Top 10 Most Popular Turkish People In Iran

The Top Ten

Mir Hossein Mousavi

Great person who tried to make Iran secular but government didn't let him

Brave and Reasonable

Ayatollah Khamenee

He is best person in all over the world

Love him. Very intelligent person

That stupid ass hole! He destroyed our future and culture and every thing. he made us most hated country. he made us hate religion. he used Islam's name to do his evil works. He executed gays and people who drank alcohol. He made a fake Islam and hide the real Islam and destroyed our lives.

Sattar Khan
Ali Dayi
Farah Pahlavi

My queen. Great woman. I wish you come back here

She is real lady. We really proud of her. Zende bad shahbano farah pahlavi

Aref Gafouri
Babak Khoramdin

Ata babak rouhun shad

How can anyone not vote for him?
He stood to arabs invasion of Iran and lost his life for it.

Babak Nahrein (Comedian)
Houshang Jafari (Poet)

The Contenders

Ali Salimi

He was a great musician
The,ayrılıq, was one of his fantastic

Hossein Rezazadeh
Ali Alavai
Mohammad Hanif Nejad
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