Most Powerful Video Game Characters

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221 Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
222 Dante (Shin Megami Tensei)
223 Sabin (Final Fantasy VI)
224 Exdeath (Final Fantasy V)
225 Krieg (Borderlands 2)
226 Lavos (Chrono Trigger)
227 Magus (Chrono Trigger)
228 Crawmerax (Borderlands)
229 Sturm - Advance Wars
230 Chop Chop Master Onion
231 Kuja (Final Fantasy IX) Kuja (Final Fantasy IX)
232 Charlie (Don't Starve Series)

Charlie is the evil in Don't Starve. Being able to control the daytime cycle, the shadows and even the player himself, by killing anyone in seconds and by way much more she's VERY powerful and harmful. - Snackomat

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