Most Underrated Shania Twain Songs


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1 Ka-Ching!

Critics were so harsh to this song. Why? It's wonderful track - Irina2932

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2 You Win My Love

Deserved huge success. I adore this song - Irina2932

3 You've Got a Way

This song is real Beauty! - Irina2932

4 Any Man of Mine
5 God Bless the Child
6 Don't!

This great song was featured in the movie "An Unfinished Life" with Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez, and Morgan Freeman. Both the song and movie went most unnoticed. That is a shame because they were both amazing.

Real touching overlooked inspiration - Irina2932

7 What Made You Say That

This wonderful song deserved much more recognition. Shania's performance impressed me so much - Irina2932

8 The Woman In Me (Needs the Man In You)

One of her most impressive ballads - Irina2932

9 No One Needs to Know
10 When

Another underrated track from 'Come On Over' - Irina2932

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11 In My Car (I'll Be the Driver)

This song is EXTREMELY underrated!

12 I'm Jealous
13 Up
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