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61 Fred Weasley Fred Weasley

Fred and George pulled some great stunts, especially in Order of the Phoenix. Even Professor Flitwick said that their swamp was impressive.

But where's George? Seriously, if Fred is here I want George to be in equal place.

Like your kidding him and george are the classic pranksters and they are just badass these guys are so underrated

He is so sexy

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62 Rufus Scrimgeour V 1 Comment
63 Peeves

He is the only threat that NOBODY can really deal with.

He's not a wizard and never was
He's not even a ghost

64 Gilderoy Lockhart

Guys, this guy actually won the best smile selected by witches 4 years row, how can he not be higher on the list?

This guy erased his own memory with a broken wand he is so dumb put him in 70th and he doesn't even know how to cast a spell right he erased all of Harry's bones

I guess his smile defeated everyone but still are you serious.

Hell yeah most badass man in the movies

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65 Vernon Dursley

Uncle Vernon should be 900th he is only super fat and doesn't even no magic Peter should be in front of him

He can't be on the list he doesn't even do magic.

I'm pretty sure that Mrs. Noris could beat the crap out of this man.

Bloody Hell 10/10 best wizard of all time loves magic and is good at it - HufflepuffGeekGirl

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66 Peter Pettigrew

He is such a bad fighter he is not even allowed to fight. All he does is sit back and watch the castle how is he on here before the other Death eaters

The Hogwarts professors didn't even let him participate in class so how is he on this list. He probably just cast the spell incorrectly when he killed those muggles.

He literally isn't allowed to fight cause he is so bad somebody needs to change thisa

I don't agree with this so low placement to Wormtail. In my opinion Wormtail is by far the most underrated character ever! He was a coward and a big son of a bitch? No one denies that. But that does not mean that he had no remarkable magical talent - one thing has nothing to do with the other. He had the ability to use a powerful spell that destroyed an entire street and killed 12 people, when was confronted by Sirius Black, one of the best wizards in duels. And no, it was not an accident or an error, it blew up the street in a very well orchestrated plan. Alone, with no wand, he found Voldemort without body in a forest! Just think about it! He was able to kill Cedric Diggory with a Avada Kedrava with a wand that was not his and make an advanced potion correctly. He had a very deceptive appearance, where everyone (allies and enemies, teachers and friends) judged he as a harmless wizard, but he was far from harmless. Behind his useless facade, there were a skilled and dangerous wizard, ...more - Palmeiras

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67 Charlie Weasley

Should be higher than vernon

68 Herpo the Foul

The third darkest wizard of all time, behind Grindlewald and Voldemort. He was a Greek wizard who created the first Basilisk.

He created the first horcrux and basilisk so he must be incredibly powerful

The first person to hatch a basilisk and make horcruxes, designing the horcrux making ritual himself.

HERPO?! LOWER THEN VERNON?! *facepalm* - HufflepuffGeekGirl

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69 Fenrir Greyback

Potentially the creepiest guy in the series behind Bellatrix, He will happily bite children to turn them into werewolves and use them to form an army. His master plan was to take over the wizarding world with his own army. On top of that he is a top duellist

70 Regulus Black

REGULUS BLACK IS AN UNSUNG HERO! He has done so much to help Harry find the horcruxes WHILE DEAD. - HufflepuffGeekGirl

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