Most Useful Guitar Techniques

The Top Ten

1 Hammer-ons

Finally it came on top. Hammers ons and pull offs are used more than other techniques. It's so common that I accidentally once did hammer on when I was practicing between chords. - zxm

Hammer on and pull off are two very important techniques. Have been using in blues, rock and metal. And guitarists use these more often. - zxm

2 Pull-offs
3 Alternate picking

If you ever check some technique of guitar then you will realize how important is alternate picking. Its more important than whammy bar, tapping, sliding or dive bomb. Tremolo picking is very close to alternate picking. Its kinda faster version of alternate picking. Its not always used in many genres but alternate picking is used in many genres. - zxm

If tremolo picking is here then alternate picking should be here and should be ahead of tremolo picking. Alternate picking is very useful. Deserves to be in top 10. - zxm

Palm muting, tapping, tremolo picking, dive bomb, whammy bar, Sliding higher than Alternate picking? - zxm

4 Bending

I never thought my one vote would make this on top. Yeah its useful. But I can't think of being at number 1. - zxm

Always use this at the end of my solo

Yes, sounds good when it makes sounds like "Wew". - zxm

5 Vibrato

Useful to add emotion to solos, riffs, etc

6 Downpicking
7 Fingerpicking
8 Whammy Bar
9 Sliding
10 Palm Muting

Very useful technique. Especially for thrash and death metal. Helps to create heavy rhythm picking. - zxm

Palm muting is nothing if you just palm mute strings and do nothing. - zxm

The Contenders

11 Tapping

Great technique. But comparably guitarists use tapping lesser than other techniques. - zxm

12 Pick Scraping
13 Volume Swells
14 Hybrid Picking
15 Dive Bomb

My favorite whammy bar technique. - zxm

16 Tremolo Picking
17 Legato
18 Staccato
19 Spider Chords
20 Sweep Picking

Its not like that it should be on very top. But sweep picking is actually important. Although not like alternate picking, hammer on, pull off or bending but its important for shredding. I have seen some guitarists use it often in their songs. - zxm

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