Most Overrated Christian Rock Songs

The Top Ten

1 Love Addict - Family Force 5

Not true. Family Force 5 rocks. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

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2 Whispers In the Dark - Skillet

Why is this song even on this list? It's a fantastic song. The best song I've ever heard

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3 Who I Am Hates Who I've Been - Relient K

This is a great song not overrated at all - blamescott

Horrible compared to "Be My Escape".

4 Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

"Fireflies" is the best song ever. I was disappointed to hear this after everyone said it was even better than "Fireflies".

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5 He Said - Group 1 Crew

Worst song on that album. It sound nothing like them. I love "Please don't let me go" and "keys to the kingdom" by them

Why is this song so popular its not that great, Not like "Keys to the kingdom" or "walking on the stars".

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6 Take Me As I Am - FM Static

Horrible compared to "Tonight".

7 Afterlife - Switchfoot

Good song, but I don't get why people praise it so high at Switchfoot's top-ten songs. It's actually a bad song compared to Dark Horses, Souvenirs, Dare you to Move, Meant to Live and more of their greatest hits.

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8 Breathe Into Me - Red

Nothing Compared to "Death Of Me" and "Fight Inside"

Horrible compared to "Death Of Me"

9 One Day Too Late - Skillet V 1 Comment
10 Tonight - Tobymac

City On Our Knees is way better

The Contenders

11 Outta My Mind - Anthem Lights

Terrible compared to "Can't Shut Up"

12 Faceless - Red

"Feed The Machine" smashes this song to pieces.

13 Missing Pages - Seventh Day Slumber
14 All About Who You Know - Petra
15 Wasted Life - Seventh Day Slumber
16 Move - Thousand Foot Krutch
17 Comatose - Skillet
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