Most Widely Persecuted Groups of People


The Top Ten

1 Jews

The Jews are ALWAYS being persecuted. Especially during the Holocaust. Well, the Bible did say the Israel will never have peace.

If you read, Timeline of antisemitism in Wikipedia quite surely you'll agree that Jews is the most widely persecuted group of people. - Fazrin

2 Gays
3 Blacks
4 The Unborn

Often forgotten since they have no voice to speak for themselves.

Abortion is legalized infanticide.

5 Christians

Christians face 80% of all religious discrimination!

Persecution of Christians is widespread and hardly noticed by the secular media.

USSR (and it's allies), Ottomans, Saudi, ISIS (other islamist terrorists groups) and North Korea all persecute Christians - Bearskater13

Christianity is persecuted in many places throughout the world.

6 Anime Fans
7 Introverts

This should be #1 in today's world. Communication and socialization are by far the most important things in this world today, just as essential as breathing. If you prefer seclusion, tough luck, you will be seen as strange, and a psychopath.

Survival in today's world is geared completely against introverts. For example, if you wish to be hired, talent does not matter. Hard work does not matter. Only communication skills matter. In other words, somebody who is lazy, but makes a good first impression will be more likely to get a job than somebody who works extremely hard, but is an introvert. Job interviews are the prime example of persecution of introverts, as they are do not show who is the best person for the job, they just show who is more outgoing.


8 Women
9 The Obese
10 Muslims

No mention of Muslims because they're the most hated group of people. Just look at any religion related list on here. Rohingya Muslims - forget it. Uyghur Muslims - who cares. Indian Muslims - so what? Palestinian Muslims - whatever. That's peoples mentality. Humanity = down the drain.

The Contenders

11 Roma (Gypsies)
12 Trans Women

Should be ranked higher than gay in my opinion

13 Autistic People
14 Transgender People
15 Left Handed People

People are mean to lefties.

16 Gamers

We live in a society - IWishIWasLucLemay

17 Ahmadis
18 Tibetans
19 Baha'is

Mainly Iran Persecutes them - Bearskater13

20 Falun Gong
21 Whistle Blowers
22 Smokers
23 Wiccans Wiccans
24 Scientologists
25 Undocumented People
26 Witches
27 Indigenous People
28 LGBTQ+ People of Color

Pale people are persecuted more

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