Top Ten Most Timeless Movies

I'm not asking what your favorite movie is...but what do you think people will still watch in the year 2067?

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1 The Fox and the Hound
2 Charlotte's Web (1973)
3 Bambi
4 Forrest Gump

By far, the worst movie of all time. It doesn't belong on this list.

Forrest Gump is amazing! Timeless! I will forever remember this movie, and I know I will show my kids this movie as well. There's just an infinite amount of meaning in this movie, and moments captured that I'm sure generations to come will be able to enjoy.

One of the best, if not THE best, film of all time. Forrest Gump always brings out the good things in life, even when all seems hopeless. I can watch it over and over. Five stars!

How on God's Green Earth is Twilight number 2?
Forrest Gump
Saving Private Ryan
Green Mile
Pulp Fiction
I could name 1000 movies I would rather watch than the Notebook.

5 The Lion King

Hands down, the most immortal animated movie of all time. And it's just so iconic. Every generation has seen it. It's the Tom and Jerry of movies. Simply epic.

6 Dumbo
7 The Rescuers
8 Twilight

How the hell is this number 2?! Almost every other movie on this list should be ahead of it

How on earth is this above Lotr: Return of the King? I've lost all faith in humanity!

Yes its timles...timeless crap

If I ever meet edward in real life I would pull a mortal kombat x ray move on him.

9 The Godfather

ATTENTION! Bonasera bonasera... That is all :P

10 The Little Mermaid

The Contenders

11 Titanic

I can see this movie after fifty years from now.. and with the same enthusiasm. Have seen it more than 50 times, n still counting.

Nothing to say because its story was told timeless. - Verge

12 Lady and the Tramp
13 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

How the hell is twilight second? Twilight is quite possibly the worst movie ever made in the history of movie making. Are you guys on crack? Twilight will never be and has never been good movie making and probably will be forgotten in the next few years because it's so horrible.

Twilight is 1 and the lord of the rings is 21! What is wrong with you people? This is truely an epic story that has already lasted 50 years.

14 To Kill A Mockingbird

A great book on breaking stereotypes turned into an even better movie. WITH GREGORY PECK!

15 Pulp Fiction
16 Cool Runnings

This was one of my favourite movies growing up! It's touching, yet funny, and completely innocent. I would have no problem showing this to my children. Great family flick!

17 Oliver & Company
18 The Basketball Diaries

If you watch the begging you'd think it would be "Just another Teen Movie" but it is so Much more...
My favorite part is when the four of em' are walking in the rain after the death of their friend
Leo is so qute...

19 A Time to Kill

One of my favorite movies of all time!... Matthew McConaghey's closing argument not only had the jury struggling to hold back tears; It gave me a knot in my throat that would not go away hours after seeing it. Truly touching! - curlyqgirly

20 Philadelphia

Denzel and Hanks combined... U just knew it was gonna be AMAZING

21 Lean on Me
22 Juice

Tupac would have been great if he were still alive today... this movie proves it!

23 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Come on Rum Runners vote for Pirates

24 One Hundred and One Dalmatians
25 Coming To America

Eddie Murphy has never and will never be funnier

26 Stand By Me

I find that my favorite movies are kind of boring. This movie was about boring old friendship and character, and I'd trade that for all of the exciting adventure in the world.

THIS SHOULD BE 31 (sorry... hit caps w/o realizing it... should be #1. ) not TWILIGHT (damnit... did it again [yeah right lol]). - fireinside96

27 A Christmas Story

How old is it? Yet I laugh and cry every year since I was like 4...

28 It's a Wonderful Life

Best Christmas movie of all time!

29 The Preacher's Wife

If nothing else Whitney Houston singing...

30 The Green Mile
31 Jackass

The fact that the Jackass films are Improvised makes it even more funny.

Nothing like a bit of good old fashioned slapstic from the MTV legend that is the Jackass crew.

There will inevitably be some Jackass wannabes in several years time,

32 Rocky
33 The Third Man
34 We Were Soldiers
35 Back to the Future

How is this not in top ten but twilight is?

Should be #1 in my case

36 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

A timeless classic. - pcgamingmaster

37 The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
38 GoodFellas
39 Raging Bull

One of my favourites, it's such a classic. I can see myself watching this in 30 years time.

40 Legends of the Fall
41 The Princess Bride
42 Men In Black
43 Alien
44 The Breakfast Club

How is this movie NOT on here? Any teen from any generation can easily associate themselves with the characters of such a masterpiece.

45 Sherlock Holmes (2009)
46 The Matrix
47 Toy Story 2

The first one is better. That part where Buzz jumps off the balcony is one of the best scenes in moviedom.

48 Aliens
49 The Thing
50 Eureka
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