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41 δ є м σ и s c я σ ω и
42 Police Pico (PP)

WE ARE THE laugh out loud! VOTE US PLEASE!

Please vote our Family! I'm promise to be Police Pico family!

Police Pico is the best. I promise to be a Police Pico

We are good family vote us now -(PP) iqbal

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43 Ćryclic
44 ♕PR♕family
45 Further
46 š†αr
47 TLA

TLA Royal Family is one Simple and Unique Family, TLA Royal Family inspires People That are down because of too much AG Items and Lest Opportunities to be accepted into Groups, Families, Etc. TLA Royal Family Is a Rocking Family, Royale and Unique in each and Every Way! TLA YOU ARE THE BEST!

TLA Royal Family is a very unique family. The TLA Royal Family believes that their family could be the best in any way. This family is my favorite because they are very loyal, respectful, and friendly. I believe that someday this family would be number 1 in Ameba Pico. GO TLA ROYAL FAMILY!

TLA Royal Family is a Simple Normal Aged Family, With 11 Members. 5 TLAdmins, and 6 Kind And Loving People! TLA Royal Family is Like No Other Family, They're Simple and Unique in no Other Way That Can Be Explained,

TLA Royal family! I Love That Family! I've Been hearing About Them, Their nice, Caring, and Kind. I want to be friends with all of Them! I Love TLA!

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48 яαzιღ family

Razi Is The Best!
I Love Razi Family

49 Maiden Royal Family

Who cares? Maiden Royal Family are BORN THIS WAY! And beating them up will be JUST A DREAM. WHEN I LOOK AT YOU obviously you're getting inspired to someone like an awesome SKATER BOI. And I know YOU BELONG WITH ME from the start. Étoiles will always be on top, higher than a SKYSCRAPER.

Because this family inspired me EVERYTHING!
Haters gonna hate..
Thank you =]

I love this family Because I'm part of it and there is no fight in this FAMILY~!
Please vote for our family~! Always vote for our family please we love you~! And we will vote back THANK YOU GUYS~!
PLEASE really were counting on you~!
We really really love you, You can join our family~!

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50 Brille

BRILLE is not an ordinary "royal family. " In fact, it's a family that isn't focused on GETTING LIKES. We are a family that will always stick together. We don't need fame or fortune. The fact that we are always there for each other is already PRICELESS to us. Hindi kami marte, Hindi kami PLASTIK. Brille is one of the bests!

Brille is not an ordinary family. Even if we're just a group of commoners, we're sure to make your pico life happy and fun.

51 Espoir

The Espoirs all love each other, and of course the are awesome! We all support the family! :D Please vote.

52 ṔhαηtømHїṽe

Go Go Phantomhive
We Love You.. Huh Always Wanted Join Phantomhive Family

I think phantomhive is a friendly family
The members at Phantomhive are so good

I hope we all know who the best
And know who must we vote ^_^

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53 Ŕustian

Because rustian is the best family and happy family I've never seen and there always active on our family group they always happy when we playing other game and we have little vote but its okay we were still happy that's my opinion

54 Royal Crown

Royal Crown Family is the BEST FAMILY! Please Vote!


55 вrσwníє

I love what family I made!
This family is built with DREAMS.
Now I am very happy that this Family succeeded in LIFE.
Now all I wanna do is Prepare Gummies for the Gummies GiveAway soon.

Keep the good morals and respect to both parties.
Maybe they are famous, but your family is the most kind and helpful family that I have ever met. Luka Brownie, I thank you for being kind to me as your family do. Even I'm a newbie MUAH

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56 Glamour
57 Elite

Yea this is new family. Elite Family just simple family, we don't need AG user to join Elite. We just want togetherness. If you want Join Elite, ADD me C I C I Elite

58 Malingsia
59 Beℓℓu
60 PaяҚer

I think thisfamily is the best of all family I've known
Because the memberof parker family is really nice and friendly
When I was new here I only know few friends but then after few weeks I get really close to the members of parker
Youll really get close to them because they really help you a lot
When your sad they make you laugh
When your in pain theyll comfort you
Everything you wanted in a family is here that's why I'm glad I'm part of this family :)
The most funny most comfortable most loving most friendly most helpfull family I've ever known

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