen presence. I watched Into the Woods - it was terrible and all she did was scream those songs.

She is definitely the most overrated actress of all time.
There are so many better and much talented actresses - Jodie Foster, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Kim Basinger, Diane Lane... - Alexandr

She may be the best actress in the United States ( and I doubt it ) but she is not the best actress in the world like many people try to tell us. European actresses like Catherine Deneuve, Victoria Abril and many others are by far better actresses than Meryl Streep. The problem is that these actresses don't get the deserved praise in the U.S because there are mainly working in European films. Telling that Meryl Streep is the greatest living actress ever is a too overrated statement for that matter. She 's way too overdramatic in every movie she's playing and she's not good at all in expressions. She's number one best actress? So, put her number one in this list of overrated actresses.

It's time now that the Hollywood media should stop brainwashing the people about the so-called amazing acting skills of Meryl Streep. There are lots of actresses out there who are equally as good and even better than Meryl Streep. These actresses are obligated to promote themself to get some attention while Meryl Streep doesn't do anything because she knows she will automaticely get the praise by the media who are in her favor even if she's acting badly. It's time we look for the new talent or the underrated actresses instead this ugly, not so talented as they like to believe us actress.

Helen Mirren, Victoria Abril, Julie Christie, Nicole Kidman, Rachel Griffiths, Kate Winslet, Toni Collette, Tilda Swinton, Dana Delaney, Tara Fitzgerald, Milla Jovovich, Helena Bonham Carter, Debra Winger, Isabella Rossellini -- all fearless actresses. Each one is 10 times the actress Meryl Streep is.

You are dumb as hell. Milla Jovovich can't act and neither can Dana Delaney. Meryl Streep is the greatest actress of all time.

Same old same old, uncomfortable preset facial expressions, doing the same old thing. I think I'd like her as a person but she's over rated as an actress; And looks do not matter, cause she can not help it, that with age she looks like a witch, kind of scarey, but still a nice person.

Too many awards and exagerated nominations that weren't deserved. Why did she get nominations for films like " Julie and Julia ", " Doubt ", " Mamma Mia ", " The devil wear Prada " and so many others movies when the other actresses in those same movies did get nothing but were way much better than Meryl Streep? Winning Oscars for movies ( The Iron Lady ) not worthy to be nominated at the first place? Many people begin to agree that this actress ( and certainly as time goes by and she still gets " always " a nomination ) is one of the most overrated actresses of all time and not " THE best " actress of all time.

Bare none, the most overrated actress. Can she do anything without being overtly dramatic.

Put this SNOB actress on number one of this list. That's what she really deserves. There are too many actresses that are by far more talented than she is, despite what the general media circus are trying to tell us.

I can't think of one single movie that she was in that I enjoyed. How this fossil wins awards is beyond me. I mean come on, she has her one way that she can act and that's not even any good! Actors should be able to act, meaning, they can perform outside one specific role. She can't, and hence should be at the top of the list.

This is a list to express your ideas about actresses that are overrared. To my surprise the fanatics, followers and believers of Meryl Streep even use this list to affect us how great she is. Go write your expressions on the best actresses list if you're so into her but please, STOP using this list because we're sick and tired to read the false declarations that she is the best actress of all time!

Why do they always get so many nominations, she is such a bad actress. There are stars which are much better and go empty-handed, just because she is always given preferential treatment. So unfair. - TudorRose

Meryl Streep has a huge ego, quite into herself and a B actress at best. I am not impressed by anything she does. I think she brands and markets her own hype. Very irritating to me as well. Nit attractive, non-talented and her poor accent overs suck!

Being the best in accents and dialects doesn't make her necessary the best actress of all time. Overrated for her acting.

One of the best thespians Hollywood has ever had. All these young kids have no idea what they're talking about and do not have the ability to recognize what good acting is. How can they when all they watch are commercial movies that are shoved down their throats by the major media conglomerates. Go watch some real movies then your opinion might be worth something.

I agree, Glenn is by far one of the greatest, but is sad that the only older woman that Hollywood cares about is Meryl Streep. And I think if the Academy would had been fair, Glenn would have a lot mor Academy Award nominations than Streep, and wins. I am not saying Meryls is not a great actress, but Glenn is better.

To the comment who says that most comments are amusing with horrible spellings and grammar spellings. Many people who uses the top ten sites don't have the English language as their background. So stop to be a snob and yes, Meryl Streep is too overrated!

When she did the audition for King Kong in 1976, Dino de Laurentis said in italian at his son Federico, one of the executive producers of the film " Why did you bring us this ugly thing? ". Meryl Streep understood italian and answered back but the point is that Dino de Laurentis was right. Calling her the best actress of all time is too overrated because she has never been cast to play a femme fatale, she has never proved her acting capacities in that department. And her talent in general is also too overrated. Most people agree that she plays overdramatic but she has worked herself up in the academy world ( wich has the media behind them ) so well, that her acting is peceived as genius when in reality it really isn't. Overrated!

So boring to watch. She's number one at the best actresses list, so please, put her at number one of this list because she is really overrated.

Agree completely. I thought I was the only one. Meryl Streep is about the worst actor ever. She only does characatures. Like the artist who can only do cartoons and exaggeration drawings.

Saying lines dramatically isn't acting. Neither are forced accents or over-the-top gestures. The acting is only good if the audience forgets it's you... unfortunately I'm always fully aware that Streep is Streep. Much better actresses include: Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Tilda Swinton, Hilary Swank, Emma Stone, Jodie Foster, Jessica Chastain, and on and on...