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21 Out From Under
22 Ooh Ooh Baby
23 Perfume

This song is beautiful. Why didn't it make the charts when Royals and stuff was up there? I mean, that other mainstream stuff SUCKS compared to this gem.

How did this song barely even chart? It's a lot better than royals or whatever was at the top of the chart at the time.

24 Get Naked (I Got a Plan)

Why is get naked not on the list? It's beautiful in a very dark sensual way. You can hear innocence, pleadingness, and demanding tones from her vocals in here.

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25 Breathe On Me
26 Shadow

Most Underatted Ballad by Britney! It is just a beautiful. The whole album is underrated it makes me so mad. There is a lot about britney that is underrated. She should have more singles than this!

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27 Phonography
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29 Hot as Ice
30 Selfish
31 Kill the Lights

My favorite song from circus.

32 How I Roll
33 I Run Away
34 Soda Pop
35 I'm So Curious
36 Crazy (You Drive Me)
37 My Prerogative
38 I Will Be There
39 And Then We Kiss

Both the original and the Junkie XL remix are amazing. The original has the same vibe as Touch of My Hand and Breathe on Me

40 3

On a live album that's not allowed for people to listen to - Macklene

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