Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice SPOILER Movie Review

idontknow The greatest gladiator match in the world- God Vs Man.

This is in my top 3 most anticipated movies ever, I mean I grew up loving both superheroes and Batman especially, he is the greatest comic book character ever. After all the trailers, I was ready to take it to the next level- Batman V Superman, by the way, sorry I'm late on the review- I saw BVS midnight premiere, it's just that life got in the way. The question: Was the movie good, in my opinion, kind of, it was okay, however saying it was alright is disappointing as it should have been phenomenal, I mean it's Batman V Superman, not and superman- but clash of the heroes and there were elements which I like, then there were elements which I did not like, also SPOILER ALERT.

First of all, Batman V Superman is visually stunning, it looks incredible and the action was amazing, the batman v superman fight was great in my opinion- the part that made me laugh was when Batman is just punching Supermans face (like when Bane kept on punching batman's face in TDKR, cool easter egg), then it turns to steel and Batmans like- oh crap. That made me laugh. Although I do think it could have been longer. Speaking of Batman, Batfleck was incredible in the movie, by far the best Batman we had and I'm super excited for his batman film (which he wrote the script for already). Not only did Ben Affleck shove the haters words right down their throats, but the story elements, I understood why he hates Superman and the fact that he was in Metropolis when the Superman Vs Zod was happening, the fact that he saw it personally and people he knew and did not know die. Also, the Wayne's death was fantastic, the OST Beautiful Lie is awesome and the best Wayne death I have seen. Batfleck was awesome, Batman is also brutal and he kills people, I honestly did not mind as he went Kratos on everyone and it was bad ass, although they could have integrated it into the story. The best scene in the movie included Batman, it was when he was taking down the warehouse.Jeremy Irons as Alfred was awesome, I totally brought the chemistry between him and Batfleck. I like how they made Alfred more relevant, he and Bruce are best buddies- yay. Henry Cavill is still great as Superman and Gal Gadot is freaking awesome as Wonder Woman. She was ferocious and bad ass with her sword and shield- Now, this time, I will start a battle, Wonder Woman Or Black Widow? Also, Granny's Peach Tea, that was awesome. The aspects of the movie where everyone is asking about Superman, Must We Need A Superman? I found very intriguing, although it could have been shortened down. I'm mainly talking about the political aspects which were done very well, although it could have been shortened down. I was never board in Batman V Superman, although the pacing could have been a bit quicker. Last, but not least is the Dawn Of Justice, that was my favorite aspect to this film and it was done really well, Doomsday was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm going to be honest, seeing as how the DOJ aspect turned out, I'm super pumped for the Justice League film and I think it was a brave movie killing Superman off, sure he comes back to life but, at least it was not done in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 way, where the whole ending is rushed, it did remind me of the ending of X-3 though, I think that was done well and the whole MARTHA aspect I did not mind. I actually never noticed that though, but I thought it was good and I bought it and it has a connection between Superman and Batman and it shows about Batman has layers as a character.

My issues with the film, first of all, Lex Luthor, I think Jesse Eisenberg is a great actor, But as Lex Luthor- No. I would rather be Patrick Bateman from American Psycho to babysit my kids rather than this interpretation of Lex (I don't have kids by the way). He was so cartoony, for example that scene where he is with Lois Lane then he walks circles around her and then wait.. triangles around her, Here to short it down, I don't buy Lex Luthor as this businessman and this really intelligent person, I buy him peeing in a jar, however ,I don't think that Jesse Eisenberg did the best he could and he was trying, I see that he was though. The dream sequences were tedious as well, for example when Superman goes to the mountain and Kevin Costner is there, that did not need to be there, also there was no 80s music- somethings wrong there. It felt like a time waster and it was forgotten easily. Also when The Flash comes to Bruce Wayne, maybe it will be explained in future films but it felt so out of place here and cheesy, in my opinion at least and this leads to the Justice League cameos, I think Cyborg and Flash were done well, however that should have been saved and it's like they were edited into this movie for the last second, the Aquaman one was awkward, it was like Jason Momoa was trying to swim in the shallow end and was trying to kiss us, it felt awkward, but I'm still excited for Aquaman. The editing was terrible, the movie felt like it needed more time for editing, there were many elements in the movie that could have been edited more . There were many scenes that did not need to be in the movie (like the dream sequence) or sub plots that got way too much time. For example, there was one with Lois and this bullet and I get the point but it could have been shortened down which now leads to 2 more issues with the movie, it was so overstuffed with plots, characters and stuff that it glossed over Batman V Superman, it could have explored more of the Clark Vs Bruce and Batman V Superman aspect felt kinda rushed because there was so much stuff.
Here is how I can explain, imagine you have a chocolate, say blueberry, cherry or nuts, you wanna get nuts, let's get nuts then(hope you get the reference) . Imagine you get to the nuts, it's good, but it's being glossed over by cucumber and some whole other stuff that it doesn't need to be there. That's what this movie feels like, most of it is setting up for future movies that it forgot what we wanted to see, Batman V Superman- God Vs Man. That element of the movie could have been explored more, God aren't brave, men are brave (Quote from the film). One of the characters who got way too much time was Lois Lane, I really liked her in Man Of Steel (Which I thought was a great film), she was fierce and independent, but she feels like a damsel and distress in this movie and she got way too much screen time, she was not annoying, it's just that she was not needed that much and got way too much time.

To wrap this review up, I liked the movie, I thought it was decent but disappointing, disappointing and bad are 2 different things, it has its good and its flaws. In the end of it all, I will give

Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice


So what did you think of it, comment below and what would you rank all Batman and Superman films? Also look out for BK Allmightys review coming soon and stick around for idontknow.


I forgot to mention that the the ending, when Superman comes back to life by the dirt levitating, does he fly out of that coffin, because in MOS, the first time he flew, the dirt was hovering as well - idontknow

I hated this film, but I'm glad you could somewhat enjoy it. "WHY DO YOU KEEP SAYING THAT NAME? " "It's his mother's name! " "WOW, OKAY BEST FRIENDS NOW"

Terrible - DCfnaf