Most Traumatizing Video Game Moments

There was always a time in your life when a video game emotionally wrecked you into pieces. this list is made to show you the most greatest examples of these, Enjoy! (WARNING-Spoilers)

The Top Ten Most Traumatizing Video Game Moments

1 Lee Everett's Death - The Walking Dead

Don't you mean Ben's death? Lee's death was somethnig you saw coming from miles, after all. Perhaps him getting bit was traumatizing... Oh, getting your arm cut off - now THAT was traumatizing - definitely one of the best moments in the game :3 (after Ben, of course... ) - Maplestrip

The only game I really cry and were sad of, because lee have to die :, ( - XMrGentlemanX

2 Earthbound: Giygas Battle

Earthbound was a game aimed at 6-13 year old children. In the early points in the game you were controlling 4 children fighting corrupted animals, robots, taxicabs etc. But in the final hour of this game gets disturbing no matter how old you are. And when I say disturbing I mean fighting a cosmic demon-god disturbing. And add the music playing while fighting this thing and you will get my point.

When you think about it you're fighting an evil fetus - purpleyoshi98

Giygas is so creepy!

I beat giygas without being traumatized. thumb up if you did.

3 Giratina Boss Battle - Pokemon

It's not really. His cry isn't even scary. I don't find anything about the Disortion World scary.

4 Alice: Madness Returns
5 Resident Evil 4-6: Chainsaws!!!
6 Luigi's Mansion: Suicide Shadow Glitch

This is probably the worst mario game ever if you ask me. You run around a haunted mansion catching ghosts. But there's a glitch in the game that has the potential to scare the living crap out of you. There's a room in the mansion that if you stand on a certain spot. Lighting strikes and you see a shadow that pretty damn much looks like luigi that hanged himself. You're thinking: No that can't be I'm playing as luigi now. He can't seriously be dead can he?! But that's the point. Luigi himself is a ghost.

Yall are idiot suicide shadow glitch happened because the camera is broken

Ahem the problem is its not a mario game its a luigi game all about luigi and cathcing ghots and I LOVE this game but yeah that was the scarriest thing ever when I was younger I stayed away from all old phones ever after seeing that :(

7 Haunting Ground: Danielle Boss Fight
8 Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow: Lavender town

You might remember the Pokemon games from your childhood. You are sent on a journey by an old professor through the land of Kanto to catch all 151 Pokemon. But here in the middle of the game you end up in a small town with the most saddest, creepiest and haunting music ever.

The music alone traumatized me for a week.

9 The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion: Martin Septim sacrifices himself to save Tamriel

Way better the war craft pokemon and earthbound combined I mean really Pokemon should not even be on this list. I played it through countless times and I have never found it traumatizing war craft and earthbound are just so stupid they shouldn't be on here

Oblivion is a sandbox RPG game released in 2004. This game has it's own history, law and myths. the game is centered around the player you created protecting the world from the Oblivion Gates that spawn Deadra (Demon-like Creatures) And the only way to stop this once and for all is by finding a new heir to the throne of Tamriel. The only one capable of wearing the amulet of kings turns out to be Martin Septim a priest of Akatosh. And at the end of the game Martin turns into Akatosh the dragon god of time itself to kill Mehrunes Dagon the Deadric-God of Oblivion. Causing him to turn to stone and die.

10 Red Dead Redemption: John Marston dies.

You play as John Marston. The most badassed redneck cowboy out there next to chuck norris. You go on a journey through the wild west looking for your family and the guy who betrayed you. You end up killing him. And spending your final days with your loving family. Then at the end you watch in horror how he gets shot to smithereens by the guy who helped him find his family.

I am so upset about this you know. I finished it months ago, and I still cry.
I'm crying right now.
One if my friends told me to get over it, but I can't.
It was the best game I ever played.
Now, I can stand Banjos, any sad songs, or even a western movie or a western style song.
Hope everyone understands.
My best friend understands, I showed her the video, and she cried her eyes out with me.

The Contenders

11 Resident Evil 6: Deborah Harper's Death
12 Warcraft 3: Arthas Kills his Father

If you truly are a hardcore warcraft fan you played warcraft 3. A stragety game released before the events of World of Warcraft. In this game you commanded Athas and his army of Lordaeron at he end of the campaign you have to go to the cold lands Northrend to kill a demon with the sword Frostmourn. The sword eventually drives him insane causing him to kill his father. and make him the most hated videogame enemy of all time. Today he's know as (You guessed it) The Lich King

13 Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2: Giant Fleas
14 Mafia II: Henry Tomasino's death

A brutal death if there ever was one.

15 Silent Hill 2: Pyramid Head

A enemy with a pyramid for a head. That for some reason strikes a extremely large amount of fear into you. If you have a very sensitive heart DON'T play this game. enough Said

16 The Smiley Face that killed two real world teenagers.

I can't really remember what the game is called. But it's a game where you have to go through a leven without touching anything and if you take too long a slimey face appears out of nowhere and hunts your player down. by the way you can't avoid him. He's immortal. It has been reported that two teenagers DIED of heart attacks after posting their scores on the internet.

Yeah, definitely. By the way, the face is called Evil Otto.

Game called bezerk, and no the smiley face didn't kill them. They had a heart condition. It was a coincidence. Or. Maybe the face did kill them.. -evil laugh-

17 Fable III: Walter's Death
18 Cave Story: Killing Toroko
19 Metroid: Samus Is a Woman

Don't lie it surprised you tremendasly

20 Super Mario 64: Mad Piano

I was watching a YouTube video on Super Mario 64 and when the gamer was in the level. I saw a piano, and he jumped on it. And then it tried to eat Mario. When the piano went crazy I jumped back seat. What. - GreenPizza0511

I played 64 when I was little and when I walked up to that piano, it tried to eat me. If you don't think that is scary, name one piano that has tried to eat you. I couldn't play the game for weeks.

I couldn't go near it. I had to make sure I was ten feet away from that thing so I wouldn't get eaten.

That piano with the sharp teeth used to scare the heck outta me when I was little.

21 Undertale: Sans Boss Fight

Nah, I'm totally glad he died.

Nah, I'm glad he died.

Well...Once again...we can't have a video game related toptenslist without undertale. The sans boss fight was not traumatizing at ALL, it was kinda sad to fight an old friend from the pacifist-neutral routes, because he was my favorite character, and his first and last quotes during the battle:"Kids like you should be burning in..." and "I'm heading to Grillby's,papyrus do you want anything? " It was not traumatizing or even scary period. - GreenPizza0511

22 Mother 3: Club Scene

The whole game is depressing - dinosaur

Break the woobie. Search this up on TvTropes and you will understand. You will.

23 Earthbound: Radiation's Halloween Hack
24 Undertale: Omega Flowey

Scary because of how out of place it felt in style and visuals, and how fast it moved creating a sense of chaos, confusion, and a lack of control

25 Grand Theft Auto 4: Kate/Roman's Death
26 Mass Effect 3: Admiral Anderson's death.

'You did good son, you did good. I'm... Proud of you' Last words. Simply epic.

Shocking how he had to die at the end since he was there since ME1.

27 Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Death Easter Egg

There is a switch by your train station and if you turn it on 6 times you go to another village and reads at the top it seem you have vanished from your world it is so scary

By the train station there is a switch if you activate the switch 6 times you go to a diffrent town and a the top of the screen it says it seems you have vanished from your world

Will it reset the game? - GreenPizza0511

28 Undertale: Alphys X Amalgamates
29 Super Paper Mario: The River Twygz

The river itself isn't scary traumatizing itself, but the huge amount of hands below the surface trying to grab you sure is. Let's not forget the "music" in the background. If you haven't heard it, look up River Twygz Bed. It's a terrific source of nightmare fuel. And remember, this game is rated E for everyone!

The music isn't so bad when you think about how it sounds like it's saying "apples and s***" - purpleyoshi98

30 Injustice Gods Among Us: Shazam's Death
31 Mother 3: Claus Dies

So sad

Laugh out loud

32 The Cover Art - Mega Man 1
33 Sonic 2006: Getting Stun-Locked Against a Wall by Silver

This Glitch Ruined Silver's Reputation

This is why I always imagine Silver as a troll. Watch Sykoh play the glitchfest of it and you'll see...

:Sonic, battling Silver:
Silver: it's no use! Take this!
Anywho, it's not really "traumatizing" just annoying.

Get ready for the endless torture, of this you will be here for ever, thrown to the wall, the ring coming back and repeating. never ends.

34 Borderlands 2: Revisiting Fyrestone
35 Borderlands 2: Roland's Death
36 Undertale: Tainted Pacifist Ending
37 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Dead Hand grabs you
38 Sherlock Holmes: Creepy Watson

Its slender in detective form

39 Submerged Castle: Pikmin

Two words. Water. Wraith.

40 Wario Land 4: Golden Diva's True Face Is Revealed
41 Wario Land 4: Spoiled Rotten Goes Inane

It's INSANE, not inane! Seriously, did you SEE that face!?

42 Earthworm Jim: Jim Gets Bitten In Half
43 Earthworm Jim 2: Evil Filing Cabinets
44 Mega Man X7: Burn to the Ground! Burn to the Ground! Burn!
45 Psychonauts: The Meat Circus
46 Super Metroid: Crocomire's Death
47 Kirby Super Star Ultra: Marx Soul's Scream
48 Final Fantasy VI- Kefka Destroys the World... Literally
49 Xenoblade Chronicles: Dickson's Betrayal
50 Xenoblade Chronicles: Lorithia French-Kisses Kallian's Corpse Right In Front Of Melia
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